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Thank you to Netgalley and the author for the ARC of this book.

This was a fun read and I seemed to get through it quite quickly. I had not read anything by this author before but am definitely going to read more in the future. I have recently heard there is a 3rd book coming out so would love to read that!

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Love the premise of this books. And thought it was well executed. Love that they found love while doing something some mundane as going to the airport.

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Although I didn't realize it when I started reading, Ola Tundun's "Complicated" is the second book in the "Roommates" series. You must read the first book if you want to read it, as I was perplexed and annoyed. It's essentially a tale about the romance between Ariella and Caleb. A complicated relationship, rife with drama, betrayal, miscommunication, manipulation, fears, and insecurities. As you might expect, the arrival of the ex-partners of both protagonists does not help the situation and actually makes it worse.
Was the story enjoyable to me? I can't honestly say that, to be honest with you. Perhaps I would have been thrilled if I had read the first book and known the characters' beginning right away. However, I have to admit that it was a frustrating experience in this particular case. Both characters struck me as demanding, selfish, toxic, extremely immature, and full of drama. The story itself was also tedious and disorganized. Apologies.

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Ariella annoyed the crap out of me with her back and forth between the guys. Liked the overall story though. Caleb seems like a good guy who made some stupid decisions.

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I would like to extend my gratitude to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read Complicated by Ola Tundun. However, upon starting the book, I realized it was the second installment in a series, which left me feeling a bit disoriented. Although I had hoped to immerse myself in the story, I must candidly admit that it didn't resonate with me as I had anticipated. While I recognize that many readers enjoyed this book, I regret to say that it didn't hold my attention as I had hoped. I acknowledge that this is simply a matter of personal preference, and I appreciate the opportunity to explore new literary works.

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Fun to see what happened next with the characters in this story. For a longer story was hoping for the characters to have more finality to some of their situations but I just learned a third book is coming!

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Another really fun read by Ola Tundun!

I loved picking up the next installment in Aari and Caleb’s story and riding the tug of war rollercoaster that is their relationship (… friendship? Business colleague-ship?)

I said it with book one and I’ll reiterate it here, but Ola writes the most perfectly flawed, human characters and she keeps that going in this book. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly with Caleb and Aari (especially Caleb 🫣), but it makes them feel so deeply real.

I can see how your typical romance reader might find them “too flawed” or feel like there is too much jerking back and forth in their relationship arc - it’s definitely a strong contrast to many of the stories out there in that aspect, but tbh I’m absolutely here for it. I do think this makes it a little harder to breeze through the pages, but personally I really enjoy how raw and honest the book and its characters feel and it’s not something I would want to fly through anyways. Ola’s writing is incredibly descriptive and I love sitting down and immersing myself in her world.

Just like book one, we’re left on a massive cliffhanger, but also just like book one it has me craving the next piece of the story. (Seriously.. I need a release date… send me a beta read.. anything! 😅)

A wild, but wonderful ride that I can’t wait to get back on when the 3rd book releases!

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I cannot believe it took me this long to write this. I absolutely love the romance with a cliffhanger. No spoilers here, but you’ll be SCREAMING at your book when you’re reading some of Caleb’s portions and cheering for Aari in other sections. Either way you cut it, you have a wonderful story with all the twists and drama you could dream of. I can’t wait for book 3 to come out and FINALLY give us all some closure.

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I loved this book!! I haven't read anything by this author, but i will be looking for more of her books to read! I will definitely recommend this book! It was such a sweet, rom-com!

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Absolutely loved the entire book!!! Enemies to lovers that is also a slow burn? That is the main reason i requested the book and o boy, the book did not disappoint at all. I was screaming and smiling the entire time and i absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the book!!

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Complicated by ola tundun. Rom-com, light easy read. Easy read, something to break up smutty reads, easy to follow the story

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This is actually book 2 in the ‘Roomates’ series and contains a few of my favourite tropes including, slow burn, pining hero, love triangle and opposites attract and I loved reading them all.

Even though this is quite a large book i found myself turning the pages quite quickly and whizzed through the chapters and devoured it in a couple of wonderful sittings.

Caleb and Ariella go through a lot in their relationship and there is a lot going on in this story that kept me engrossed right up until the very end…..

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I recently had the pleasure of delving into this book, and I am beyond impressed with the mesmerizing world that the author has crafted. From start to finish, the intricate plot weaves a tapestry of suspense, emotion, and unexpected twists that kept me eagerly turning the pages.

One of the standout features of this book is undoubtedly its characters. Each one is meticulously developed, breathing life into the narrative with their unique personalities, motivations, and flaws. The protagonists are not just names on paper; they are relatable, complex individuals with whom readers can form a genuine connection. The antagonist, too, is not a mere foil but a multi-dimensional force that adds depth to the story. The author's ability to create such well-rounded characters is a testament to their storytelling prowess.

The plot unfolds seamlessly, drawing the reader into a richly layered narrative that expertly balances tension, drama, and moments of poignant reflection. The pacing is impeccable, maintaining a perfect rhythm that keeps the reader engaged without sacrificing the depth of the story. The author skillfully navigates through various plot arcs, interweaving them with finesse to create a cohesive and satisfying whole.

What sets this book apart is its ability to tackle profound themes while maintaining an accessible and engaging narrative. The book seamlessly combines suspense and emotional depth, making it a truly immersive experience. The author's prose is both elegant and evocative, painting vivid imagery that lingers in the reader's mind long after the final page is turned.

As I reached the conclusion, I found myself yearning for more from this talented author. Their ability to craft a gripping plot and bring characters to life is truly commendable. I eagerly anticipate future works and would wholeheartedly recommend this book to any reader who appreciates a masterfully told tale. If you're searching for a book that seamlessly blends captivating characters with a compelling plot, this is a shining example. I can't wait to explore more literary worlds crafted by this exceptional storyteller.

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ty netgalley for the free ARC!!

i didn't like this much, the story telling and writing came off as overwhelming and convoluted for most of it, while simultaneously not much happening in the story. probably the reason why the reading experience for me dragged on for so long, the characters weren't particularly likeable, though i have to admit i managed to finish just for the drama.

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Apparently this is the second book in the Roommates series which I found out when I googled it as loads of the story made no sense in the beginning. So if you've not read the first one, do that first as the books follow on from one another and it seems like there will be third one as well as the books just ends without any kid of wrap up or closure.

Ariella moves out to Singapore for a COO job she is offered by Caleb's ex-girlfriend which seems to good to be true and unfortunately for Ariella - it is. Caleb learns early on that the company is being used as a front for money laundering and while he asks Jasper (Ariella's ex-fiancé) to help him uncover what is really going on. But he doesn't tell Ariella.

Instead he breaks up with her when he arrives in Singapore for a visit and then is incredibly cruel towards her before he then moves out to Singapore for a job in the same company. Eventually they work things out but honestly, I'm really judging Ariella by this point - Caleb was a complete dick and told he she was cheap and desperate, he also didn't believe her capable of the job thinking that her role in London was just an events co-ordinator. She never should have allowed him back into her life and I think it really shows her naivety that she does. He's a manipulator has much as his ex-girlfriend was.

I tolerated this book but really both the main characters were annoying and awful. I ended up skim reading it for the most part as I couldn't handle the drama between the two adult characters. Caleb tore Ariella down every chance he got and really only seemed to be interested in having sex with her as that's where it always seemed to end up. Ariella's saving grace though, she rose to the occasion of being COO and handled it like a boss, especially when she found out about the money laundering. I think this could have quite easily just been about her and her rise to the person she becomes without the bullshit of the men around her.

Thanks to NetGalley and Storm Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.

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I will say, reading this book over certain amount of days was frustrating. Caleb had me very frustrated because he just could not tell the truth and the more lies. He didn’t tell compounded on More. I do like that the character development was spot on and the story definitely kept me intrigued. I am definitely looking forward to the second part because this did leave on a cliffhanger.

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Full disclosure, I started and this book and got about 15% of the way through, but felt completely lost in terms of the story, before I realized it was the second in a series. I put it aside to read the first, and when I came back, it was a much more enjoyable read!

Picking up where the first book left off, we find Ariella and Caleb trying to move on from the past year and forge a new life together. When Ariella is offered a new job opportunity in Singapore, she sees it as a chance for growth, whereas Caleb sees it as his past coming to haunt his future. Together, they must figure out if they can survive the challenge thrown at them, or let this ruin everything they've built.

I was excited to see where Ariella and Caleb's relationship went, but the focus ended up being more on Ariella growing as a leader, with side scenes of how Caleb fit in with the Masons and his blossoming bromance with Ariella's ex, Jasper. When the setting changed to Singapore, the whole story become the second-act break-up, and didn't start to pick back up until the end. I couldn't always keep track of Ariella and Caleb's ever-changing relationship status, and I missed the inclusion of his friends, Jack and Tim. Lara is always good for entertainment, and some of the new characters (Lydia and Bryce) were amusing. Overall, the story was enjoyable and I can't wait to read the upcoming final book!

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I didn’t know there was a first book that went along with this one when I started reading it so I was a bit lost at the beginning of the book but it didn’t take me long to get to know the characters and their relationship in the story.

It was a fun read and it looks like there is going to be a third book too so after I go back and read the first one I will be ready to devour the third.

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I enjoyed this book! If you’re looking for a book to escape into this is the one. I laughed, cried, screamed and found myself begging! The drama had me at the edge of my seat! My only suggestion, read Roommates first! Thank you Storm and NetGalley for the opportunity to review.

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This book was not for me. I would have DNF’ed this if I had not agreed to pen a review. I’m irritated at myself for the time used here.

Many Characters and especially their relation to one another—their history—are introduced in a way that feels forced and unnatural. They are flat and unbelievable as their emotions constantly yo-yo abruptly: anger to joy, with characters fighting to teasing each other other in under a page was common here.

The pacing of the story was awkward to follow. Sometimes an awful lot happened in just a few pages, and sometimes the transitions between events were so abrupt that it felt like I was being jerked around through the drama— and there was a lot of it: a daytime Soap on steroids.

I couldn’t appreciate the writing either. Thoughts and events were written down as if the characters are documenting their life into a diary, without subtleties or artistry. A lot of “telling instead of showing,” so to speak.

Thank you Storm Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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