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3.5 stars
First off, the narration for this book was amazing! January LaVoy always delivers! Five solid stars for the audio.
That said, amnesia books are tough to pull off. This one had some hits and misses for me. I loved the podcast format. I didn’t love how repetitive the “voices” were. It went beyond foreshadow and into annoying. I enjoyed digging up all the secrets and lies from the past. I didn’t enjoy the fact that everyone was cheating with everyone and most of them were physically abusive and/or alcoholics as well. It was overdone. I was also conflicted about the ending. It didn’t really stick the landing but I did ultimately like how it all worked out. So, it was a mixed bag for me but I did like it and do recommend it for others!

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This book was unhinged and I loved it! Books with podcasts are always better on audio in my opinion. I love a full cast and the podcast sound effects.

This book felt like reality tv met a true crime documentary and had a podcast baby. The characters are all wild. I laughed. I was shocked. It was a hell of a ride and it was so good!

The only reason it wasn’t 5 stars was because I was a little disappointed in the ending. I did not quite predict it but after such a crazy roller coaster to get there I just wanted to be a little more shocked.

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Listen for the Lie is a gripping unputdownable thriller, and a fantastic adult debut.

Lucy is thought to have killed her best friend Savvy five years ago, except Lucy has no memory of it. She builds a new life for herself in Los Angeles, far away from her Texas hometown.

Unfortunately for Lucy, a true crime podcaster has decided to revisit the crime in the hopes of revealing the truth.

This story is full of many unlikeable characters, characters who made bad choices both then and now.

Thr story is told in present day, with sections of the podcast imbedded throughout the book along with brief flashbacks to 5 years ago. I really enjoyed this format of storytelling, as it kept me engaged and flying through the pages.

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I loved this fast-paced, quirky thriller. The MC was delightfully snarky and jaded. Her relationships were believable and shown well. And for a thriller, the characterizations were very good. The podcast episodes made this read especially quickly.

Beverly was my favorite.

I liked the voice actors (the Lets Kill thing got old).

Thank you NetGalley and LibroFM for the ARC! I purchased a copy for my library.

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Thank you to @netgalley for the ARC & ALC!

Narrated by: January LaVoy & Will Damron

For a while there I was seeing this book EVERYWHERE and therefore had to read it. It definitely didn’t let me down. I listened to most of this while on my way to and from work and the audio is *chef’s kiss*. Who doesn’t love a storyline with a true crime podcast? This had me on the edge of my seat till the very end and I never saw it coming. Set in a small Texas town, the location also plays a large part in transporting you and keeping you locked in this town while providing suspense and continued intrigue in the story. Lucy’s character was also absolutely hilarious. Having the story from her POV, we were given an inside scoop on her thoughts and feelings and MAN were they dark but funny. It added comical relief that I feel a lot of thriller books need.

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Listen For The Lie is an easy-read mystery drama. With its short chapters, I found myself flying through this title. I highly recommend picking up the audio recording of Listen For The Lie so you can get the full experience of the podcast element of this story. Special shoutout to the protagonist’s grandmother. She was my favorite character by far and provided some much-needed comedic relief throughout the story.

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Lucy has been living under the pressure of not knowing what happened on an evening five years ago when she went to a wedding with her at the time husband and was found wondering down a road covered in her best friend, Savvy's, blood.
Everyone in her hometown believes Lucy killed Savvy but she was injured herself and lost all memory of that night. Hiding out from the neighbors' stares and whispers in California, she returns home to Texas for her grandmother's birthday at the same time as Ben Owens, a true crime podcaster, picks up Savvy's unsolved murder. His podcast is Listen for the Lie, and he needs Lucy to come on and present her side - if she ever remembers.
I loved this fast paced, fun, snarky thriller. Lucy is tough and witty, clear eyed about her situation even aware she could be a killer. Her grandmother Beverly is a fabulous character - my absolute favorite in this book- and is the only person who believes Lucy is innocent. I enjoyed the podcast element and felt it was done well - especially in the audio version with the podcast parts feeling truly like a true crime podcast.
So many great characters that offered twists and red herrings and secrets revealed. The thriller was paced well and the suspense was kept on high The ending was good and while I had an inkling it may be who the killer was, I was by no means certain.
Thanks to @netgalley and for the advance audio - I loved my listening.

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Please note: I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley. I absolutely loved this book! Switching the perspective from protagonist to podcast was a really fun way to get some background information, without revealing the plot. There were really satisfying twists and turns, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who likes a good thriller.

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Listen for the Lie is about Lucy who everyone in her hometown is convinced was involved in the murder of her friend. 5 years later she's now distanced herself from what happened in many ways, until a podcast starts covering the murder, pulling her back in.

What can I say other than the hype is definitely real and well earned. It was not just a great book but a fantastic listening experience as well. I had so much fun reading this book that I was listening to it until 6am the day before a work conference when I’d have to wake up a mere 2 hours later. I just couldn’t put it down. It built up and up and I just had to know where it was going.

From the first few chapters I knew this was gonna be a very fun read and I immediately messaged my mystery loving friends to pick it up when it gets released.

First off, I highly recommend reading this as an audiobook. The narration is done really well, easy to distinguish the characters by the various voices January LaVoy and Will Damron gave them but most importantly, the podcast bits feel like a true podcast in the audiobook making it an even more immersive experience.

The main character’s wry humor and delivery were fantastic. Beyond being a fun character to read it also really added to all the suspicions and the feeling that she doesn’t really fit in. Her grandmother was such a sweetheart and possibly the only character who wasn’t highly flawed.

I loved the way Amy Tintera slowly undid the layers of the mystery, having the main character give us tidbits here and there, as well as the many great reveals by the podcast. It’s not easy to make an amnesia plotline feel not cliche but this really worked in my opinion.

The twists were twisting and made me exclaim “I knew it!” or “No way!” spontaneously, making my husband jump.

The book also covers many different types of shitty relationships, with parents or significant others, from abuse, to gaslighting and cheating.

Thank you so much to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley for the ALC!

Rating: 4.5 ⭐️

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I was hooked from the start. It is told from Lucy's viewpoint, and she makes for a very unreliable narrator. Lucy has amnesia, and does not remember the night her best friend, Savvy, died or if she is the one responsible for her death. I really loved Lucy's character. She was snarky, funny and so over people thinking she is a murderer. The chapters are broken up by transcripts from a podcast that is being done on Savvy's murder, where Ben Owen interviews the townspeople looking for new evidence. I really enjoy books that are told with podcasts revealing new information throughout the story. They especially make great audiobooks, and this one was no different. I tend to bounce between a physical book and the audiobook when I read so that I can continue the story while I drive. I really enjoyed both experiences with this book. Overall, this book was a fun ride. I loved Lucy, her grandmother (she is a riot) and Ben. I also disliked several characters (but I am pretty sure I was supposed to). I felt Lucy's need to finally know what happened that night, and appreciated the fact that she was willing to try anything to get to the truth even if it meant finding out that she really did it. The big reveal was an interesting turn and not what I was expecting. This book definitely lives up to the hype. I highly recommend it! I loved the narrators! They really brought the story to life!

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Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera is a thrilling mystery novel set in a small town in Texas, with a side of southern sassy attitude that I thoroughly enjoyed. The book follows the story of Lucy Chase, who is accused of killing her best friend, Savannah (Savvy). Although the police did not arrest her due to lack of evidence, she can't remember the events of that night due to a head injury. Her story is featured on a true-crime podcast called Listen for the Lie five years later. Lucy revisits her hometown to celebrate her grandmother Beverly's 80th birthday party. This book blends true crime and fiction with twisted events and small-town gossip. Thank you, Macmillian Audio, for granting me a copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

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Wow! I really enjoyed this book. Thank you so much to NetGalley for the ebook and Macmillan Audio for the audio version. I rated this a 4 out of 5 stars only because it was a little long to get to the end for me and I was getting a bit impatient. I definitely recommend the audio version if you’re willing to check out this thriller. It just makes the podcast parts of the story feel so realistic. It felt like a movie and I could visualize the characters and setting of the book throughout the entire time.

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I knew within minutes of starting this audio I was going to love it. The podcast style and the format of this book is so entertaining and very well done. The story as a whole was more of a lighter mystery/ thriller but it kept my attention the entire time. The tone of the characters was really what drew me in. I really enjoy when people can use a little dark humor and this had that. And then the character, Grandma Beverly, that lady had me cracking up.

If you enjoy a little sarcasm, dark humor, podcast, and love to be entertained I'm telling you pick this one up and you won't be disappointed. It's fast paced and it will keep you locked in. I would love to find more books like this.

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This was put together so perfectly! I really enjoyed this thriller and found the podcast chapters to be a fun addition to it. Yes podcast in books has happened before but I just thought it worked with this book, didn’t feel forced and helped open insight into other characters feelings. This was a quick read since I couldn’t put it down.

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Great read! I loved how this was written. I had it on an audiobook. I really enjoyed how it jumped around to tell the story.

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Ok this audio was seriously cool! At times I felt like I was actually listening to a podcast and forgot I was reading a book! Bravo on the music to go with it!

I was glued to this book! I had to know the whodunnit.

I will say I wanted just a little more from the ending. Open ended isn’t my favorite. Will there be a book 2? That could be cool

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"Listen for the Lie" offers a perplexing premise: What if you believed you were responsible for your best friend's murder? The story unfolds in a small Texas town where Lucy, once part of the town's golden duo alongside her friend Savvy, finds herself at the center of a gripping mystery after Savvy's murder. Forced to confront her past and her own doubts, Lucy's journey takes her on a tumultuous path where truth is elusive and suspicion looms large.

When a character returns to their small town, I’m pumped. Its like stepping into a familiar yet thrilling journey of truth and self discovery, but when a story leans heavily on the amnesia trope, it's like sipping a lukewarm cup of cliché. Still, I dove in with cautious optimism, hoping for a refreshing spin on the classic tale. And boy, did I get it! Mixing things up with a podcast added a dash of intrigue, but while it kept me hooked, the excitement fizzled out towards the end. Sure, there was a twist somewhere in there, but it slipped from memory quicker than a slippery fish. This I feel was due to the pacing. The novel suffers from a lack of momentum. But, espite its flaws, "Listen for the Lie" does have its bright spots. Amy Tintera's storytelling shows promise, with compelling characters and a narrative that, while not without its faults, maintains a level of intrigue.

I loved Lucy's sarcastic and snarky demeanor, and naturally January LaVoy did a stunning job bringing her to life, both her and Will Damron stole the show.

In conclusion, "Listen for the Lie" may appeal to readers who enjoy slow-burn mysteries and the exploration of complex interpersonal dynamics. However, for those seeking a more polished and dynamic narrative, it may fall short of expectations. Ultimately, individual preferences will dictate the level of enjoyment derived from this intriguing yet imperfect debut novel.

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I devoured this audio! If you enjoy true crime podcasts and a good whodunit, you’ll enjoy this one!

I loved having the podcast episodes throughout the book to give the interviews. While none of the characters were necessarily likeable, I still felt invested in their stories and unraveling how all fit with Lucy and into Savannah's murder.

Thank you Macmillan Audio and netgalley for the ALC!

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Listening to <i>Listen for the Lie</i> on audiobook definitely helped influence my rating. The production was great because the podcast parts from the book were set up as real podcast episodes in the audio version.
The story opens up with an immediate understanding of Lucy's sarcastic/snarky attitude. Even while under suspicion of murder, she has a dark sense of humor which sets the tone for the book. This isn't a suspenseful pyschological thriller. We are uncovering details of the murder that happened 5 years ago along with Lucy, since she has amnesia from that day due to head trauma.
I enjoyed the quick pace and storyline. I did find the little voice in her head detailing how she would kill the person she was talking to to be a bit distracting or annoying at times. But Lucy had a head trauma, so I guess it makes sense, right?

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Okay, but why was this the funniest thriller I’ve ever read?

I was cracking up with some of the comments made by the FMC Lucy. Her dry sense of humor and twisted thought process was perfection. And her grandmother Beverly?! Her drunken anitcs, multiple men, and no filter was absolutely hilarious
The plot was very intriguing also. A murder mystery where the main suspect doesn’t know if they comitted the crime? SIgn me up. I loved the twists, the podcast elements, and the smutty romance sprinkled in. 👏🏼👏🏼

This will be a thriller I will be recommending over and over.

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