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The Discipleship Opportunity

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The Discipleship Opportunity: A Guide for Churches in a Changing World
In "The Discipleship Opportunity," Daniel Im tackles the challenges facing churches in the modern world. Im argues that clinging to traditional methods of evangelism and leadership may no longer be effective in a society characterized by indifference, impatience, and political division.

The book is aimed at church leaders seeking to revitalize their congregations. Im equips them with practical strategies for:

Reaching those who are spiritually disengaged: Im acknowledges that many within the church itself might be going through the motions without a deep connection to their faith. The book offers guidance on rekindling a passion for Jesus within the existing congregation.
Discipling for a deeper faith: "The Discipleship Opportunity" goes beyond simply attracting new members. Im emphasizes the importance of nurturing existing believers and helping them grow in their understanding of Christianity.
Effective preaching in a new era: The book acknowledges that traditional preaching styles might not resonate with contemporary audiences. Im offers suggestions for crafting messages that are relevant and engaging in today's world.

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I am so happy for this new book in the new direction about discipleship opportunity in the Christianity era. I hope that many will read this book.

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