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Easy to follow instructions with pictures of the type of stitch needed.

I can't wait to give this a try

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“It all starts with a simple ball of yarn and a crochet hook. Stitch by stitch, the face and body begin to take shape. Then, as soon as the eyes and nose are attached, a cute little dog comes to life as if by magic.”

I agree – it is almost magic. I’ve made a few toys and many Trauma Teddies to give away to ambulance stations, but I’ve never attempted anything like this.

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
The irresistible cover showing two irresistible, low-maintenance pets.

The author poses her creations in various picturesque locations to give a sense of size and scale. Imagine these two waiting for you to come home.

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
Toy Poodle and Long-haired Dachshund waiting at the door

The types of yarn and amounts for each dog are included in the instructions. If you’re after something even smaller, how about these?

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
Two Long-haired Chihuahuas, small enough to perch on the window sill

I have to say, I haven’t seen a multi-toned Pomeranian, but perhaps I’ve never looked!

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
“Pomeranians often have long, voluminous, brightly colored fur referred to as red or orange. Their cute smiling faces have a fox-like resemblance that's hard to resist.”

Now here’s a pup we once had, and she did look almost exactly like this!

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
“Schnauzers are known for their salt and pepper colored fur. To create this stylish, well-groomed look, leave the yarn for the paws a bit longer and trim it into a boot shape.”

Just think how easy it would be to have a houseful of puppies if they all behaved as well as these. This little one looks incredibly real and at home here, doesn’t it?

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
“Shih Tzus are known for being impeccably groomed. Mix different shades of brown to create the mottled markings around the eyes and ears, and graft yarn around the nose to create the cute, distinctively round-shaped face.”

Another favourite of many families is the Yorkshire Terrier. I’m not a fan of bows and such, but if it keeps their hair out of their eyes, well, okay. I must admit that I’m pretty sure the dog doesn’t care what it’s wearing, as long as it’s getting plenty of attention from you and isn’t uncomfortable.

Actually, that’s another good reason to have these as pets – kids can dress them up and push them around in prams to their hearts’ content!

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
“Yorkies are known for their silky coats of steel blue and golden tan. This breed’s long hair provides an opportunity to try fun hairstyles and add accessories, such as the ribbon shown here.”

The Bichon Frise doesn’t look like a real dog in real life, so if this little one were looking out your window, I’m sure passers-by couldn’t tell the difference..

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
Waiting, waiting

There are some other examples and many pages of very detailed instructions. After learning how to crochet all the body parts, we come to how to put them together and then pose the figures.

My Goodreads review includes a photo with the caption:
Attaching the legs for some basic poses

I love that someone has gone to so much trouble to create these pets.

“Crocheted dogs have the power to bring a smile to people's faces, whether you're the one making them or you're the one receiving them as a gift. And if the crocheted dog resembles a real canine in your life, the feeling is even more special. In fact, my very own dog served as the model for the toy poodle design!”

I don’t think I’ll try to make one, but I can’t say I’m not just a bit tempted! Thanks to #NetGalley and Zakka Workshop for the PDF copy of #CrochetYourOwnDog for review. It’s to be published in March and is on NetGalley until May 2024

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This is such a cute book and I'm obsessed with how the little dogs look. I really like how there are pictures showing how to do each thing and the pattern is really easy to understand. I can't wait to make some cute little dogs!

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This is most definitely not your Grandma's crochet art. This book of patterns is full of ideas and detailed instructions that are very easy to follow, insuring those of us who love crochet, at any level of experience, can continue the tradition starting so many centuries ago.

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There are a lot of nice step-by-step pictures, especially in the body assembly section. I do wish there was more help/pictures with the needle felt bits as this is a technique I'm not as familiar with using. All pictures are Righty, so as a Lefty, I was a bit disappointed but am accustomed to flipping the idea in my mind. I've been crocheting for a while but still get confused by the crochet charts, so I appreciate the written out section as well. Overall, these patterns are similar to another popular dog crochet artist. The addition here is the additional fur work.
I received the book via NetGalley.

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I’ve just recently gotten into crocheting so this is a great book for the craft. This book shows you what tools you will need to start your project and how to crochet and put together your project. There are many different dogs for people to choose from. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read to this book in exchange for my honest feedback!

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Wow, these are just so cute and realistic !! The pattern is very detailed, along with diagrams. Step by step for how to make the fur. I can't wait to start one on my own.

Thanks to Netgalley and Zakka Workshop for access to this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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In spite of the somewhat off-putting title, I thought this looked adorable and it absolutely was.

Within the pages, you’ll learn how to crochet your own
*Toy Poodle
*Long Haired Chihuahua
*Miniature Schnauzer
*Shih Tzu
*Yorkshire Terrier
*Bichon Frise

(Many of the dogs have patterns for both standing and laying down poses). The photos in the book show stuffed animals who are very realistic looking and very very cute.

I learned how to crochet when I was 8 years old. Regardless of this, my skill level remains at that of an experienced beginner (I never learned how to read patterns, nor do I know all that many stitches), but I still feel confident that I would be able to follow the instructions to make these. Other beginners should feel comfortable with the instructions as well.

Considering that the toys use plastic parts, I wouldn’t gift the finished product to a very young child.

Thank you to Zakka Workshop and NetGalley for the DRC

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Well written with both patterns and pictures! This book includes breeds like miniature schnauzer, dachshund, and yorkie. The dogs are adorable and the breeds are both unique and well represented. It’s hard to find patterns for specific dog breeds, this book fits the bill!

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This is such a lovely book to have in your crochet toolkit. Detailed instructions, charts, and photos guide you step-by-step through many dog types in various positions (sitting, standing, lying down), making this accessible even for ambitious beginners to advanced. The only problem I found was that the Kindle edition of the ebook has strange formatting which makes it impossible to read and follow along. Otherwise, this is a beautiful book to guide anyone with some crochet experience to making amazing, almost-realistic-looking dogs!

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I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for years now, but have always been intimidated by the process. I love how this book breaks down the basics of crochet on a beginner level. The pictures show each step, which as a visual learner, is super helpful.

I love all of the different options of dogs and I can't wait to try and make more of this adorable crochet dogs!

I recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn how to crochet dogs-especially those who are at a beginner level.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for providing an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful? two things:
1) I don't know how to crochet. (Well, I've crocheted once....a never-ending scarf. I didn't know how to finish it off, so I just didn't stop.)
2) I don't own a dog.
However, after this book, I want both! These crocheted dogs are ADORABLE! So cute that I'd be willing to go out and adopt a dog just so I can crochet him! Love the pictures...and the illustrated instructions are great! Even a novice like me feels like I could crochet with this book! A beautifully written and designed tutorial! Love it!

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A very enjoyable read with illustrations and instructions of how to crochet a verity of small dogs.
This book was perfect for me as I’m just learning crochet and it had lots of instructions on stitches and techniques.
Thank you to NetGalley and Zakka Workshop for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Crochet Your Own Dog features crochet patterns for 10 different small dog breeds in a range of different positions. The dogs in this book were absolutely adorable and would make great presents for family and friends. I thought the instructions were really clear and I liked that there were pictures representing each step. There was a good range of different small dog breeds which could easily be customised to make just about any small dog.

Due to the fact that the crochet designs end up being roughly life size, only small dog breeds are included which may not suit a lot of people. However I do think that the smaller dog breeds could easily be adapted to look like smaller versions of a lot of bigger dog breeds.

Overall I really loved the designs in this book and thought the instructions and layout of the book were very clear and helpful!

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This book mainly features small dog breeds which is sad for my needs but all the doggies are super cute and I would recommend

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