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An outstanding volume for young people, She Can STEM features colorful, informative short biographical essays about the achievements of 50 women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While targeted for elementary and middle-school ages, the informative character sketches interested me as an adult. I think this title would be popular and useful as a multi-age reference. The book is beautifully designed, organized chronologically. Information on each woman is accompanied by a simple hands-on activity suggestion related to her achievement. Those interested in STEM history will enjoy this book.

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All the things I take for granted that make modern life possible and enjoyable is the culmination of science. The direct result of someone's interest in a topic realised.

Reading She Can Stem: 50 Trailblazing Women has made me more mindful and appreciative of what I have, which is at the expense of often unrecognised or purposefully overlooked women who came before me. They are trailblazers whether they were acknowledged at the time or had the opportunity to publish their discoveries in their lifetime. It's disheartening to share that I only knew a few of these women prior to reading this book. However, I can't confirm whether it's due to my lack of interest in this field or the fact that they discoveries along with their names haven't been promoted widely.

"I do not want to blend in; I want to stand out as stars do, so I fought against all these stereotypes and worked hard to live beyond the labels." Dr Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil (Galaxies).

It's an enlightening read of a range of wonderful women in science (Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and Physics).
The author spoke with these scientists, who shared their stories directly so what we are reading are hopefully the things they wanted to share and indicates their greatest achievements. I'd be remiss if Id didn't thank the author who shared her love of science through her depictions of these scientists and the illustrator who brought all these women to life visually.

I feel informed and enthusiastic for their efforts. And hope this translates into being more mindful about the world around me. This is what I'm taking from reading this book, taking an interest in the world around me and having an impact no matter how small. She Can Stem is also a future reference that I can dip into; there are numerous activities included that can assist with replicating these experiments or simply sparking an interest.

My thanks to NetGalley and publishers for a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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In case you ever had any doubts, this book is proof that women really can do it all!
This collection of 50 outstanding women in STEM of the past decades tells their stories and celebrates their achievments. It’s completed by beautiful illustrations and little “try at home” nuggets that make you wanna become a scientist yourself! I enjoyed this a lot and can imagine how brilliant and inspiring it must be to read this with a child! Great collection!

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She Can STEM features short bios 50 female contributors to the sciences, past and present. Each woman has their own two page spread, with one featuring a portrait of the woman with aspects of her life and scientific expertise, and the other detailing a few hundred words of their life, their scientific role and other things they have done with their lives. A common theme for many is the hurdles they've faced for being women (including their credit being stolen) and that this book is to help change the image of STEM from just being men, and that women from all backgrounds and personalities can be scientists too. Even as a full grown adult, I was surprised by some of the contributions by women in STEM throughout history, and some, still working in the present day. Each segment contains an activity that can be done by children with some to no adult supervision required that helps reinforce the works each of the women contributed to their field of study. This is a perfect read for grade school kids (6-12), and can even appeal to those slightly (or much) older.

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In a Nutshell: An inspiring collection of 50 bios of women pioneers in the STEM fields. Great content, great page design, great illustrations. Highly recommended.

Note: The content of this book was earlier published in ‘The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Biology for Kids’ in 2021.

When we say the word ‘scientist’, many of us (almost all of us?) would picture Einstein or Hawking or even Newton. How many of us would first think of Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin?

The STEM fields have always been dominated by men, but this is obviously not due to a lack of feminine propensity towards STEM topics but due to the lack of opportunities and encouragement. Thankfully, there have been at least a few women in history who shattered their shackles and went on to have an illustrious career in a STEM field, even though they didn’t always win plaudits for their minds and their work. (I am sure there have been many more women contributors in the STEM subjects over the ages, but their names have been lost in the annals of history, which, as we all know, has been written by men.)

This amazing book brings forth the biographies of 50 such women pioneers from across time and cultures. Women who were sometimes but not always supported by the men in their lives. Women who left an indelible mark in their field of expertise but whose contributions were still not acknowledged most of the times. These 50 trailblazers come from the four fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology. I liked how there is a colour-coded tag about their field in the index and on their biography page, thus making it easier for children to flip through their favourite scientists subject-wise.

The introduction at the start of the book is inspiring as well as infuriating. When you see how much injustice has been doled out to many of these women in terms of recognition and acceptance, you will find their journeys even more admirable.

The structure of the book is somewhat similar to that of the Rebel Girls books. On one side, we have a sketch of the scientist, and on the other side, we have the biography. The bio is divided into even-sized text blocks, each with its own heading. The content thus becomes very easy to focus upon and to assimilate.

Every page also has a special “Try This at Home” section, with a simple activity related to that scientist’s specialty. Most of these are easy for children to do by themselves, or with minor adult supervision.

While there were some popular names herein, many of these women were totally unknown to me. The diversity of the included bios proves how intelligence and capability has nothing to do with gender.

A common theme you will notice across many of the bios is how many of these women didn’t get credit for their creation/discovery, which were attributed to a male scientist who either partnered with them or used their research later. History has never been fair to women, and this book proves it in chunks!

The illustrations complement the bios well. Because they are all drawn by the same illustrator (unlike in Rebel Girls), there is a consistency to the quality of the graphics. At the same time, illustrator Kelly Dalton imbues each sketch with the distinct personality and field of the women scientist in focus, making each graphic appear distinct.

Much recommended to every child (girl or boy or other) who is interested in or wants to be inspired towards the STEM fields. The book is aimed at ages 7-12, but it can work for younger teens as well.

4.5 stars.

My thanks to Quarto Publishing Group for the DRC of “She Can STEM : 50 Trailblazing Women in Science from Ancient History to Today”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.

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This is the first I've read in the science history from The Kitchen Pantry Scientist series: Physics for Kids, Chemistry for Kids, Biology for Kids, Math for Kids, and Ecology for Kids., and I'm glad that there are to be more in series. Each known woman from a wide assortment of time and place gets a full-page story and full-page portrait as it presents the biography along with why her research, findings and inventions are still important. And then there is the paragraph that invites the reader to "Try this at home."
The instructions are colorfully and delightfully illustrated by Kelly Anne Dalton.
Well suited for reading WITH someone of any age, great for gifting to anyone, but especially to a school or your public library!
I requested and received a temporary electronic copy on Adobe Digital Editions from Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry, Quarry Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
While the out-of-state grands stayed here over the end of year holidays, our 10 y/o girl made off with my laptop to absorb this one!

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There are 50 inspiring biographies of women in science past and present in this book. Women have been involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for several years. Many women faced obstacles due to their gender. In the present time, more women are working in these fields. I found the women fascinating learning about them. I learned facts about their work including how their curiousity and hard work made them successful. At the end of the biography, there is a “hands on” project that can be done. One of my favorite women was Microbiologist Dr. Esther Lederberg. This is a book I would recommend anyone to read. Indeed, it is a fascinating book to read.

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This amazing book introduces readers 7 to 12 to "50 trailblazing women in science from ancient history to today." What a terrific book to encourage girls to consider STEM careers! The illustrations are gorgeous, the brief bios are fascinating, and there are ideas for experiments related to each woman's work, plus an index. Highly recommended!

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This book is very informative and easily digestible. It provides a great amount of information without being overwhelming for young readers. I also quite liked the "try at home" section on each page which can be utilised well in classrooms, at home or in Library STEM programs.

I will be recommending this for our collection and encouraging young readers to borrow it.

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Such an awesome book for all ages. Very inspiring and easy to read stories of women in STEM. Lot's I'm ashamed I never heard of. A must read!

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This book has a lot of women who have made magnificent achievements in the world of STEM and it is very organized. Not many of the women in it are well known, so there is a lot to learn. With that said, I do not know if it would be engaging or interesting to the age it is intended for. I think it would make a good reference material.

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Fantastic!! A wonderful, informative read that is perfect for bedtime stories or for casual reading. It takes me back to that moment in college when I first found out about Rosalind Franklin and how contributors like her are grossly ignored and taken for granted. This book showcases the diversity of women who carry torches in their respective disciplines. The 'try this at home' section is simple, yet promotes creativity and curiosity. Illustrations are apt and easy on the eye. Will recommend to future nieces, nephews, and godchildren.

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I read this book with the little girl I babysit and she loved it just as much as me, It’s clear the author was thorough in her research and pays great attention to detail. This book taught me about women I’ve never heard of but were instrumental in shaping our current future as well as more detailed information about more well known women in STEM. The illustrations were beautiful and I felt like they represented each woman and her personality. Whether you’re 6 or 60 this book is one you’ll want to put on your list to read.
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the opportunity to read this beautiful piece of art.

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She Can STEM is an absolute must have for any discerning school classroom or library and we can't wait to get it into ours.

We are ashamed to admit that before reading this book, we only knew about a handful of these truly amazing women, and we are so pleased that we can now tell you all about their work and their contribution to modern day life as we know it.

She Can Stem tells the back history and achievements of 50 prominent female scientists, all trailblazers in their own right. Their work, which has had huge impacts on our lives, is summarised in easy to read, accessible paragraphs and at the end of each page, a 'Try This At Home' activity, relevant to the science, is given to engage and secure the information in busy brains.

We were wowed by the role of Dr Rosalind Franklin in the discovery of DNA's double helix structure as sadly, her work was never properly credited in her lifetime, and it is sad to say that many female STEM trailblazers have had similar treatment in the past. This book is righting the wrongs of previous generations and singing praise loudly for all to hear so that credit is given where it is due. Books like this are essential for future generations, and are especially inspiring for young girls considering a future in STEM.

We recommend this book for children age 7+

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for sending us this eBook for review. All opinions are our own.

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An incredibly important book, which clear if simple approaches to the lives of these influential women.

A fantastic introduction to the topic, that should hopefully inspire the next generation of women in STEM!

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I am so impressed with this compilation as well as how the different women from different backgrounds/countries have made a big impact in the world of science!

The cover, the content, the illustrations as well as the information give enough depth about the different personalities along with their achievements in different fields of science and research.

Amazing work to the publishing team.

Thank you, Quarry Books, for the advance reading copy.

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It is soooo good. A total fan of the artsyle and color combination 🥺🫶🏽
The content itself very very inspiring and informative. We need more exposure on these women who pave the way for others in the future to involve in STEM. Admiring!!!

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Liz Lee Heinecke's SHE CAN STEM is a wonderful collection of profiles of women in STEM. There's a good variety of current and past scientists, etc. Also, the illustrations are fantastic. I wish there was more than just one page of information on each woman (especially since most readers will not have even heard of most of these women before), but the brevity also keeps everything digestible. Would be easy to highlight just one woman at the start of each class in middle school or high school. The collection addresses the lack of narrative space and credit there is for women in STEM (especially since so much of women's work in the past has been stolen by men). Each profile also contains a challenge of sorts for readers which is just fun. SHE CAN STEM definitely belongs in classrooms and libraries.

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This book should be on the shelf of every school library. How many women scientists can you name without having to look it up on Google? In any case, you will find something, or rather someone, new in this book. Vivid illustrations and simple presentation of information enhance the overall impression. The book is perfect for children, teenagers, and even adults who want to learn more about women in STEM.

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A great book for the classroom. Information about female scientists and their impact. Easily accessible information and great illustrations.

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