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The book invites readers on a mesmerizing journey through time and mythology, where Poseidon, overshadowed by his brother Zeus, embarks on a celestial quest riding a majestic Hippocampus. Alongside the young woman Cleito, Poseidon uncovers the secrets of her utopian paradise and grapples with ethical dilemmas surrounding genetic engineering and human hybrids. With the guidance of celestial envoy Kyrie and Mystical Traveler Lucas, Poseidon explores cosmic love and the soul's quest for serenity, weaving together themes of mythology, spirituality, and moral introspection. This immersive adventure offers a captivating blend of ancient lore and futuristic exploration, sure to enthrall fans of mythological fiction and philosophical inquiry.

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I have received this ebook from Netgally and in return I give this book an honest review.

review rating: ☆☆☆☆.25

"Poseidon's Atlantis Adventure" is a mesmerizing journey through the aftermath of a celestial clash, where Poseidon, overshadowed by Zeus, embarks on a quest riding a majestic Hippocampus. This captivating story unfolds as Poseidon travels through time, encountering Cleito, a woman intricately connected to his ancestry. Together, they unravel the secrets of her parents, Euenor and Leucippus, leading them to a utopian paradise.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn in this new world, where Poseidon confronts ethical dilemmas and encounters technological wonders. Guided by Kyrie, a celestial envoy from the Pleiades, Poseidon explores the realms of genetic engineering and human hybrids, sparking deep moral introspection.

As the story unfolds, Poseidon immerses himself in The Way, a spiritual path led by the Mystical Traveler Lucas. The revelation of cosmic love shaping the universe and the soul's quest for serenity adds a profound layer to the narrative.

Grace Blair skillfully weaves together elements of mythology, science fiction, and spirituality, creating a rich tapestry of a celestial odyssey. The exploration of ethical complexities, technological advancements, and spiritual themes adds depth to Poseidon's journey. The characters, including Cleito, Kyrie, and Lucas, contribute to the immersive experience, making you eagerly anticipate each revelation.

"Poseidon's Atlantis Adventure" stands out as a thought-provoking and engaging tale, inviting readers into a world where gods grapple with morality and explore the profound mysteries of existence. Blair's narrative prowess is evident in her ability to blend diverse themes seamlessly, offering a captivating reading experience that leaves a lasting impression, even with how short the book exactly is.

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Thank you BooksGoSocial, NetGalley, and Grace Blair for a wonderful retelling of a great origin story of one of my favorite mythological characters. I have always enjoyed reading about Poseidon and this book was such a great pleasure to read and so much fun to imagine all kinds of what ifs. The idea of the Star People was especially interesting and something that the author tied into ancient mythology and modern times beautifully. If you love to read mythology and you are fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series then definitely pick this book up for a change of pace. You will love it.

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I liked this book a lot.
I love me an adventure where the main characters and I felt like this book did not disappoint.

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Poseidon review

Poseidon and his siblings, Hera, Hades, Demeter and Hestia, wake up in tombs in Tartarus. Not knowing how to get out, they travel through Tartarus trying to find an exit. While traveling through Tartarus, they come upon a few sleeping monsters. As they are (quietly) trying to sneak past these creatures, they see a tall youth. This youth lets them know he is their brother, Zeus. Zeus explains what happened to them and why they’re in Tartarus. He tells them they each have individual talents and when they escape Tartarus, he will help them figure out which gift they possess. Teaming up with those monsters (their uncles) they defeat Campe, the guard of the exit out of Tartarus, and escape Tartarus. Ten years later, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are given gifts from these three uncles who helped them escape Tartarus. Zeus a lightning bolt, Poseidon a trident, and Hades a bident. These gifts are to help them to defeat their father, Cronus. Poseidon became god of the seas and waters. Hades became lord of the underworld. Zeus became god of the heavens and skies as well as the king of all gods. Poseidon was not happy that his brother, Zeus became king of all gods when they all fought together, and as thus, in his mind at least, should rule together.

Fast forward a few thousand years and Poseidon feels lost and forgotten in the changing world. From there he starts his adventure to Atlantis.

This book sounds SUPER interesting. However, there’s so much going on, it’s really easy to get lost. It’s also super short for what it’s trying to do. It’s a fun read and very enjoyable if you don’t get lost reading it. Imagine Star Trek, with freak gods and a certain German dictator as one of the villains trying to have purity in this world. All in all, if you can trudge through, and follow along with everything, you’ll probably enjoy this. 3.5 stars

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This was a great start to the Human Hybrid Experiment series, I thought the concept worked well and I was never bored when reading this. The characters worked in this setting and I was invested in what was going on. It left me excited to read more in this series.

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In Grace Blair's latest fantastical fiction, Poseidon's Atlantis Adventure (2023), Book 1 of the Atlantis Book Series, Poseidon and the Titans have been entombed most of their lives by their father, Cronus, who considers them a threat to his leadership of the gods. Poseidon and his brother Hades create an alliance with the one brother who wasn't relegated to prison--Zeus. In a fiery battle, they kill Cronus and gain their freedom. As victors, Hades is awarded Lord of the Underworld, Zeus the skies and the land, and Poseidon the seas. This works for a while, but Poseidon tires of being relegated to the underwater realm, without access to land and sun, and seeks a plan to change his destiny. That, of course, involves Atlantis. In his quest to redefine his future, Poseidon finds himself in an unlikely alliance with another extraterrestrial being who promises him the power he wants in return for his aid stopping the evil forces that threaten the world. But, is the godly power of Poseidon enough to stop those who fight against him. Even he doesn’t know that answer.

This is a clever twist on the Olympian gods providing a peek into what could be if each of the gods didn’t remain in complete control of their domains. The story is told in vivid detail as befits a tale of mythical gods and is filled with passion and action. It is highly recommended for those who love reading about the gods and fantasy.

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