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Thank you NetGalley and author Michelle Cornish for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

"Mistletoe, merriment, and a mysterious disappearance.

Amidst the enchanting backdrop of Pine Bend, where winter magic is tangible and elk tracks crisscross the snow, Elise, a tenacious private investigator from Seattle, stumbles upon a cold case that ensnares her heart.

With each carol that floats through the crisp air and every twinkling light that illuminates the town, Elise finds herself not only drawn into the web of the town's enigmas but also to Nicholas—a captivating local with eyes that mirror the mysteries of the winter skies.

Yet as the two join forces to unravel the haunting riddle of Clara Evergreen's vanishing, they unexpectedly entangle their fates. Pine Bend, it seems, conceals more than festive merrymaking beneath its wintry cloak. Racing against the clock and their burgeoning feelings for one another, Elise and Nicholas delve deep into the town's hushed whispers, confronting the shadows of its history.

As the festive crescendo approaches, a revelation awaits—one that promises to alter the course of Elise's life and the very fabric of Pine Bend. In a town where each snowflake carries an untold tale, Elise is on the cusp of unearthing a story that chills to the bone."

I easy and qick-paced read. I liked the characters of this book, along with the setting.

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Great mystery set at Christmas!! It was the perfect Christmas read and a great break from the regular ooey gooey Christmas books. I liked this a lot!

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I really enjoyed reading this quick turn cozy mystery. Elise, a PI on vacation in Pine Bend, a small town recommended by her best friend, Christy. After arriving, she has discovered the town has a secret to hide and she is determined to solve it, even if that means staying longer than expected. But is there love in the cold Christmas air too?
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Loved this book. Its a great time of year for it too! This Author will keep you engaged from the first page. I love a book like that! Enjoy, I sure did...

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it took me quite a bit to get through this story, not that it was bad it was definitely entertaining. A good blend of mystery and romance.

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Santa's Secret: A Pine Bend Christmas Cold Case by Michelle Cornish offers an atmospheric tale set in the enchanting town of Pine Bend, where the winter season is steeped in magic and mystery.

Elise, a determined private investigator from Seattle, becomes entangled in a captivating cold case while amidst the picturesque setting of Pine Bend. Michelle Cornish expertly creates a wintery backdrop that feels both cozy and mysterious, complete with twinkling lights, snowy landscapes, and an air of enchantment.The novel beautifully captures the holiday spirit, infusing the narrative with the warmth of carols and the festive cheer of a town adorned with lights. As Elise delves into the cold case involving Clara Evergreen's disappearance, the story takes on a riveting pace, drawing readers into the intriguing puzzle alongside the protagonist.

Cornish skillfully builds suspense, gradually revealing the layers of Pine Bend's history and the secrets hidden within its wintry embrace. The anticipation of a revelation that promises to alter the course of Elise's life adds an extra layer of intrigue, keeping readers engaged until the story's climactic moment. (I received an advance reader copy of this book and all opinions are my own.) For those seeking a cozy mystery woven with wintry magic and a touch of romance, Santa's Secret provides an enjoyable escape into Pine Bend's mysterious and festive world.

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Quick read. I liked the winter Hallmark movie town vibes.

There was some mystery to the story but the ending wasn’t what I was expecting based on the title of the book.

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3 stars

It took me a while to get through the story. It wasn't bad, I just didn't seem motivated to keep reading. The story is interesting, a PI in an idyllic town on "vacation" for the holidays/rest of the year to get some R&R since the holidays aren't a thing for her, but she stumbles into a town mystery that she just has to uncover. She's compelled to do so. She meets Nicholas and starts to fall for him while helping him solve the disappearance of his almost fiancé from 5 years prior.

There was so much promise in this whodunnit, but I feel like the reveal fell flat for me. There was a lot of opportunity for it to be quite a few people and I feel like once the killer was revealed it was just the easiest way out. I had A LOT of unanswered questions at the end of it. I also have no idea why it's called "Santa's Secret" when there's no Santa (other than a guy who's name is Nicholas and he *plays* Santa for the town during Christmastime.

Thank you NetGalley and SolVin Creative for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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This book was a nice holiday read. And since my favorite category is mystery/thriller it fit perfectly. Elise, who is a private investigator arrives in Pine Bend for a much needed vacation. When she arrives she thinks the town looks like a picture perfect postcard. It’s filled with holiday decorations on every street. With snow falling softly. The townsfolk seem to be perfect. Elise soon finds out that Pine Bend has secrets just like any town. She begins to hear stories of Clara Evergreen’s disappearance. The Evergreen’s are very prominent members of the town. It didn’t take long for Elise to meet Nicholas. She finds out he is very much involved in this mystery. Nicholas and Elise soon realize they have feelings for each other. Elise wants to put her skills to work to solve the mystery of Clara, but some people in town don’t want secrets coming out. This book is a great holiday read that will give you warm feelings of holidays past with some mystery thrown in to keep you turning those pages.

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3.5 stars! This book was fun! A cute murder mystery with romance vibes. Elise needs an escape so she goes to Pine Bend, a very cute town with immaculate Christmas vibes. It’s here that she finds out that a beloved community member went missing 5 years ago and it still has a hold on the town. She’s suppose to be relaxing, and not focusing on work, but instead Elise decides to help the people of Pine Bend find closure by finding out what may have happened to Clara.

Overall this was a fun read! Not too long and was easy to follow. Was definitely more romance heavy in my opinion, but I didn’t mind it. The suspense and little bread crumbs dropped throughout the book to solve the mystery were great. Somewhat predictable, but a good atmospheric book to read around the holidays. Thanks to netgalley and xpresso book tours for the copy!

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Thank you NetGalley and publisher for the ARC!

I really liked this book. Mystery/Thriller and the back drop of Christmas! Yes please! Such a good book and I loved the storyline and the characters. I went in to it blind and I am glad I did.

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This was a fun mystery/thriller. It’s set at Christmas time in a cute little town. So lots of holiday vibes.
I love thrillers and this had a light tone. I would definitely recommend it. Especially over the holidays.
Thank you

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A fine Christmas mystery. A good short escape from the business of the season.

Elise works to solve a cold case with the help of Nicholas, a seasoned solver in his own right.

As they work harder they realize that the town itself - one all decorated for the holiday, holds deep secrets.

I really liked this book - the town is fun in it's seasonal joy and when it turns to trouble I was captivated.

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