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In "Hard Power," the twelfth installment of J. B. Turner's Jon Reznick series, readers are thrust into a vortex of suspense and relentless action that grips from the very first page. Turner's mastery of the thriller genre is on full display as he weaves a complex tapestry of intrigue and danger.

The novel opens with the mysterious death of Amy Chang, found on a Manhattan subway. The authorities rule it a suicide, but Trevelle Williams, NSA hacker and friend of Jon Reznick, suspects foul play. He enlists Reznick's help to unravel the truth and protect Amy's brother, Kevin Chang, a student-activist from Hong Kong, now in New York.

As the narrative unfolds, Reznick and his allies find themselves hunted by not one, but two government organizations. The stakes are high, and the tension palpable, as they are forced to go on the run. Turner's skillful storytelling maintains a breakneck pace, ensuring that readers are constantly on edge.

The character of Jon Reznick is further fleshed out in this novel, showcasing his black-ops skills, tradecraft, and killer instincts. His determination to protect his friends, even at the cost of his own life, adds a layer of depth to his already complex persona. The supporting characters, particularly Trevelle and Kevin, are well-developed, with their own motivations and contributions to the story.

Turner's exploration of political forces and the murky waters of espionage adds a layer of realism to the tale. The narrative is not just about the action; it's also a commentary on loyalty, sacrifice, and the often-blurred lines between right and wrong.

"Hard Power" is a testament to Turner's ability to keep the series fresh and exciting. With its intricate plot, well-crafted characters, and high-stakes scenarios, it stands as a shining example of the thriller genre. Fans of Jon Reznick will be delighted, and newcomers will find themselves compelled to visit the earlier books in the series.

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Fab instalment of this thriller series. I loved this book and all those before it. Cannot wait for further stories in this series

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Hard Power is the twelfth instalment of the Jon Reznick series about a former CIA officer the books assassin, and one of my favourite of the series so far. I’ve read them all in order but it’s not essential to follow the story - although the key relationship would make more sense if you’ve read at least some of the previous books.

Reznick is asked to help find the killer of his young hacker friend Trevelle’s girlfriend, a dissident from Hong Kong, who has been killed by agents of the Chinese government in New York. When events rapidly turn violent, Jon and his friends must go on the run from his former allies at the FBI - putting him at odds with his former lover Martha.

Sometimes by this stage in a series, authors can start to run out of ideas, and I was almost ready to give up a couple of books ago, but am glad I didn’t as this was a fast-paced exciting read that has Reznick facing an implacable and powerful new enemy - China. The lengths their spies are willing to go to in order to take out so-called enemies of the state felt plausibly scary, including corrupting FBI agents and impersonating rescue services. I felt most sorry for poor Martha Meyerstein, her loyalties impossibly split, her career threatened after decades of service for political expediency. The ending here wraps things up in a way that could mean the end of the series - but I hope not!

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Just finished the latest installment of the Jon Reznick story. I have read them all and all are brilliant.
I will not go over the synopsis again as other reviewers have done that....suffice to say, you will not be disappointed !!

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Former (but is he ever really former?) CIA & Delta Force, Jon Reznick is back on the attack again. This time he is protecting Kevin Chang, a dissident that the Chinese government wants returned to China. Kevin has been living in the states with his sister Amy, who was recently murdered. Having worked with Jon before, Amy’s boyfriend Trevelle Williams, contacts him for help protecting Kevin. Jon tries to go through legal channels with his long-time friend, Martha Meyerstein, the assistant director of the FBI. When he is stone walled, he goes out on his own. He receives unexpected assistance from a friend of Trevelle’s, writer Caroline Sullivan, but will he be able to guarantee their safety? John is used to continued threats on his life, but as the body count rises, former teammates who have served with him in far out foreign places step up. Jon realizes that he is up against “hard power”! Non-stop action from the very first page! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)

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Apparently this is the 12th Jon Reznick book in a series, but this is my first one. It wont be my last. And the fact that there are previous books in the series did not impact my enjoyment of this book. It was great as a stand alone thriller.

Trevelle is a hacker with a Chinese girlfriend. She falls onto the train tracks and dies. But did she fall or was she pushed?

There were some really enjoyable characters in this book – Trevelle and Jon were great and I am looking forward to going back in this series to get to know them.

There was a good dead of action and the pacing was perfect.
I thought the story and the way that it unfolded was great.

So why not 5 stars? I really enjoyed this and read it one sitting, but I didn’t finish and say “wow”. I am going to read more books in this series, and can really see this as a movie. However, there were a few little things that bothered me- such as the characters telling you how they feel, rather than demonstrating it.

Thank you to the author, the publisher and to #netgalley for the ARC and for helping me find a new author to binge. But this did not impact my review

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Action, intrigue, and some politics mixed into another fab Jon Reznick thriller. This is the twelfth in the series but it can be read as a standalone.
This time it's Jon's go-to hacker and computer genius Trevelle that's in trouble. Trevelle contacts Jon to ask for help after his Chinese girl friend fell / got pushed into the tracks. A parallell legal system with Chinese police station is revealed and it all feels very close to a possible real situation which makes the story even better.

To find the culprits, the relationship between Martha (FBI) and Jon is tested yet again in this story - but this time it's Martha's career that's at stake. With the pressure piling up, will she be loyal to Jon or look after herself first?

Highly recommended.

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I absolutely love this series and this latest release is no exception. Jon Reznick's friend and hacker Trevelle is the one who calls Jon for help this time, a far cry from the norm. However, the situation Trevelle finds himself in is far from the ordinary. Trevelle's girlfriend Amy Chang is found dead and he is convinced, along with Amy's brother Kevin, that it was no accident. Although Jon has no jurisdiction he as per the norm sticks his nose in to try and get to the bottom of what has gone on. It becomes clear pretty quickly that the situation Jon, Trevelle and Kevin find themselves in proves the theory that all is not right!

There is plenty of action pretty much from the off with this latest book and as usual Jon is determined for the truth even if it means falling out with the FBI assistant Martha (which he does plenty of)! I was a little on the fence with how the Jon and Martha relationship has played out but a part of me also understands the need for it. That aside I loved the pacing of the story and there was plenty of corruption and action top keep you entertained. Although there is a slight swerve into the arena featuring Chinese politics, I can forgive it as it didn't detract from my enjoyment. I just hope we don't see the author going politics heavy in future books.

Overall this is a fast paced and action packed story with a character you can't help but love. A great series which I am thoroughly enjoying and would happily recommend.

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Hard Power is the new thriller featuring Jon Resnick from bestselling author J.B.Turner.

Hard Power is another really good Resnick book by J.B. Turner and perefect for those who enjoy pacey action thrillers based on current events and for those following Jon Reznick or reading Reacher books.

Jon Reznick ex CIA Delta and black ops contractor has waved his daughter Laura off for a two year contract with the CIA in Indonesia. He receives a call from Trevelle Williams a NSA hacker friend. Travelle tells Reznick his girlfriend has been killed and her brother is in danger. He asks Reznick for help.

Resnick and Williams go to meet Kevin Chang a Hong Kong student-activist in New York Chinatown. When they find Kevin, he's already being threatened by a chinese gunman. Resnick reacts, shots are fired and they flee the crime scene.

Running but now hunted by the agencies and the Chinese, Resnick contacts his Ex Boss Martha Myerstein FBI Assistant Director to protect Kevin from being taken by the Chinese. Resnick's idea to cut a deal is denied by Myerstein and she offers Resnick nothing, so he knows they have to get out of New York if they are to survive.

Trevelle calls an old friend Caroline Sullivan for help. She's an investigative journalist writing a book on the growing Chinese influence in the USA and living in a beach cottage in Madison, New England. Caroline agrees to help Kevin Chang. They all travel to her father's house in Vermont.

Resnick arranges a meet with Martha Myerstein who he trusts but she is wired and he's taken by the FBI. They put a tracker on his transport and then release Resnick. Their hope is he will lead them to the others but Resnick discovers the tracker. He calls in favours from old Delta colleague Ray Diaz to evade agency surveillance and enable him to get back to protect Kevin.

Resnick knows from his own experience that the Chinese are not finished with Kevin and others like him. Only Resnick's unique experience in undercover ops can prevent Kevin's capture or death and flush out the top level informants within the FBI feeding live and restricted agency information to the Chinese.

Resnick has strong feelings for his country and right and wrong. He displays fast reactions where violence threatens those he protects. He is another Reacher and this book could well be made into an action thriller film. It has some great characters and also a very good current plot which outlines the growing conflict between superpowers and the difficulties of controlling that conflict when they cross the line in a foreign country.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me the opportunity to read and provide a fair review of Hard Power.

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This series never disappoints. WOW. could not put this book down once I started. While this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, but if you're read the previous books it helps connect the relationships a little more.
This book had a little less action in the middle, but the plot was just as exciting as ever. absolutely love this series, and am already looking forward and hoping there is a next.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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JB Turner normally has the pacing and story of his novels just right, so it was a little bit surprising that the tone of this story came across as a bit preachy and green politics, an area that he never seems to address.

It didn’t detract too much from the story and certainly not enough to reduce a star, but it was a minor annoyance all the same.

Having voiced my irritation, I have to say that it was read in two sittings, as his books normally are for me, and I came away entertained and regretting reading it so quickly.

A surprising betrayal added a neat twist but Turner just delivers, every time.

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revelle Williams calls his longtime friend Jon Reznick when his Chinese girl friend Amy Chang has been pushed under the subway in New York City. Amy's brother Kevin is now worried that he too will be killed. They had been activists in Hong Kong, and made their way to New York and now had green cards. However, now the Chinese diplomats are after them. Reznick goes to NY and when Trevelle takes Jon to where Kevin is hiding out, they find two Chinese men with guns pointed to Kevin. Resnick kills both Chinese, and begins driving Trevelle and Kevin up north. They finally get away from NY and find a hiding place with a friend of Trevelle. However, when Resnick calls to FBI assistant director Martha Meyerstein, she tells others and Resnick is arrested.

Can Resnick find someone who believes him and save Kevin from his sister's fate? This is a very exciting great great addition to the Reznick series. I thank Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for the opportunity to read an ARC before publication.

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I was looking for a decent thriller to plough through and, even though this is part of a series, I thought it sounded like it might fit the bill - generally speaking this type of series generally lets a reader pick any book up in any order and be able to follow along - in that regard, there were enough throwbacks to previous books/storylines to ground me in who the main character was.
The book opens with a lot of promise - we have a murder that looks like an accident, and a father bidding farewell to a daughter heading to a potentially dangerous assignment abroad. Turner doesn't delay dragging us into the action and what follows is a fairly stereotypical spy novel that trundles along to its conclusion. That's actually my main problem with it, I got no real sense of urgency from the action - perhaps because a lot of it was told, rather than shown. And there was an awful lot of repetition - it seemed like every page we had character A, B or C telling us that they were sad/stressed/angry etc and repeated, detailed callbacks to incidents that the reader read about in the beginning of the book - we don't need to be reminded of a murder, it should be pretty memorable in its own right!
It was also very straightforward - there were no strong twists or turns, nothing to raise the eyebrow and make you wonder where it was going. It's not a bad read; it just, to me, felt like a skeleton of a book that could have done with a bit more meat on the bones.

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Hard Power" by J. B. Turner is a pulse-pounding thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The protagonist is a compelling and formidable force, navigating a world of danger and deception. Turner's crisp writing and relentless pacing make "Hard Power" an exhilarating read for fans of high-stakes action and suspense.

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As always a great story based on Jon Reznick. Easy to read, fast paced and full of action. It may help to have read at least some of the previous books in the series so you have a good idea of the history of Jon Reznick and the other characters

Bring on the next one :)

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I've read quite a few Jon Recnick books and I enjoyed Hard Power by J.B. Turner, but like most, a slightly different plot and characters. Plenty of action, deceit, and of course the greedy government employees'.
Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the ARC of this novel.

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I have read a number of J.B. Turner’s Jon Reznick books, and had taken a break from the series because the books had started sounding the same to me. Coming back to Hard Power, I was reminded of all the things that had initially drawn me to the books in the first place. J.B. Turner’s insight into the geopolitical threats and challenges of today’s world creates compelling stories and Jon Reznick is the uncompromising, brave, and principled hero that makes me root for him and his success by any means necessary. I enjoyed Hard Power, the author’s consideration of Chinese political activity in the U.S., the fast-paced action, and the jeopardy attached to the plot. I was slightly disappointed with the treatment of Martha Meyerstein’s character in this one and found many of the dialog passages throughout the story stilted and ineffective. They didn’t seem up to par with the books I’ve read in the past, but not enough to prevent me from anticipating the next book in the series.

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is well written, has a good pace, and is entertaining despite the plot based on such stupidity it gives you a bad taste. One of the leading characters turns from a very smart woman to an incredibly stupid one.

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Captivating thriller,,Reznick seeing his daughter leave for two year's overseas.
Wanting solitude now, when he gets a call. His friend wanting his support and
help to come to. New York.
This book held my attention from the beginning, a roller coaster of action to the end.
I enjoy the authors books, and highly recommend this one.
Given arc by Net Galley and Thomas & Mercer for my voluntary review.

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Thank you to Netgalley for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Hard Power is a thriller novel by J.B. Turner. The story follows Jon who we first meet when he sends his daughter off at an airport for her next adventure.

The initial selling points that intrigued me into requesting this book were the covers interesting design and the summary/blurb. It seemed right up my alley and like the book I would love. I did appreciate the story that was being told and how it progressed. I would say the prologue (Chapter before the first chapter) was well written and managed to get me hooked and kept me locked onto my screen, wanting to know what happens next. Unfortunately, the things that I loved about the book stopped there.

Onto the least pleasant part of the review, the negatives. I would say I found it hard to read/keep reading midway through the first chapter. I had a strong urge to stop reading and it was probably to do with how the book was written at that point, descriptions were minimal to the point where I could scarcely recall a single scene within the story, with the dialogues not even an action tag or dialogue tag, leading to confusion as to who is talking at the time. It just seemed a bitt dry in my opinion. I really tried to keep reading but I had to stop due to the dry dialogues. Had the descriptions been written with more details. I would have definitely read on.

The writing style probably wasn’t for me but I do think others would find this book to their liking. I’d rate this book a three out of five stars overall for the reasons above.

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