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Love love love! Narrative was superb! Unique and engaging, kept my full attention throughout the whole story. Can’t wait to download the next one!! The adventure was thrilling and so good, I love a good witch, necromancy, magical fantasy read!

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Half human, half magician, Rose Beaufont is the mortal 7 of the Beaufont clan. Her days are full hunting witches with her chimera by her side, training her magic, and learning about her ancestry. When a Shadow Walker clan necromancer takes over a city, creates zombies, and holds a town hostage unless she comes and faces him, Rose life get thrown into turmoil. Her only hope is to find her great-aunt’s lost book, conquer the portal and fire magic that alludes her and the love magic only an unknown relative of hers has. Will Rose be able to embrace her family, her magic, and conquer the necromancer before it’s too late?

Narrator, Dara Rosenberg’s unique intonations and narrative style is engaging, unique, and makes the characters easy to distinguish. Her narration adds depth to the masterfully done world building. Narrator and author’s styles complement each other well as well as the complex plot. Characters are complex, engaging, and help bring Rose’s world to life. Her chimera is hilarious and adds a lot of humor to the book. Readers who like fantasy, adventure, and mythical creatures will want to pick this one up.

Please Note; A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was received.

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I really enjoyed listening to Suddenly Magical. It is the second book in The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont series, and I co-read this one. You see, I listened to the first book, The Mysterious Daughter, and immediately got the rest of the series that has so far been released in ebook form so that I could listen to and read the entire series as each book comes out in audio. These books are a delight and I really love the narrator, Dara Rosenberg.

The series focuses on Rose Beaufont, who didn't know much about her magic and is now responsible for hunting witches in her city. As she trains to use her inborn skills, she is also searching for the coven that killed her mother, while attending to all of the rest of her new job. These books are really fun to read and kept my interest from start to finish.

Narrator Dara Rosenberg, really brings these characters and situations to life. She is a delight to listen to, and made my imagination soar as I listened to Suddenly Magical.

I can't wait to listen to the next book!

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A half mortal half magical girl, with a chimera disguised as a small dragon, must fight to save the world from a necromancer and the witches. Along the way she must gather fire magic and fairy dust to defeat the necromancer. The story was cute.

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Wow! This one was fun. I didn't realize it was a sequel but still enjoyed it. Some of the world building was a little much for me but I felt drawn to the story and characters and would definitely read more by this author.

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This 2nd book in the series did not disappoint and was a fun read! I love how Rose is such a kickass girl and willing to take on any challenge. It's so fun reading about someone coming into their own power! I can't wait for the next book in the series, I can't wait to see what happens. I just LOVE Elvis!


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Suddenly Magical
Book 2 in the The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont series
by Sarah Noffke; Michael Anderle
Narrated by Dara Rosenberg

I received an ARC (advanced reader copy) of this audiobook through Netgalley.

I didn’t listen to the first book in this series, and felt lost throughout the first hour of this book.

This book had good points, but mostly it felt disjointed, underwhelming, and disappointing.

The story is about a young woman, Rose, who suddenly breaks free of her proverbial cage (a highly sheltered life) and finds she has magic, and that she’s now supposed to be a power player with only a doofus sidekick, a Chinese dragon named Elvis.

There are trials that seem too easy. The best way I can explain it is to say the trials were like an extremely easy escape room - something a kid could solve easily.

There are delightful characters to this book that made it bearable. She has a cousin who is in the role of Saint Valentine and runs a Fairy Godmother agency.

There’s a young man, London, who is also a halfling like Rose. He has magictech robots (basically thinking automatons) - a smart panda and a lazy lion. This trio is great.

The potential for an amazing book was within arm’s reach, but it fell short.

The narrator, Dara Rosenberg, was unconvincing in her multiple roles for the first 2 hours. After that, she seemed to get her sea legs under her and did great. I think Jessica Almasy would have been a better narrator. I hope that Dara will listen to some of Jessica’s recordings and learn from her professional delivery.

My harsh assessment comes from a place of love. I love the written word, audiobooks, fantasy, magic, detective agencies, heroes, and golden hearts. So, when I listen or read a story I always want it to succeed and to come to life. I want it to wow me. I want it to stick with me. Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle have been writing for years. I know they have the potential to do better.

This series can be made better. I have some suggestions.
1. At the beginning of a new book - give the backstory. Who is the main character? Where are they and why? Are there any strange and unusual characters? In this case Mother Nature was talked about almost flippantly. Saint Valentine is a power position with zero background information.
2. Better dialog between the main characters - Rose and Elvis. I love the frenemy relationship, but it was forced, and nowhere near silly enough. Eyebrow jokes only go so far. Better quips, more snark, more spunk would help. Also, endearing moments and background are important to readers/listeners just starting the series
3. Up the ante. Escape room trials should have more oomph. Zombies should be scary, not just easily vanquished foes that amble around funny and hit things. Drama !

Overall, this is a good book, but not fantastic. If you can look past the shortcomings- you’ll enjoy this story.

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