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Becoming Like Jesus is a great Christian non-fiction book. As the title suggests, the book is about how Christians can become more like Jesus. The author made many great points, and I found myself taking away a lot to apply to my life. Scriptures are used to back up her points which is an essential feature. I did find one specific scripture reference to be out of place where another would have been much clearer to make her point. Overall I quite enjoyed reading this in addition to my devotional. I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in trade for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.
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Cynthia Heald's "Becoming Like Jesus: Reflecting Christ in Your Everyday Life" is an inspiring six-week small group study that explores how to live like Jesus in everyday life. Heald's transparency about her own struggles makes the book relatable and encouraging, as readers see they are not alone in their challenges. Each lesson begins with a thought-provoking question and includes scripture references, quotes, and Heald’s commentary, fostering deep engagement and reflection.

The book's interactive format encourages readers to look up scriptures, reflect, and write down their thoughts, making it a valuable resource for spiritual growth. While the ebook format may limit the full experience, the content remains impactful. "Becoming Like Jesus" is a practical guide and an encouraging companion for anyone desiring to grow in faith and reflect Christ more in their daily life.

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Cynthia Heald has written a six-week personal devotional or small group Bible study entitled 'Becoming Like Jesus: Reflecting Christ in Your Everyday Life'. Scripture encourages us to follow Jesus' example. Therefore, how can we allow Him to transform our hearts, motivations, and actions so that we are ever more reminded of the One we follow?

Our navigation through 'Becoming Like Jesus' will be guided by four key questions:

How did Jesus live?

How can we reflect him?

What does Scripture tell us?

How shall I pray?

There are 6 lessons in 'Becoming Like Jesus' which include:

God's Master Plan


Holy Obedience

A Humble Servant

Unconditional Love

Trusting God's Plan

There is always a question at the beginning of each lesson. Example: Lesson 1: God's Master Plan - What is his plan, and what is his purpose for me? Scripture references, quotes from godly writers, and the author's commentary follow. As another question is raised, How can we reflect Him? More scripture references, quotes, and commentary follow. An additional question is posed. Scripture is provided for you to look up and space for you to write in your verses. You have some questions to answer. There is another question posed, followed by scripture references, quotes, commentary and more questions to answer, along with scripture to look up and write down. Each lesson concludes with an Author Postscript and a prayer.

A prayer taken from one of the lessons is as follows:

May we be children who continually pray,

"My life is yours, Father. Mold me, however

you choose, into the likeness of your Son.

I freely and joufully consent to become an

obedient servant who is holy, loving, and

surrendered to your will. May I bring you

glory as I become more and more and more

like Jesus. Amen"

In Ebook format, it was hard for me to really review this book thoroughly. As this was a devotional book where the purpose was to highlight and write within the book, it was a bit difficult to get the full experience. I read through all the lessons. Answering the questions on paper just isn't as personal as writing them down in the book. I enjoy highlighting text and scripture references when I am doing a devotional study. In the margins, I like to make notes and really personalize the book. Therefore, it is difficult for me to comment on the entire six-week course. Though I thought the material was good, I would have loved to have received the actual book to do a thorough review.

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Cynthia Heald has written a different sort of devotional book which offers us an intimate guide to becoming like Jesus. “In each lesson, you will consider how Jesus lived on earth, how we can reflect him, what Scripture tells us, and how we can pray about what has been revealed to us.”

Heald focuses on “God’s purpose and process of transformation, as well as the most notable human qualities of Jesus that we have been either commanded or instructed to reflect in our lives.”

The six lesson subjects are-
God’s Master Plan
Holy Obedience
The Humble Servant
Unconditional Love
Trusting God’s Plan

The intent of each lesson is to encourage the reader to pursue Christlikeness, draw in to Scripture, and reflect/discuss the lesson. This devotional is set up as a six-week Bible study for a small group but can also be read alone as a personal devotional.

Each chapter ends with an outline of (or a return to) God’s plan with scripture references and questions that allow the reader to go deeper within their own journey.

I received this book from the author/publisher free of charge, with no expectation of a positive review.

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Every time, I struggle in my Christian life how to imitate Jesus. It sounds to hard to do for a regular Christian like me. How could we live close to being like Him, a perfect humanity. But, I believe that Scripture is true, that we possible to have a life like Jesus. Cynthia Heald's book will accompany us to run through this journey to become like Jesus.

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We all have struggles and concerns in our lives that can make our progress slow in being more like Jesus. One of the biggest things that endures me to this book is Ms. Heald’s openness and transparency in sharing her own struggles to grow in Jesus. I like that she doesn’t come across like she’s perfect and her life is perfect. I learned and am growing from studying this book because God used someone on my level to teach me how to become more like Jesus.

I received an advanced reader copy from Tyndale House, NavPress and Netgalley.

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Ths book was wonderful. It drew me closer to the Bible and I loved the prayers at the end of each week. It's a 6-week Bible study packed with biblical truth. Thoroughly enjoy. definitely will be telling people about it.

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