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I love a missing person story, so when Olivia suddenly reappears, it grabbed my attention and I couldn't let go. I was so invested and wanted to know what was going on. Told by dual Pov, lots of twists and impossible to put down.

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I really enjoyed this! Its fast paced and I wasn't sure how it was going to end but I enjoyed the ending. If you enjoy thrillers I would recommend this! Special Thank You to Embla Books, Dandy Smith and NetGalley for allowing me to read a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This book was like a bag of popcorn at the movies: you want to make sure you have popcorn for the main feature but you find only a little left at the end of the previews. Here, you get to the end quickly and then you ask yourself what you just read...don't get me wrong. Obviously, I liked it; I gave it four (perhaps four and a half) stars. It was compulsively readable. The characters, especially the protagonist, were interesting. The reader was kept guessing, though the layout of the stories (two, really, for most of the book) meant that I did guess who did it before the end because it was the only logical reason for having two stories that were separate. They had to come together in some way. However the who was complicated and while I suspected something about the second part of the who, I did not get it totally. You were also kept guessing about the sister's true identity. As a whodunit, I did enjoy it and I apologize to readers of this review that I am being obtuse but in a book of this kind, I would be remiss if I wasn't because I don't want to ruin the book for others. I would have liked to see a bit more development of the other characters--the parents, the boyfriend in particular because they were pretty important. I think the book might have been more fleshed out with some more flashbacks that could have given us some more of that as well as ones that showed the sister later on but then there would have needed to be careful editing since these kinds of books should not be too long.
Thanks to NetGalley and Embla Books for providing me with the opportunity to read this great whodunit.

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Woweeee.. this book has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster!

A girl goes missing. 16 years later, she returns. But is it really her? Could it be? And why won't she talk about where she's been?

Her sister has lived a shadow of a life in the years that she's been gone. Doing her best to be the perfect daughter to make it up to her parents for their missing daughter. But does a life half lived really make amends?

Then there's a second storyline about a girl and her brother.. but how does this play into the story of the missing girl and her family?

And who's the boy on the bus?!?

Bit of a slow burner from the beginning, it all gets a bit bogged down in the middle of the book when everything slowly starts to come together but it's a solid page turner once you get near the end.

Would recommend!

**Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC of this book. All opinions are my own.

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A heart-pounding thriller that plunges readers into a world of danger and deception, With its twisty plot and relentless suspense, this novel will keep readers guessing until the very end. A great read!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Embla Books for the eARC.

I love a good dual timeline and this one was no different. I did not anticipate where it was going to end, and that is the best part of a thriller for me. It was slow to start, but when it picked up it didn't slow down!

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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for this ARC in return for an honest review.

The Wrong Daughter by Dandy Smith is a dual timeline story, with Caitlin the main narrator struggling with the disappearance of her sister 15 years prior. When her sister returns, Caitlin is not sure what to believe. As the inconsistencies start to pile up, she starts to question whether this really is her sister or if there is something else sinister at play.

While I enjoyed this book, I found it to be a little bit slow in parts. It was not easy to link the two timelines until right towards the end of the book so that did keep me guessing however.

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A slow starter, and the two separate storylines were a bit distracting. I tried to work out how the two storylines were linked but failed to work out the twist. It does all fall in to place at the end, making it a very good read
Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC in return for an honest review

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Thank you NetGalley and Embla Books for this eCopy to review

The \Wrong Daughter was an enjoyable thriller. I liked the characters and plot and felt they were well developed with the plot flowing nicely. There were plenty of twists and turns and some explosive revelations I didn't see coming. It kept me gripped from start to finish as we followed Caitlin whose life unravels following the return of her sister Olivia 16 years after she was abducted.

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Dandy Smith has done it again - another addictive thriller! At 13 years old, twin girls Olivia and Caitlin are home alone when a masked intruder breaks into their home and kidnaps Oilivia without a trace. 16 years later, Olivia turns up again without much explanation and seemingly missing key memories. Caitlin is convinced she keeps catching glimpses of a masked man in crowds here and there. Has the original kidnapper still got Olivia in his sights? Is Olivia who she claims? A fabulous thriller with a spiel of surprise twists. #thewrongdaughter #dandysmith #embla

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Thank you Netgalley, Dandy Smith and Embla Books for the eArc of The Wrong Daughter.

This is my first book by Dandy Smith and was intrigued by the synopsis. The character development between the MC's were very well done. Not only that, you could feel the visceral effects of what Caitlin " Kitty cat " goes through when her sister, Olivia is snatched one night and when she is returned 15 yrs later. Is this women really who she says she is?

There is also a secondary narrative, a brother and sister in an old, grand house with a what seems an abusive uncle. Heath and Elinor have a very close relationship and Heath does what he can to protect his sister. Or does he?

I really enjoyed watching how the 2 narratives unfold and how they were interlaced and met. I had some theories through the book with the nice foreshadowing, some wrong and some were right.I really like a psychological thriller that makes you think.and this one has some great red herrings.

The ending, the letter that Caitlin wrote, made me cry so be prepared !

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That twist nearly broke my neck.

Whiplash is no joke, and neither is this book, The Wrong Daughter.

Told from dual points of view, this book kept me on my toes and completely enthralled within the pages.

Someone's been keeping a secret....

You may think you have it all figured out

I promise you

You're wrong

Check out this teaser :

The phone starts vibrating in my hand. It's my father. He never calls. Pulse racing, I sit up in bed and answer. 'Caitlin,' he says. 'You need to come to the house. Right now. It's Olivia. She's back.'

On the night when Caitlin and Olivia's parents leave them to go to a dinner party, both girls are full of excitement about finally being old enough to stay home alone.

What they don't see is the figure watching them through the open window. Who, after the girls have fallen asleep, will turn the handle of the unlocked back door.

When their parents return, they will find Olivia's bed empty. Their eldest daughter gone. Never to return. Until now.

But is the woman who claims to be Olivia all she seems? Is everything Caitlin said she saw that night the whole truth?

Their family have dreamed of this moment, but both sisters are keeping more than one secret. What price will they all pay if they end up believing the wrong daughter?

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When Olivia miraculously appears after going missing so many years ago, her sister Caitlin has her doubts. Is it really Olivia? There's so much she doesn't seem to know about their past. Caitlin is determined to find out the truth though and what she does find out will leave you shocked!!

This was such a good story. So many twists had me unable to put this book down. With dual POVs, I highly recommend this one to all thriller lovers.

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I really heard good things about this book but the formatting of the writing structure really was not for me and therefore found it difficult to read the book and the story. However the worst part is the implied incest and I had to draw the line there as that is gross and definitely not something I signed up or thought would happen based on the blurb.

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I received an arc copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. The story started out good with two sisters enjoying a day on their own while their parents go out. The older sister, Olivia, gets taken from their house by a man wearing a mask and holding a knife to her throat. Fast forward to adults and Olivia comes home. There is another story within this one about a brother and sister and you can definitely tell there is incest involved and this just ruined it for me. I couldn't finish as this was so disturbing.

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Every time Dandy Smith releases a new book, I can't read it fast enough. The Wrong Daughter did not disappoint. This was a really twisty story and the big twist was so shocking!

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Sisters Olivia, 13, and Caitlin, 10, live with their parents in Blossom Hill House in Stonewall, Somerset. One night their parents leave them some money to order takeout and head off to be with friends. The girls are enjoying themselves unaware that they are being watched through the window. They go to bed as usual, but Caitlyn is awakened by a noise to see Olivia being led outside with a man holding a knife to her throat. She’s gone.

It’s 16 years later and Caitlyn is a teacher and is engaged to Oscar. She gets a phone call from her parents saying that Olivia has returned home. Rushing to see her, Caitlyn is overjoyed to have her sister back. However, Olivia is not ready to say much about where she has been. But Caitlyn is very patient with her only wanting to help her settle back in.

Elinor, 17, and Heath, 20, Ledbury, brother and sister, lost their parents when they were young and their Uncle Robert manages their inheritance as they live in Ledbury Hall. Robert is a cruel man and treats them badly. They just want to be able to get their inheritance and get away from him.

This book is filled with lots of twists and turn and is quite cringe-worthy. I admit it was also very disturbing. A psychological thriller that is so scary and a mite distasteful. However, I am sure readers will find it fascinating.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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The Wrong Daughter by Dandy Smith is my third title by this author and her books just get better and better.
A fantastic psychological thriller that had me gripped right from the very start. It was well writen with a compelling storyline and well developed characters.
I was pulled into this story instantly and didn't want to put it down.
This is such a well written story. I found myself really invested in the story and characters.
The Wrong Daughter had me on the edge of the seat from the very first page it was full of suspense and I had many gasps out loud because of the twists and turns.

Thank You NetGalley and Embla Books for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

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Told from 2 pov of two seperate stories. The main one concentrates on the after effects of a sister being taken as a child and seemingly reappearing 16 years later.. this is another pov that conventrates on story telling using strong female characters.
I loved the fact the character writting felt real and not ott. I was compelled to read to find out how the stories were linked. It was full of twists and red herrings i found the middle seemed to loose itself it made the pace off and then it just 🤯 exploded. I really enjoyed the final act i actually cared about both the sisters and wanted a happier ending but it was very realistic .
When i finished i felt like i had understood the character atc of the sisters and their interactions with others but a big part of me wanted the odd chapter from the reappearing sister just to tie it together..
I would recommended this to anyone who love a fiod mystery of who's that girl. It kept me up late.
Thanks to netgallery and publisher and author for this 5 star read.

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My Review:
Wow!!!!! That ending pulled on all my emotional heartstrings. This book will definitely not be forgotten. Lately, I have been trying new authors and this was a perfect one to start with by this author. It had everything I look for in a great book. I loved the characters as I didn’t know who or what to believe. Let me tell you too this one had several twisted people in it. I don’t know how the author came up with their minds but it made for a wonderful book. The story line was simple yet complex in so many ways. The loss of so many years apart were different for each character yet created a bond like no other in the end. Oh and don’t even get me started on that ending. I was left totally speechless and in shock. I will definitely be reading more by this author. She is going on my favorites list right away.

In conclusion, the plot, the characters and all the twists in this book made this book an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it and happily give it 5 Hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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