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Malala's Mission for the World

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A beautifully written and illustrated book about Malala's life and the important message she has brought to the world.
There are some themes which make it more suitable for older children as younger children may become upset by them.

The story shows how Malala's bravery impacted girls and women across the world. Themes of making a difference in the world, promoting female education, love and being brave.

Really important messages through honest eyes.

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A beautiful picture book telling the story of Malala. Malala is the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize. She is a strong advocate of girl's right to continue their education in an area where educating girls was considered unnecessary and unlawful.

Overall this book is good, but for a picture book I prefer less text on each page so younger readers can read it easily on themselves. This can easily be read to all elementary-aged children but if reading on their own probably 4th graders and up. As for the illustrations, they are beautiful and so realistic.

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“I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. It is the story of many girls" -- Malala Yousuf Zai, Nobel Prize Winner and a global symbol of standing up for your rights.

This was a well-done little biography that I think kids everywhere would appreciate.

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Malala’s Mission for the World
By: Aida Zaciragic

Picture book, Biography

“I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. It is the story of many girls" -- Malala Yousuf Zai, Nobel Prize Winner and a global symbol of standing up for your rights. This is her story.


Malala’s Mission for the World by Aida Zaciragic is the perfect elementary version of Malala’s biography. As an avid Malala reader, I have read all versions of her story. She is an amazing woman for not only girls, but all students to learn bravery, courage, and the importance of education. This children’s book features beautiful illustrations by Ana Grigorijev which truly bring Malala’s vivid story to life in simple, intricate, details.

Thank you to Aida Zaciragic, Anagrigorijev, Booksgosocial, and Netgalley for the Advanced Readers Copy for free. I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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I love seeing books for young readers about women making a difference in the world, and Malala Yousafzai is a great example. In "Malala's Mission for the World", readers are introduced to her life in Pakistan and her passion for learning—and how quickly things changed for her.

The book is pretty text-heavy—better for more confident readers or read with an adult's support, but it allows for a lot more information and story than something briefer, so I'm generally on board with it. The illustrations are beautiful, but the text has its fair share of errors, awkward constructions, and presumably accidental repetitions. I do wish the book had been more carefully edited/proofread, because that would have made it a much more useful tool for kids working on language and vocab skills as well as learning something about (recent) history, other countries, and women in the world. Overall a thoughtful and age-appropriate read, though, and I'm glad to see that Malala's parents are also highlighted as proponents of education and equality for girls.

Thanks to the author and publisher for providing a review copy through NetGalley.

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Malala's story is an important one for all children and the artwork throughout the story is SUPERB. That being said, there were some liberties that I thought were a bit sensationalized in an extreme way (ie that Malala is the "bravest girl in the world") and I would've preferred she being one of many strong brave young women because even Malala espouses that she is not alone and her story is not unique to her, her story is highlighting the struggles of an entire people and I wish that were more accurately depicted. I prefer "Malala's Magic Pencil" for this age group.

5 stars for the art, 3 stars for the story.

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This is a beautifully written book which tells a story that should be known far and wide. I will certainly be buying a copy for our library as everyone should know about this amazing young woman and her achievements in the face of great adversity.

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I learned so many things from this book. There was a first hand account of the Taliban coming to a Pakistan village. It’s the story of a young girl, Malala, who became an early voice for equal treatment of girls and the injustices sometimes imposed by a culture or the Taliban. This was a real page turner and if I had a child, I would make it part of the home library. This story is inspirational and terrifying at times. Loved the pictures.

I received an advanced review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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A beautiful and informative picture book telling the story of Malala. As the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize it is important to remember her story. It may be an American thing but my school students prefer less text on each page if reading by themselves. This can easily be read to all elementary aged children but if reading on their own probably 3rd graders and up. The illustrations are beautiful, realistic and colorful. I can think of many lessons and discussion that could be used in a classroom using this book.

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Malala is a person to whom all of mankind owes a debt.
This book is a tribute and reminds us of so many traits. The book brought out Malala's triumphs after having to overcome such horrific obstacles. It teaches students about bravery, pursing your dreams and wanting to eliminate prejudice all around the world.
This story of Malala will be better aimed towards older elementary school students who will have more of an understanding of her hardships. Her perseverance in sticking up for girls' inherent rights ring genuine.
All are sure to be inspired by this book.

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This is a sweet and simple introduction for children to the story of activist Malala Yousufzai. Malala's courage and her conviction about the importance of girls' education is inspirational. Her impact has already been felt far beyond her native Pakistan.

Learning how a young girl like Malala has made a difference to so many lives is a good way for kids to learn about a diverse and sometimes challenging wider world.

Malala also makes an excellent role model for both boys and girls when it comes to demonstrating the value of taking a stance on a key issue affecting wellbeing of people worldwide.

The book does a good job of telling her story, and I wish it had also named others - such as her best friend in Pakistan - who also suffered because of the Taliban attack that nearly killed her. They are also part of her story and should be acknowledged as such.

That caveat aside, this volume is a good addition to the bookshelves of children in different parts of the world. The accompanying art is nicely done too.

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Malala is an inspiration and I have followed her story. This is a wonderful book for children. The illustrations are beautiful. This is an important book for children. Malala’s strength and courage is heartwarming and empowering. This book should be in all schools and libraries.

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This was a very enjoyable book, and a good introduction to Malala's life, and to the issues that face women in the middle east. I really enjoyed the pictures and thought that they really added to the story. I think kids in early grades would enjoy this book and learn a lot. There were a few passages of the book that seemed to be out of order a little bit, specifically some of the parts about the world finding out who she was despite the attempt to keep her identity secret. Overall a good book to have in a classroom to begin a discussion around the importance of education for everyone, and how boys and girls should be treated equal.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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Malala's Mission for the World describes Malala's story and goals in a way that it is accessible to younger children between the ages of six to ten.

I thought the illustrations in this book were absolutely stunning and really added to my enjoyment of the story. I liked that the story focused on Malala as a person and her fight for equality as opposed to just what happened to her. Although this book is advertised as being for children from the ages of six to ten I do think children at the upper end of this range might find it slightly too basic and immature.

Overall I think this is a really important story for children to learn about and I loved the beautiful illustrations!

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Malala’s Mission for the World by Aida Zaciragic is an excellent, accessible read for elementary school students. It features illustrations by Ana Grigorijev.

Malala is a well known figure – the youngest Nobel Prize winner, a prominent voice for women’s rights to education, etc. The information in the story is factual and obviously removes/glosses over the less child-friendly parts of her story. It's a socially conscious read that could definitely be brought into the classroom and could spark great conversations on activism.

My critique would be on the translation and text format, which I believe can be fixed to be more suited to the story’s intended audience. There are long passages on certain pages, whereas more illustrations and more concise paragraphs of text on each page could be easier for younger readers to digest. Overall, a good read for kids and a great conversation starter for educators and parents alike.

Thank you, NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and Aida Zaciragic for this ARC of Malala's Mission for the World.

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I said no more ARCs but yeah this isn't an arc, i did read it on NetGalley regardless.
Such beautiful and emotional story, really inspiring, stand for what's right even if you get shot in the head!
I was putting my last arc review on netgalley when i saw this and when i saw how short it was i decided to make it my introduction into Malala, i might have her actual book somewhere, but i honestly didn't feel like reading it, but a short book? yeah that encouraged me and now i want to read her own book.
Malala started noticing how girls are treated less than boys in her country from a young age, and then Taliban came and prohibited them from even learning, Malala told their story to the world, and kept a diary of sorts like Anne Frank from world war 2 (Which i need to google!)
And it set the eyes of Taliban on her, who shot her in the head, with several other girls, luckily none of them died, Militant Islam is the worst, and it such a hard thing to deal with globally, because they are the armies that are actually fighting, it takes an army time to start being good at real combat, most countries are just fighting with fighter planes bombing places, but the real men who are fighting on the ground are actually terrorists like Taliban and others, and they can afford to lose men, because they think their purpose for fighting is from the divine, but most of the other civil countries aren't really fighting with a divine purpose, so a death is a death, you are giving up your life, even if you kill 1000 for 100 of your own it would still be a loss.
And only Islam as a religion can brainwash idiots and convince them to fight in the first place, as long as religious purposes are still part of the game, so even if you say give them power or money to try and keep it down or "in home" they still have to give reign to the prejudices of the simple men who fight for them, who want to oppress women or kill people who left Islam, and so many other things, How to deal with any of the matters of this world? it's beyond me!
we can all collectively choose to be good, and peaceful, and our congresses can choose to give us more freedom, and not give in to every whim of the armies or the bloodthirsty leaders, But guess what we aren't doing that, we aren't collectively good, or at least the people who are ruling us and leading us all.
As for the People, it's much harder, because I could tell you, you know there is an entire oppressed nation living under occupation by Iran for over 70 years and are part of Iran right now, and guess what nobody knows them, nobody cares, nobody would even put the effort to learn about them, and can you tell people, oh you gotta read, or you gotta watch documentaries to know how to save our environment? no everyone is dealing with their own thing, and even when they decide to take sides in international conflicts, because they are hearing from a side that's demonizing, and don't care for the other side, because they are ''convinced''
So really our situation is dire, and it's gonna take a new catastrophe like world war 2, and the annihilation of two cities populations of innocent people by a nuclear bomb, for the world to wake up again, and realize what they are doing wrong.

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Thank you toNet Galley for this e-copy of Malala,s Mission for the World by Aida Zaciragic in exchange for a honest review.This book is a must read for elementary school students.Through it’s powerful words and beautiful illustrations, this book tells the tale of Malala, the brave Pakistani girl who wasn’t afraid to speak up for children and especially girls in her country so that they could all receive an equal education.Despite surviving a near death shooting by the Taliban , Malala’s voice continues to resonate throughout the world as she fights for human rights worldwide.Highly recommend.Beautiful illustrations.

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I really enjoyed this book and it has some wonderful illustrations.

The book is well written, it covers the high, and low, points of Malala’s life so far. She is a truly inspirational character, and every child should know her story and how she stood up for girls and their right to education

It is 5 stars from me for this one, a great introduction to Malala and what she has achieved to use as a starting point for further discussions – very highly recommended!

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This story is important and Malala is amazing. I'm a huge fan. Every kid should know her story, and the pictures are gorgeous.
The language could be improved. The writer was trying to keep it simple for younger people but it just came off as kind of awkward.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this

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This was so good! I loved how kid friendly the story was. The pictures were gorgeous. Malalas story is really beautiful and she is so inspiring. What an important book for children to read.

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