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A Song for the Dead (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 21)

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This is book number 21 in the series believe it or not. This one was very impressive and I honestly couldnt put it down.

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Love a good Black Rock Falls Halloween read! Nothing spookier than serial killer central on Halloween.

Another solid Kane and Alton mystery. This series is still going strong.

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A big thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the eARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is a mystery and I believe #21 in a series. It still reads well as a stand alone. Detective Kane and Alton are at it again-solving crimes. I am appalled at how many serial murderers are in their small part of the world! LOL This one was fun-the connection was found early between the murders. I like the characters and always find these interesting. I felt they got a lucky break to catch the bad guy. 4 stars

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Twenty first book in the Detective Kane & Alton series
Another good read
With lots of twists and turns
I don’t think I’d be visiting Black Rock Falls
Thanks NetGalley

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Another amazing addition to this series! Loved everything about it! The plot was suspenseful and creepy, the characters were amazing, and the action high! I cannot wait for the next one!

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Another brilliant book by DK Hood. Thoroughly enjoyed it, it was twisty, interesting and had me guessing. You would think after 20 odd books this series might start getting a bit stale but not this one the plots are always fresh. Highly recommend this books it was great.

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Another story back in Black Rock Falls with Jeanna the Sheriff and Kane the Deputy, now married and with an adopted son. It’s Halloween so you know what that means. Yeah, bodies, and the team is trying to find the missing girls, and women and going through the different suspects. Being at Halloween just adds to the story. With all of the same characters another good book.

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Halloween is back in this edition of Kane and Alton and us seasoned readers of the series all know what that means.

Hood writes with clarity, atmosphere, drama and passion she pulls you in to the story which sees you invested in the investigation and the plight of the characters.

Another riveting edition to this engrossing series well deserving of its five stars.

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A young woman is missing and, judging by the amount of blood, probably murdered. Meanwhile Kane and Alton have found a gravesite with a series of bodies buried in triangles. The police fear that another two women may disappear soon...
A Song For The Dead is the 21st book in the Kane and Alton series of detective thrillers. It works as a stand alone book but there are personal plotlines which follow on from previous books, in particular Jenna and Dave's family life.
Jenna and Dave find a link between a set of bodies and a current missing person case. They believe that there is a killer who kills 3 women every Halloween. The seasonal setting adds the backdrop to the plot and adds a spooky atmosphere and tension.
Most of the book is written from the third person perspective to show the police investigation and the victims being unaware of the danger they face. Some chapters are written to show the killer's viewpoint and this is chilling as we witness their determination to harm others.
The murders are graphically and vividly described from the victim and murderer's perspectives. I found this very unpleasant and this is mirrored in Jenna's difficulty with dealing with this case. The phone recordings of the murders was especially harrowing.
Jenna's maternal instincts have really kicked in now and this adds a different dimension to the book as she now has to keep her child safe and stay safe for him. I did feel that these elements slowed down the plot a little compared to earlier books.
A Song For The Dead is an intense crime thriller.

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It’s Halloween in Montana Murder Central Black Rock Falls. Is there a more creepy setting for another serial killer thriller from D. K. Hood? I think not!!!!
Halloween is big in the states, it’s big business and everyone gets involved, shops and restaurants in Black Rock Falls are totally invested in getting the town in the mood for ghoulish fun. People walking around looking at the decorations like folk in the UK do with Christmas lights. It’s a real family affair to get in the spirit of and Kane and Alton are no different, wanting to introduce Tauri to the tradition.

But there is a killer on the loose. This murderer is nuts. Creepy and nuts. A stalker who learns the routine of victims to a t. Plans for months. This is meticulous and chilling !! Goosebump alert!!! I got the shudders as I read the chapters inside the killer’s thoughts!

Another dark and twisted trip to Black Rock Falls in the Halloween season makes for extra creepiness from Hood! I can’t believe that Halloween has not been used as a backdrop before but I loved that Hood has! It’s the perfect festival for a super creepy (I need a new synonym for that word) read. This series just keeps getting better!!

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Like all of the books in the Kane and Alton series, this book keeps you on the edge of your seat! It can be read as a standalone but this is a great series, and I recommend reading them from the beginning, if you can :)

When a young woman goes missing and there are no clues other than a large amount of blood loss in the bathroom, Jenna knows she has her work cut out for her. Now that she is a mother, as well as the Sheriff, she has extra responsibilities and needs to be a little more careful of her own safety. Luckily, she has Dave and her entire team behind her.

The person who was responsible for the scene at the young woman's house is clearly unhinged, and it is a race against time when an eerily similar scene confronts Jenna and Dave at a second woman's home.

And then, someone close to them tells them there is a intruder in her house....what happens next???

You will have to read it for yourself and see :)

I like that Jenna and Dave are parents now and that Tauri's Native American heritage is taken into account, every step of the way. Looking forward to reading the next book!

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.

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A Song for the Dead" delivers another gripping installment in the Jenna Alton series, plunging readers into a chilling Halloween mystery. Sheriff Jenna Alton and Deputy David Kane race against time to unravel the disappearance of Freya Richardson, only to uncover a gruesome connection to a past unsolved case. D.K. Hood crafts suspense with expert precision, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with each twist.
As a devoted follower of the series, this latest addition did not disappoint. The suspense is palpable, and the storytelling is brilliantly executed. Hood seamlessly weaves together a tale of terror and investigation, showcasing her mastery in the genre. "A Song for the Dead" is a must-read for fans of crime fiction, offering a riveting experience that leaves you craving for more.

Very grateful to the publisher @bookouture for my review copy, opinions are my own

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Book 21 of the series starring Detectives Kane and Alton but can be read as a stand alone. Sheriff Jenna Alton is still in the witness protection programme whilst ex special forces officer, and husband, David Kane is her deputy. It is October in Black Rock Falls, Montana and approaching Halloween. A young woman, Freya Richardson, has gone missing and there is blood in her apartment. As always well written with a great plot, I don’t know how the author keeps coming up with new ideas.

Briefly, with no leads on the missing woman, a hiker finds something and the team uncover a burial site in the woods. There are 2 sites with 3 old graves in each. The killer clearly has a modus operandi which indicates there are two more women at imminent risk. As the Autumn mist envelops Black Rock Falls the team are having to work extra hard to prevent another killing. They have 4 suspects but no clear lead and time is running out…

As always this is an entertaining read although I felt the ending was wrapped up a bit quickly. Plenty of action in this fast paced and exciting read. I love that we get to see the softer side in the relationship with their adoptive son, Jemma is a complex but good character. I’d want her and Kane on my side. Bring on book 22!

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A Song for the Dead (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 21) by D.K. Hood
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers
Expected Publication Date: January 8, 2024

A Song for the Dead is the 21st book in the Detectives Kane and Alton series by D.K. Hood. I have not read all of the previous books yet (and I will!) and found this to be easy to read as a standalone mystery.

First off, this book was set around Halloween, so the creep factor was already high. Add in scary stalker murders and this book was so intense!!!

This book was fast paced and had me on the edge of my seat. I did not want to stop reading this book! I love the characters and I found the story to be absolutely captivating! This book was intense and I loved every minute of it!!!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Button up and hunker down for another tale in killer central. Kane (Dave) and Alton(Jenna) always deliver. Its Halloween, women go missing and there is blood, too much blood. The whole team is on this one including Jo and Ty from the FBI office. I like that in the midst of the turmoil and heart pounding moments we see the day to day of their life's, their personality's. I think D.K. Hood spoiled us with a great team. When Rio and Rowley react to a call it was unexpected, but in reality that happens all over police departments due to lack of manpower and human nature. Sad but true. Thank you for the arc! I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions. #ASongForTheDead #DetectivesKaneandAlton #DKHood #Bookouture #NetGalley Also shared on Facebook, Twitter, Kobo and Pinterest.

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This is a creepy Halloween story and shows how we probably all know someone who is a little less stable than we think. I love the team and way they interact both teasing and supportive. I love seeing how Jenna and Dave have progressed in their personal lives. This had the right amount of creepy to put me on edge. The stalker getting into the victims’ homes creeped me out and is probably second only to Psycho for that shower scene. And the next time I come home late and have to get from my car to my home, I will definitely be thinking about this one.

The chapters told from the killer’s POV didn’t really shed any insight into who was behind the murders, but I love the information I gleamed from them. Even though I still fell for the red herring. Black Falls, the setting of the book, is serial killer central and this Halloween installment really captured that atmosphere. Did all the team members convey all the info they knew? How do you tell a Halloween trick from something the killer has done?

I read this in a sitting and recommend this series. While this is book 21, they can all be read without completing the series. But once you read one, you will want to read more.

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Once again, D.K. Hood knocks it out of the park with a gripping mystery. Reading this series is like dropping in on friends. I long ago became invested in these characters. I had to read it in one sitting. Another jaw dropper! The way this author is able to compliment her individual series with crossover characters while maintaining them each as separate is masterfully done. I loved the ending.

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Halloween is extra creepy in Black Rock Falls this year when a woman disappears and older graves of three other women are discovered. It's all hands on deck, including help from Ty and Jo, when another woman disappears.
I love this cast of characters and how they really are like a family. Having Jenna and Dave become parents to Tauri adds a new dimension to their characters and difficulty to their jobs.
I am looking forward to book 22.
Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for this ARC

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This is the twenty-first case for this Detective duo and their team,
With a historical serial killer apparently back - or so it would seem.
A new victim's disappearance triggers the search now
Can they prevent more deaths somehow?

Another enthralling, gripping case unfolds as you read,
Giving clues, keeping you hoping the duo will succeed.
There's friendships, family, new memories to make, too,
As the team endeavour to uncover every clue.

Hallowe'en, mischief, masks and more
All contribute as the case they explore.
What is the motive? What will they discover?
Can they find the killer before he kills another?

This is another truly gripping read
I really hope it is one that you also need!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.

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This is book number 21 in the Kane & Alton series. I have a lot of catching up to do as I am new to this story but cannot wait to go back and read the rest of these books after this one! Highly recommend😊

A killer is stalking victims, looking to impose terror on them before he murders them.

Black Rock Falls is just a small town and Sheriff Jenna Alton works along with her deputy, David Kane. When a local girl turns up missing, the team is on the case. What they find concerns them deeply. There seems to have been a struggle, but no body has been found. Is she dead or alive?

More concerning is the parallel this has to a case from several years ago. Added to the mystery is the fact that bodies were found buried in the nearby forest; the previous victims may have been found. Is the same perpetrator at it again?

Can the team solve the case before any more victims are targeted or is it already too late?

Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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