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An Ordinary Couple

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My honest opinion: Meh!
With all due respect, a one-star read.
Here’s the thing, I hardly ever give such a review but this is a definite no.
It gave the vibe of stories you write for English class, to showcase you can write.
The writer thought of all these characters and stung them together before thinking through a plausible plot. I have read erotica with better plots, that’s how unplanned it felt. This could have been a 10-page impactful story. The setting, the details, the background: the writing wasn’t bad, the pacing was on point too and then abruptly poof. It was an almost. Not worth the time.

The worst part is the cover had my hopes high, the description too, a promise the book did not keep.

Thank you, NetGalley for this e-ARC.

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Karl Marshall's novel, "An Ordinary Couple," delves into the intricate and poignant story of Bridget and Anthony, two individuals whose lives take a dramatic turn as they grapple with the consequences of a past neither of them remembers. In this gripping narrative, Marshall explores the depths of love, trust, and the unrevealed secrets that bind us all.

The story revolves around Bridget and Anthony, a couple who have found each other late in life. Unfortunately, Anthony's mind is clouded by dementia, leaving him with no recollection of his own past. Bridget's role in their relationship shifts from companion to caregiver, as she shoulders the responsibility of not only caring for Anthony but also uncovering the mysteries that surround his forgotten life.

Marshall skillfully weaves together multiple threads of intrigue, as the bones of a long-dead girl from Anthony's past resurface. This chilling discovery sets in motion a series of events that thrust Anthony under the shadow of suspicion. What ensues is a riveting exploration of the blurred lines between memory, guilt, and innocence.

The characters in "An Ordinary Couple" are meticulously crafted, with Bridget's unwavering dedication and Anthony's vulnerability evoking genuine empathy from the reader. Marshall delves into the complexities of dementia, painting a heartbreaking yet authentic picture of the condition's effects on both the afflicted and their loved ones.

As the narrative unfolds, Marshall's storytelling prowess becomes evident. The plot is expertly paced, with each chapter unveiling new layers of intrigue and revealing more about Anthony's enigmatic past. The juxtaposition of Anthony's forgotten memories with the knowledge held by others, including government agencies, adds an element of tension that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Moreover, Marshall's exploration of how secrets can define and reshape relationships is thought-provoking. Bridget's determination to uncover the truth and Anthony's struggle with his forgotten past offer a compelling commentary on the bonds that tie us to our histories.

"An Ordinary Couple" is a riveting and emotionally charged novel that masterfully navigates the realms of mystery, romance, and drama. Karl Marshall's storytelling prowess shines through in this compelling narrative, making it a must-read for those who appreciate a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant tale. With its unforgettable characters and a plot rife with intrigue, this book will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

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This was an interesting book but sometimes hard to follow as you read it.

This story is all over the place, sometimes hard to follow what us going on. The characters are hard to get to know and the building isn't as should be. Seems the writing was forced and rushed.

Was just ok not sure I should have spent time reading this one. Just not a fan of writing style

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I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review-
This was a different book by intriguing. Bones are found and suspicion falls in Anthony. The government has kept an eye on him but Anthony has dementia and Bridget cares for him and neither knows the past, Did Anthony do it and why? Their quiet life is totally changed.

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This is a strange book, one I’m finding difficult to stick with.

Bridget and Anthony, an elderly couple, married fairly late in life. Anthony now has dementia and Bridget is his sole carer, refusing help of any kind. Bridget knows very little of Anthony’s life before they met as he is something of closed book, and now, due to his condition, it’s unlikely she will learn anything about him. However, they seem to love each other and she’s happy as his carer.

Meanwhile some bones from a long-deceased girl are found and the police begin an investigation, led by surly, divorced Lisgar and his sergeant Brandon. The latter is a graduate, he is also Black and these two factors make him unpopular with some of his colleagues.

There are other characters – the neighbour who has a visit from a man asking all sorts of questions about Anthony and Bridget, but is he who he says he is?

This story is all over the place, hopping from one scene to the next in quick succession making a little tricky to follow, but that aside I just can’t warm to any of the characters, all of whom are lacking in anything resembling charisma or appeal. The writing style is stilted, almost unpractised, as though this has been written by a novice trying too hard. I’ve tried to find out who this author is – this Karl Marshall – but come up with absolutely nothing. Is it his first book? Is English his first language, because something about the writing suggests it may be translated from another language.

There is something odd going on here – Netgalley, Amazon & Goodreads all have the author of this book as Karl Marshall, but on my kindle the author’s name is Keith McCarthy. Having scrolled down to the bottom of the page on my Netgalley Shelf I find a link to the author’s website, and who do you think I get when I click that link? Keith McCarthy! So, is Karl Marshall (KM) really Keith McCarthy (KM)? The subject matter of this novel and others published by McCarthy are similar...

I’m almost a third of the way in and I’m actually beginning to resent the time I’ve spent on it so far. This, I’m afraid, is one to be deleted forthwith.

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