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What is it? Smog

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I think this topic could have been handled better. The information being introduced from the owl’s point-of-view would have better suited for lower elementary. However, I think the topic is best suited for 5th-8th grade and the material is randomly presented.

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An informative and engaging book designed to educate young adults and middle graders about the importance of protecting the environment and their health. This whimsical journey, narrated by a wise old owl, takes readers on an adventure toward understanding and controlling smog. The book's first four chapters provide valuable insights into the world of smog and its impact, while the bonus fifth chapter offers twenty-five family activities aimed at saving the planet. The author's approach to environmental awareness and ecology is both interactive and educational, making it suitable for readers of all ages.

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Hey there, eco-warriors-in-training! If you're ready to dive into a world of environmental awesomeness, What is it? Smog is your golden ticket! This book is like a secret treasure map to saving the planet and having a blast while doing it.

Picture this: a wise old owl takes you on a journey through the land of smog, where you'll learn how to be a pollution-busting superhero. But wait, there's more! The book throws in twenty-five awesome family activities that'll make you and your gang feel like planet-saving superheroes!

Why should you read it? Well, it's not just a book; it's like having a fun and friendly eco-guide by your side. So, grab it, gather your squad, and let's go on an adventure to protect our planet and our future! 🌍📚🦉

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