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Crossroad Blues: 25th Anniversary Edition

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This book while was greatly written was not my favorite as it isn’t in my genre. It definitely is worth the read.

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I went to the crossroad. fell down on my knees. I went tot he crossroad, fell down on my knee.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this advanced audiobook copy o fAce Atkin's Crossroad Blues: 25th Anniversary edition. I had never read the book, but now plan to read all of them. This is a wonderful story, immersed in the lore of the Delta blues, and the mysteries death of the great Robert Johnson, set in a contemporary setting of a murder mystery, but one in which the protagonist isn't a police officer, but instead a blues historian seeking to find a missing colleague who disappeared while conducting interviews in the Mississippi delta.

The narration was spot on. It just felt authentic, and I've listened to many many books. This was a good one. And the story just was enjoyable. Even if any hidden Robert Johnson recordings remain lost, it was just a great book.

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Fabulous noir/crime thriller. Crossroad Blues is full of classic blues music with so much mystery thrown in. Did Robert Johnson have lost recordings, and what happened to Nick's coworker? I didn't catch the series when it first came out, but I'm definitely picking up the rest of it now!

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Thanks for the opportunity to listen to this story. It is the 25th anniversary of a story and I thought that was pretty cool. I liked the narrator's voice, but I didn't finish the story itself. It didn't hold my attention. Thanks for the chance though. I appreciate it.

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I thought I would like this book better than I did. I have enjoyed the Spencer mysteries by this author and I am a huge fan of the narrator Dion Graham but this book just did not work for me. Had to DNF at less than 25%.

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Nick Travers is Tulane University’s blues historian. He is on the hunt for the 1930s lost recordings of Robert Johnson. But, Nick has discovered more than he bargained for and it may cost him his life.

It has been a while since I have read an Ace Atkins book. WHY? No earthly idea! Lord have mercy this book is good! I loved it for multiple reasons. Of course, great characters. Nick Travers is the best! But the setting is my favorite…The Mississippi Delta! I knew every place in this novel…from Memphis all the way down to New Orleans and everywhere in between. And then there is the mystery and the myth surrounding blues singer Robert Johnson. Ace Atkins did a fantastic job with all of this, the history, the myth, the legend and of course the hunt for the old recordings.

The narrator, Dion Graham is FANTASTIC! He could not have been better and more perfect for this novel. Also, the audiobook is not at Audible. It is at Chirp so I put that link below.

Need a wonderful southern, blues fiction…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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I read a paperback copy of this book quite a few years back and rated it three stars. If I’m honest I can’t remember too much about that experience. So much so that I honestly didn’t realise I’d already taken one run through this tale when I sought out the opportunity to listen to this audio version.

The first thing that struck me was just how brilliantly it was narrated by Dion Graham. He has a voice I could listen to all day, with the ability to vary pitch and timbre to represent a whole range of characters. The story itself is woven around the fact that unpublished recordings of the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson might have surfaced deep in the Mississippi Delta. It seems that a number of colourful characters are seeking out this priceless treasure and they’re joined by ex-pro football player Nick Travers, whose adventure we are to follow.

Set largely in the Delta (the place Johnson actually met his mysterious death) and Southern Louisiana, this is a busy, pacey and atmospheric tale. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but I do think a good portion of this was down to the silky skills of the narrator. Great job, Dion.

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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this eARC.

An amazingly well-written fascinating mystery full of Delta Blues history, and Robert Johnson lore, betrayal and loyalty both.

I can't wait to read more!

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This was kind of a hard read with all the rampant racism up in there...raging inducing. I am glad I read it and will be reading more of this series, as I love Nick and his take-no-shit attitude! This was my 1st book by Ace Atkins but it definitely won't be my last!


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The narration of this novel is spot on and beautifully performed. I loved the narrator’s voice especially when he was describing the blues music. The writing style wasn’t designed for audiobook and dialogue got a tad redundant but that wasn’t a production issue or the author’s intent. It wasn’t often enough to put me off in the book.

While I went in expecting more of a mystery the book didn’t quite fulfill that but I did like it as it was. More historical fiction especially given that the audiobook was released many years later.

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This is the 25th edition of Ace Atkins first in the Nick Travers series, my first taste, which I listened to on audio, 7 hours and 15 minutes long, superbly narrated by Dion Graham, his voice is incredible, a narrator I will look out for in the future. He managed to lift this blend of fact and fiction when the writing is not always the strongest, keeping me avidly listening whereas if I had been reading my attention likely would have wandered. This is southern noir that reinterprets The Maltese Falcon, immersing the reader in the blues, specifically the iconic Robert Johnson's life and music, the mystery of his death, with the white Travers, a former pro-footballer, getting more than he bargained for when he looks for a missing colleague. Travers is drifting in life, spending time at JoJo's blues bar, teaching a few courses at Tulane on the blues, researching and writing about blues legends. Someone is willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on Johnson's lost recordings, including murder and Travers is determined to find out who.

I would recommend this to those interested in learning about the history and impact of a blues legend, and particularly suggest that you opt to listen to Dion Graham, he is a delight. Many thanks for a listening copy from RB Media.

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This audiobook is being released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the publication of the book, the author’s first. I have read and enjoyed other books by this author, however I thought this book was sort of a mess. There were too many characters, and they weren’t introduced very well. I stopped trying to keep track of all of the people trying to grab the mythical lost recordings of blues great Robert Johnson. I did learn a little about Johnson and the audio was narrated by Dion Graham, and that is always a good thing. On the negative side, in addition to the book being confusing, I also thought that the descriptions of women were misogynistic and the protagonist’s girlfriend existed in the book solely to have (a lot of) sex with him. The author improved in his later books, but I won’t be continuing this series.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the publisher.

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Pretty good narration of a dull book. This one failed to engage me in any way. I had high hopes with my Mississippi roots and my years living in New Orleans. I was fairly disappointed.

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