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Better. Not Perfect

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Very encouraging and motivating. As a young black woman I love to listen to or read testimonies and guidance from my elders. Although ultimately I will make my own mistakes in life, there’s some take aways from this book that will always remain in the back of my mind.

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Not big on self-help books but loved the cover page and it was on a subject that was interesting. The material is engaging and I learn a lot about taking control of my life and being a leader

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I love such personal accounts from Black women, and I believe that more and more should publish their stories and send out all that energy into the world, because what I got from this book is that you can always start again. Not one situation in life is permanent, and your opinion changes just as much as other people's opinions of you-what counts though is what you think of yourself and what you want to pursue.
Thanks Netgalley for the eARC.

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