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Jake the Growling Dog

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Such a sweet story of being accepting of others despite their differences.
I love children's stories that are written in rhyme as it makes it so much easier for my young daughters to read along.

We love anything about dogs in our household, but this story stood out because it required Jake's friends to look a little bit beneath the surface to see that his growl didn't define him.

We need more goodness like this in our world, and a bit of understanding <3

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This is a bit of a weird one as it appears to be a republish, under a slightly different name, with updated illustrations and text. Regardless it’s still quite cute. About a dog named Jake (based on a real dog!) who growls and scares everyone around him. Ironically my own pup, a pitbull mix rescue, likes to growl when he plays with other dogs and sometimes they are scared off. So to say I loved the premise would be an understatement.
One section of the story was a bit odd to me. The animal that helps others see Jake for who he is (a sweet pup who wants to play and isn’t scary) is a squirrel. Now I don’t know how much you know about dogs and squirrels but this is an odd choice given most dogs pen-chance for chasing squirrels. It might have been better had our helpful animal been a deer, owl, or an animal Jake would be less likely to chase and win against? For thus I have knocked down one star as I just find it too implausible for a squirrel to be the one to calm (and help) a dog.
Overall however this is cute! Perfect for a child who looks different from the other children and feels left out.

Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review.

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Absolutely gorgeous book that promotes inclusivity and tolerance to younger children. The illustrations were sublime and complimented the storyline perfectly. Everyone could learn something from Jake the Growling Dog!

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Jake the Growling Dog is misunderstood. He just wants to make friends but his behaviours and the interpretation of said behaviour makes it difficult for him. Until one day, someone gives him a chance. This is a great story about friendship and how sometimes we can label those around us without actually knowing who they are or why they do what they do. Highly recommend!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own opinions.

A wonder lesson in love and acceptance brought to us by the sweetest pup and his friends. I loved the mindfulness exercise as well,

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One of two rhymed narratives from this author I've had the chance to sample, and one that is able to present itself rather nicely without jumping on for full-on wokeness. Here, nobody seems to get on well with the kind-hearted mutt Jake, as all he does is accompanied by a growl, even when he's trying to spread love or thanks. There he is on his own front cover – growling, and nobody vocalises on his own front cover. But when a squirrel sees through the socially awkward noise, she is able to prove to the rest of the forest critters that Jake is perfectly friendly and well-intentioned. So the message comes from the squirrel's easy acceptance of the difference in Jake, and the recommendation that Jake doesn't have to change, as his behaviour is spot on, even when it sounds like it isn't. It's a message that's accompanied by something something mindfulness and tips for adults using this, but more importantly it's a message coming from strong rhyming couplets (bar one verse) and very decent artwork.

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I have a dog who is often misunderstood too.

The cover and title of this book drew me in right away, as I have a leash reactive dog and people often mistake his bark for aggression. Just like the other critters in the book mistake Jake's growl for something mean and scary.

This book was incredibly sweet and the messages of kindness and gratefulness were artfully woven throughout not only the book but also into the activity at the end. The rhyming lines flowed nicely and the style of and movement portrayed in the art matched the story perfectly.

A sweet book with an important message that would fit on any child's shelf.

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The heart of the story of Jake the Growling Dog is heartwarming, sweet, and shares the valuable lesson to children (and adults) of not judging a book my its cover. It encourages us to get to know someone before we shy away and cast off our judgement that they are not someone we want to spend time with. I think it also calls to mind ways we can remember to do this as adults around people who may have a unique physical appearance or style that triggers judgement in us, and asks us to pause and reconsider that different isn't always scary or a bad thing.

I wish the story would either commit to the rhyme scheme or scrap it...the syncopation of rhyming words do not match rhythmically in a lot of paces and made it cumbersome to read. I would advise an editor to read with a musical ear and make appropriate corrections.

The illustrations are adorable and eye catching, though a few appear slightly redundant. Part of that could be the formatting on my end from the Kindle reader view.

In the gratitude section at the end, I found some of the very specific examples to bother me if I were reading from the perspective of say a child whose family is not patriotic and praises the US military (that is a divisive reality for many of us). I could see some of these tarnishing the experience for readers, children and adult alike.

I love the idea of the loving kindness practice at the very end of the book--such a valuable skill to teach the next generation of readers and leaders!

This book will be excellent with some edits and improvements. Thank you again for the ARC.

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I loved the message in this book, that everyone is unique and the importance of being kind and grateful, I especially loved the loving - kindness activity at the end of the book. Also the artwork is beautiful and colourful.

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We have fallen in love with this delightful children's book centered around Jake, an endearing dog whose constant growls, meant to express happiness and excitement, inadvertently create a barrier between him and the other animals. Mistakenly perceived as always angry, Jake plays alone until a chance encounter with a sympathetic squirrel, Neet changes everything.

In the quest to help Jake make friends, Neet introduces him to the various animals, unveiling the true nature of his joyful growls. The story reaches its heartwarming peak when Jake, overwhelmed by the joy of newfound friendships, lets out his biggest and loudest growl, expecting the worst. To his surprise, his friends not only stay but join in the laughter.

What sets this book apart is its incorporation of guided activities that promote kindness and gratitude, making it a valuable resource for parents looking to instill important values in their children. The use of verse adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making it a perfect choice for read-aloud sessions.

In our household, the book has become a favorite, especially for our 5-year-old non-verbal autistic son, who affectionately refers to it as the "grrr" book. Its profound impact extends beyond enjoyment; it has served as a valuable tool in explaining to our other children that differences, like those exhibited by their brother, don't diminish love and connection. Understanding requires effort, just as Jake's friends learned to appreciate his unique way of expressing happiness.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any parent navigating the challenges of a child who may not fit in conventionally. It beautifully encourages tolerance, fosters friendship, promotes understanding, and emphasizes the importance of gratitude and kindness. The powerful message of acceptance resonates profoundly, making it an invaluable addition to any children's bookshelf.

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Great message and very engaging. Yes I would recommend this cute little book about not judging a book by its cover when it comes to people.

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Jake the growling dog by Samantha Shannon is a beautifully illustrated journey. Jake is the type of book that you would like to read to your family or classroom so that you could have a great conversations about a wide variety of subjects. You can tell that the author and illustrator put a lot of heart into this book I think children would benefit by going on this journey with Jake.

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Grrr is the sound of Joy for Jake.

Grrr is Jake the dog’s happy talk. Unfortunately, the other animals view it as anything but happy. Jake finds that he is often alone when he grrr. A black squirrel helps Jake realize that his grrr is misunderstood and he is fine as he is.

Helping kids accept differences is often the start of friendships. Jake’s grrr is unique in that it means happiness rather than mean. Samantha Shannon’s charming book on Jake’s grrr is an excellent book on kindness and uniqueness. The illustrations are well done. I highly recommend this book for helping youngsters learn to be the best you that you can be.

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Jake the Growling Dog is a touching tale that delves into themes of acceptance and understanding differences.

The story follows Jake, a dog whose growl is often misunderstood, leading to loneliness and a desire for friendship. Neet the squirrel plays a pivotal role in helping Jake be perceived differently, raising the question of whether one needs to change to make others feel comfortable or to forge genuine connections.

Jake the Growling Dog is a story on many levels.
The book beautifully illustrates the power of kindness and the importance of seeing beyond first impressions.

Its message is clear: being different is okay, and true friends will accept you as you are. The story is complemented by appealing illustrations and activities that encourage mindfulness and empathy, making it a great read for children and a valuable tool for parents and educators.

My thanks for NetGalley and publishers for a copy of this published booked in exchange for a review.

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Cute story for littles. Rhymes well and has great illustrations. Sends a message about embracing differences in others and ourselves.

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This is a sweet children’s book about a dog, there’s lots of words and occasional rhymes. It’s easy to follow along and the illustrations are fun

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This wonderful book brought tears to my eyes! Such a wonderful story, with a great moral of everyone being different and that makes us unique, but sometimes what makes us different is misunderstood by those around us. I teach social skills, and will be buying this book to use for perspective taking and interpersonal effectiveness skills!
The illustrations were also fantastic; Jake is such a friendly and playful looking dog! I enjoyed all the figurative throughout the book, it's never to young to start using. I also adored that Jake the Growling dog lives in the PWN!

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A sweet story about a misunderstood dog. It shows kids that a little kindness can make a big difference in someone's life.

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Jake the Growling Dog is sweet read about kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

I was drawn in by the cover, and the following illustrations were just as warm and beautiful. This book carries great messages for kids. The more complicated text and inconsistent rhythm of the story might be a bit harder for some kids to follow, and it would be great to read along with an adult. The activities at the end of the book are a great way to implement learnings.

Thank you to BooksGoSocisl and NetGalley for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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A cute story about a dog that only wants to be friends with everyone but doesn't quite understand why no one is willing to play with him, until a squirrel finally lets on that he doesn't APPEAR as the most friendly pooch on the playground due to his insistent need to growl.

But with the help of some animal friends this pooch is able to learn how to make friends all across the neighborhood.

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