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"The Dasher" by Cindy Kehagiares is a captivating and heartwarming tale that unfolds against the backdrop of the surf world in Huntington Beach. The novel weaves a narrative of family, redemption, and love, drawing readers into the challenges faced by Lisa Tennent, the heiress of the struggling "Tennent Surf Company" dynasty, and Ben, who faces his own financial burdens.

Kehagiares expertly navigates the complexities of these characters’ lives, infusing the story with relatable emotions and genuine depth. The friends-to-lovers and single father romance elements add layers of intimacy and authenticity to the narrative, inviting readers to root for the characters as they navigate personal and professional hurdles.

The novel's incorporation of GenX pop culture references and lessons in self-love provides a rich and resonant backdrop, delivering a multi-layered reading experience that will appeal to a wide audience. With its engaging blend of romance, personal growth, and familial dynamics, "The Dasher" promises an immersive journey into the lives and hearts of its vibrant characters.

Cindy Kehagiares' compelling storytelling and the relatable portrayal of the characters firmly establish "The Dasher" as a noteworthy addition to the romance genre, offering a heartening and fulfilling narrative that resonates with readers.

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How I feel about Ben and Lisa would fill the entire Pacific Ocean where he spends his time surfing but to keep it simple, they are one hot and passionate couple! I am a huge fan of “The Perpetual” also by Ms. Kehagiaras, which is the prequel to this book and where we first met Ben. He has somewhat of a checkered past and is the exact opposite of the men Lisa had always dated, but maybe it was time for her to take a walk on the wild side and give Ben a chance. His colorful tattoos drive her wild and his devil may care attitude had her reconsidering her boring and rigid lifestyle. They joined forces to resurrect her family's company and she was in awe of his designs and the vision he had for the new line of clothing. Ben was like a breath of fresh air who accepted Lisa for who she was, and never tried to change her or tell her what to do. Ben thought he was way out of her league but he soon realized they were two lonely souls who fate brought together so they could both finally be happy!

A life with Ben includes his precious daughter, Chloe, the light of his life who keeps him grounded and thankful that God had given him another chance. Lisa’s goal right now was to successfully re-introduce Tennent Surf to the public with on-trend designs that would bring the magic back to the surfing community. She also had to deal with family issues, her own insecurities, and how Ben and Chloe would fit into her life. Lisa has faced many challenges in her life, but on a sunny day at the beach, she faced her biggest test of all. She surprised herself with how centered and calm she felt as her fears were swept away by the possibility of everlasting love.

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Loved following Ben and Lisa’s relationship growth from friends to lovers! I loved that the author wrote these characters as Gen X-ers, since I’m one myself. 😉 Loved being able to relate to their struggles, triumphs, and individual growth.

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If you were a big fan of “Dead To Me” then Lisa Tennent is your girl. Nope, shes not nice, or patient or empathetic. And I love her for it!

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I really hoped that I would love The Dasher as much as I loved the cover of the book. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

I have read several books where the FMC is a grump, and while Lisa does have a lot of reason for her disposition and stress levels, I just didn’t like her very much.

She is left holding the bag in trying to change the legacy of her father’s surf wear company and pull it out of impending bankruptcy. Ben is the brother-in-law of the biggest star of Lisa’s company and he (Jason) is going to try and help save the company with Ben along as his assistant when they meet.

The story didn’t really hold my interest, and it made me sad because I wanted to like this book.

I was given this book by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.

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