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Amy Tintera, a successful author of books for young adults, turns in Listen for the Lie to the murder mystery genre with great skill. The story centers around the unsolved murder of Savannah, or Savvy. Her closest friend, Lucy, was found dazed, and covered in Savvy's blood hours after Savvy's death five years ago but has no recollection of the day's event. She was never charged with killing Savvy, but suspected by everyone in town, she starts a new life in LA, only to become the subject of a podcast that resurrects old memories.
Lucy is fired from her job in LA and is on the verge of being dumped by her boyfriend when she's invited back to her small Texas hometown to celebrate her grandmother's eightieth birthday. Ben Owens, the podcaster, is there too, trying to solve the crime that the police could not. Tintera does a wonderful job describing how the mystery gets unraveled. There were no lulls in this fast-paced novel, one I couldn't put down.
The narration was terrific! Loved the podcast delivery!

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Let me start this review by saying that I am not a thriller girlie, I don't ever read thrillers. But boy am I obsessed with this book, everyone's mother, sister, uncle, grandmother, friend and cat should read this book. I was immediately enthralled in this book and trying to solve the murder from page one. I did a mix of audiobook and kindle and it was great. The audiobook makes it feel like you are listening to a podcast. Narration was PERFECT, the mix of different characters during the podcast episodes was chef's kiss! If you haven't read this one, please do yourself a favor and pick it up ASAP!

Now, to all my thriller girlies out there - what should I read next?

Thank you, netgalley for sending me the audiobook for this one!

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“She wasn’t interested in making other people comfortable, which I really liked about her.”

An entertaining read!

Lucy has no memory of her best friends murder, but she was found covered in her blood wandering the streets. While the police has never been able to formally charge her with the murder of Savvy, everyone in her hometown knows it must be her. Even Lucy herself can't be sure, but years later she has left that town and life behind, with only voices in her head and the occasional call to family to remind her of what once was.

When a podcaster decides to dig up the case, Lucy's life gets turned upside down once more: she loses her job, her new boyfriend is scared of her and worst of all her grandma is forcing her to come home to find out the truth once and for all.

When a thriller is good, its good. While not particularly twisty, I could not put it down and I could not figure it out. Lucy and her grandma are both very entertaining characters - full of dry deprecating humor and Savvy was a spitball as well. I tend to really enjoy the true-crime podcast style format of thrillers since they move along the story very quickly.

All in all, I would recommend!

Pub date: March 5, 2024 by Celadon Books | Macmillan Audio

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Love this audiobook! The characters were so interesting and the voices gave the book life! Loved the grandmother. Great listen and will order for our library and then pass it along!

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This was fun a fun murder mystery to listen to and kept my attention, but was maybe closer to a 3.75. I didn’t like the main character, and I thought some of the plot aspects would end up coming full circle more than they did. The ending was a little sloppy/rushed to me. With that said, I liked the format of it, I liked the grandma, and it was entertaining. It was mature and had some mild sexual content - no Battle of the Books.

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I. Loved. This. Book.
I have recommended this to multiple people. I looked forward to being able to pick it up again and read!
Highly recommend! It’s a perfect read to just enjoy! Beach read thriller!!

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Definitely listen to "Listen for the Lie" for those podcast elements!

Everyone in small town Texas knows Lucy killed Savvy, her best friend. The facts are facts: she was found walking with Savvy's blood on her. But Lucy cannot remember a thing of that night and the cops cannot charge her. Back in town years later, Lucy is the talk of every town's gossiper. She's back in the spotlight being featured in the "listen for the lie" podcast and now the truth may FINALLY come out. Who really killed Savvy?

Listen for the Lie kept me captivated from the get go, thanks to dual narration by January LaVoy and Will Damron! The whole time, I just kept telling my husband I needed to find out who killed her friend and all my theories. While I had many suspects in my head, the one that happened to kill was NOT one on my "yep that's it" list. Honestly, I was even questioning Lucy towards the midpoint. Listen for the Lie is full of sketchy characters that made this a binge listen that true crime and thriller fans will adore!

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Happy publication to Amy Tintera and Listen for the Lie! Thank you to Amy Tintera, Macmillan Audio, and NetGalley ( @netgalley ) for allowing me to read an ALC (Advanced Listener 🎧 Copy).

The narrators🎙️for this audiobook 🎧 are January LaVoy and Will Damron.

📅Listen for the Lie is now available for purchase at your local bookstore or online. The book was published on Tuesday, March 6, 2024.📅

Plain and simple, this book is amazing! I absolutely devoured this book. 100% did not want to stop listening. If my forty two year old self could still pull all-nighters, I would have! Not only was the book well-written, I loved the organizational structure of the chapters. The chapters switched back and forth from character’s perspective to a podcast that was trying to uncover the truth about a death and bring justice to the wrongly accused. A++. Highly recommend! So, what are you doing? Get off the couch, put on your tennis shoes, and go get your copy now!

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What to Expect:
🎙️unhinged narrator
🎙️podcast episodes
🎙️sound effects
🎙️dark humor
🎙️family drama

“The truth doesn’t matter”

🫶🏽What worked for me
I loved this book SO much I immediately re-listened to it on a road trip so my husband could read it and I ordered a physical copy! It was bingeable and all consuming!

Lucy is on a journey to find out if she really did murder her own best friend, as she suffered a traumatic brain injury that same night and has no memory of what happened. Ben is a podcaster for a true crime series, and he’s in town interviewing everyone involved in search of the truth. Lucy and Ben had fantastic banter! The dark humor had me laughing out loud but never got too too dark. The way I GASPED at the family drama! 👀🍿 This is absolutely a top fave book of the year!

🤷🏻‍♀️What didn’t work for me
NOTHING! It was perfection

🎧Audio Review
Though I bought the physical book (mostly as a trophy) Listen to the Lie should absolutely be read via audio! The sound fx for the podcast episodes made it an immersive experience. January LaVoy and Will Damron are top notch! Even the subtle Texas accents a few characters had were done just right.

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I was hooked right from the start! I love mystery’s, podcasts and true crime….so naturally I loved this book! What a crazy ride of who done it?!??! Thank you for the ARC of this book!

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I love true crime, and I love the sub-genre of books about true crime podcasts. Pair that with a really fascinating mystery about who killed Savi (thanks to amnesia, nobody knows—but everyone suspects Lucy), and you have a winning plot.

I really appreciated Ben’s tenacity, and I didn’t mind his blurring the ethics lines of journalism for the sake of furthering the story.

I appreciated that Lucy and her grandma had opposing but amazing personalities together. Grandma and her lifestyle are the epitome of what I hope I’m like at 80. I would have loved to know a little more about the after. And I very much loved the voice in Lucy’s head. It added levity (though maybe not intentionally?) to some very dicey situations.

The narration was excellent and added a lot of dynamic to this book!

Overall, absolutely killer book that I enjoyed very much!

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This book is an unhinged (in the best way) thrill ride as a murder suspect returns to her hometown for her grandma's birthday and gets roped in on a true crime podcast. She has no memory of what happened that night, and it comes back to her in bits and pieces with the help of her murdered best friend's voice constantly in her ear.

I really liked the way this book works as an audiobook. The chapters alternate between the main character's perspective and clips of the podcast that's delving into the unsolved murder. The narrators, especially the female narrator, are outstanding. The grandma, Beverly, needs to adopt me because she is hilarious and lovable.

The only complaint I have is that the ending felt a bit anticlimactic.

Big content warnings to anyone who is triggered by descriptions of domestic and sexual violence.

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An amnesia trope combined with a true-crime podcast, what's not to love? This thriller has it all. An unsolved murder, secrets from the past, small-town gossip, sarcasm, and a true-crime podcast are just a few of the gripping, entertaining elements that make this story so enjoyable. I was immediately drawn to the mystery, while also laughing out loud at the humor sprinkled throughout this compelling whodunnit. The narration added a layer of intrigue, especially with the podcast episodes following each chapter. Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for my audiobook.

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I love a mixed media book, and nothing has me turning on an audiobook faster than when it incorporates a true crime podcast! This has already been a great year for thrillers, and Listen for the Lie is no different. The twists and red herrings kept coming, keeping me completely hooked on this story. I loved how you didn't really know who to trust, including the narrator. It was also weirdly funny, mixing in a lot of dark humor and sarcasm -- imagine if Daria Morgendorffer (throwing back to the golden era of MTV) was accused of murder. That's what Amy Tintera has served up for us here in her first adult novel. I'm looking forward to reading what she brings us next!

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If you loved the Sadie audiobook and all the production of going between a podcast and a mystery, then Listed For The Lie is the natural progression for adults. This book had me guessing who the killer was and what actually happened until almost the end and even when I figured it out, I just enjoyed the ride.

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It is no surprise "Listen for the Lie" is one of the hottest books right now. With a full podcast cast and gripping plot this audiobook is as entertaining as it is enjoyable.

Woven amongst the podcast similarly titled "Listen for the Lie" is a decades old murder of Lucy's best friend Savvy. While never convicted, the whole town is convinced Lucy is her murderer, but Lucy doesn't remember anything. Returning home, reluctantly for her grandmother's birthday, Lucy is sucked back into the drama, stares, and assumptions of the town she left.

In the age of true crime podcasts, "Listen for the Lie" is determined to find the truth behind this cold case.

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4.45/5 stars.
Fast paced, enjoyed the concept and the storyline. Liked the twists and quirkiness of it. Thanks NetGalley for the copy.

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This book is one of THE books of early 2024, and for good reason. Even though some people think the podcast narrative is overdone, I actually really enjoyed it. The production value of this audiobook was EXCELLENT - a full cast narration complete with snippets of the actual podcast? It really felt like listening to the podcast at parts. It's definitely a new favorite audiobook of mine.

As for the story, that was excellent as well - it was filled with dark humor as it follows Lucy, who is suspected of killing her best friend, Savvy. Lucy doesn't do anything to discredit this belief, as she doesn't know if she killed Savvy either. The night of Savvy's murder is a blur. Lucy returns to her hometown after five years, running into a podcaster who is doing a story on Savvy's murder. Together, they try to piece together what happened that night. This book was SO bingeable, and I did not see the ending coming at all - I loved it!!

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Is Lucy Chase a murderer or a victim of small-town suspicion? Five years after her best friend's murder, Lucy remains haunted by unanswered questions. With no memory of that fateful night, she faces relentless doubt and accusations from the community. But as Ben Owens delves into the mystery on his true crime podcast, 'Listen for the Lie,' the truth begins to unravel. Through podcast interviews and revelations, readers are invited to join the investigation and uncover the real culprit. This gripping thriller kept me hooked from start to finish. The inclusion of podcast scripts seamlessly enhances the narrative, making 'Listen for the Lie' a must-read for fans of suspenseful storytelling. In Plumpton, secrets lurk behind every corner, and not everyone is who they appear to be. I really enjoyed this audiobook and the narrator was wonderful!

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Listen for the Lie is the most recent in a string of podcast-based thrillers and the setup is interesting. (It’s also perfect for audiobook listening.)

Lucy was the golden girl of her Texas hometown: pretty, popular, married to handsome entrepreneur Matt. Until the night she was found covered with her best friend’s blood and accused of a murder she can’t remember. Now she lives in L.A., avoiding Texas, her family, and her past at all costs. But podcast host Ben Owens may ruin Lucy’s carefully constructed new life.

As I said, the podcast element is tailor-made for audiobook listening; the narration was extremely good. That was the high point of the book, however. The plot was a big jumble of whatever twists the author could think to throw in whenever she thought to throw them in. She is apparently a ‘pantser’ rather than a meticulous plotter.

The messy plot just did not do it for me. It's not the worst book, it's not the best book, and there are better examples of the true crime podcast trope. I rate it 3 stars.

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