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i am a HUGE emma lord fan. i’ve read all of her other YA books and have enjoyed every single one of them. this one wasn’t any different! she just writes in a way that keeps me entertained and wanting to flip the pages, the characters are always enjoyable and i love how i always genuinely come to care for all of them, she has a way of making them feel like my close friends. this was a huge win for me!

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Emma Lord is an auto-buy YA author for me, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to read her latest. First of all, this book felt like a love letter to NYC. I want to go visit so bad now! I loved the found family and the friends-to-lovers trope. Nobody can quite capture the feeling of being in that in-between stage of life quite like Ms. Lord can.

While this wasn't my favorite novel of hers, I still thoroughly enjoyed! The audio was incredible as well. Would recommend!

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The Getaway List is about getting away and a bucket list that serves as a journey of finding what you really want in life. As each item is done, Riley and Tom discover a bit more about themselves. A slow burn romance and exploration of relationship with their moms.
VERDICT A fun read for older teens and young adults.

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This was a great audiobook!

The premise of Riley choosing to take her life into her hands after graduation when she isn’t thrilled with her plans is bold, and I enjoyed seeing her character grow. It explores relationships and found family but also the personal quest for identity and developing one’s own interests!

I enjoyed the way the characters interacted, though at times, I felt like there were a lot of storylines and conflicts to keep up with.

I appreciated the romance element but also that it didn’t have to be front and center.

Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for my ALC in exchange for my honest review.

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All hail Emma Lord, reigning queen of cute YA! I loved The Getaway List. This wasn't surprising to me as I loved previous works of Lord's. There is something so fresh and genuine about her characters, the way she words their journey, and her plots. I just loved The Getaway List! It reminds me of the feelings I had as a teenager.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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this was a sweet story about a girl who runs away to the big city. once there, she finds herself and friendship and love. the dynamic with her mom was interesting and also, a bit sad.

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Best friends turn into romance in a sweet story about young adults creating their own lives in NYC. Fun secondary characters help to balance the heaviness of the mom conflicts.

The voice of the teen characters was spot on and very intuitive. I appreciated the mothers' honest perspectives and relationships with their teen children.

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Riley on the day of her high school graduation can't realise who she is anymore and what she wants to do ahead so she packs her bags and moves to New York for summer where her best friend Tom stays and together they embark to complete their getaway list a list they made together before Tom moved away and this list is may be what Riley and Tom both need to figure their lives out.

I didn't expect that i would enjoy this book so much . It was a perfect heartwarming YA story where there is not only self discovery and growth but also finding out your capabilities.
The journey of Riley and Tom first as great friends and then gradually as lovers was sweet to read. A special mention to Ll the supporting characters each added value to each other's lives and overall in the story too.
The narrator was fantastic and I loved listening to her.
Definitely check it out.

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Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of this book. I like Emma Lord and was excited to have the chance to listen to this audiobook. This book wasn’t what I expected and started out slow for me. The more I got to know the characters in the story I found myself getting more and more into it. The just graduated from high school, new to freedom aspect of the story took me back to my high school graduation and reminded me of some of my feelings around that. I also found myself thinking about this from the perspective of the mother as well. I love the genuine friendships the main character found. I would revisit and read this book again.

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This was everything I love about Emma Lord! The friendships, slow burn romance and teen angst. Highly recommend on audio!

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The Getaway List is a charming, coming of age novel that is a delight to read! Riley is a thoughtful, intuitive narrator who is trying to figure out next steps after graduation, and ends up finding herself along the way.

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The Getaway List
Author: Emma Lord

I requested a digital advanced readers copy from NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan Audio and providing my opinion voluntarily and unbiased.

Synopsis: When Riley graduates high school with a rearview of shenanigans but an empty road for a future, she does what they all say to do—pack her bags and head for New York. Her plan is a little loose, but her main goal is to find Tom—her childhood best friend and co-creator of The Getaway List. Years ago, they made a list of all the adventures they wanted to do together, but Tom has been increasingly distant ever since he moved to New York with his famous scriptwriter mom four years ago.

When Riley arrives in New York, her reconnection with Tom is as effortless as it was when they were young—except with one, unexpected complication that will pull Riley’s feelings in a direction she didn’t know they could take. As she, Tom, and their newfound friends work their way through the items on The Getaway List, Riley learns that sometimes the biggest adventure is not one you take, but one you feel in your heart.

My Thoughts: Here lately, YA has not been appealing to me, unless Emma Lord writes it, then I am all over it! Lord writes with such an artistic craft, you cannot help but to fall in love with her stories. This particular couple has to be one of the sweetest set of characters I have seen from Lord. The story opens with Riley at graduation, truly missing her best friend, Tom, that moved to New York a few years ago. Riley and Tom made a “getaway list” a few years ago, of all of the adventures they wanted to take together. Riley makes a decision to visit Tom in NY, initially just for the weekend. As soon as they reconnect, it was effortless, like they were never apart. Riley decides to spend the summer in NY with Tom and some of Tom’s closest friends while doing the getaway adventures. Will they connect more during these adventures? Will feelings beyond a friendship bloom? This follows the tropes of childhood best friend, friends to lovers, second chance romance, and young adult love.

Riley and Tom, through their new adventures, both are having their feelings evolve for one another in unexpected ways, and neither is honest about those feelings. While this is a romance, we really get to see Riley grow immensely throughout these adventures, really standing in her truth, and transforming into a beautiful woman. Then you see the relationship between Riley and her mother, Tom and his mother, really evolve over the story. The characters were developed well with depth, were endearing, had witty banter, great chemistry, and were intriguing. The supporting characters of Mariela and Luca really elevates the storyline to another level. The author’s writing style was complex, heartfelt, closed door, funny, connective, and just brilliant for a YA novel. Lord is such a master with words that really capture the essence of being young with the accompanied feelings during that time in your life, and that romance is not the whole story, but an element to the story captured with wonderful characters that you love and root for.

I had the wonderful pleasure of having both the digital and audio ARC versions. The narrator for the audio was Norma Butikofer, at just under ten hours. The narrator did an excellent job with voice variation and voice distinction. The flow and pitch were wonderful, allowing me to listen at 2x speed with no issues with understanding and following along. This was a lighthearted, heartwarming, fun romance, that I really enjoyed. I am an Emma Lord fan and will always read her books. I highly recommend this one.

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In the search to reconnect with herself and her dreams, Riley decides visit her best friend Tom in NYC for the summer following her high school graduation.

While the two have grown apart in recent years, they are connected by their childhood invention - the Getaway List - a list of all the adventures they have wanted to do together since Tom’s mom uprooted him. As the two use their Summer together to tackle their list, Riley begins to question newfound feelings for Tom, and whether or not that is an adventure she’d ever be willing to take.

Emma Lord has such a knack for capturing the essence of what it means to be a young adult finding your way in the world, and the emotions that accompany that period in time. I love that her books do have a strong romance element, but that the romance is just one piece of the puzzle. In The Getaway List, Lord explorers the complexities of the mother/child relationship, and how that relationship impacts each of our MC’s upbringings and future decisions.

Over the course of the story, we witness Riley come into her own and conversely, we also witness Tom do the same. And as always, the found family theme is strong, as both of our MC’s rely on their close circle of friends as they navigate through the beginning of the rest of their lives.

I listened to this book on audio, and have to give a shoutout to Norma Butikofer for narrating this story so beautifully. I love when a narrator adds and extra layer of emotional depth to a story and she definitely did that in spades.

Read if you like:
•coming of age
•stories about starting over
•found family
•friends to lovers
•NYC setting

Thank you Wednesday Books and Macmillan Audio for my gifted copies.

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This book was so sweet. I loved the relationship between Tom and Riley. A BFF for life is always a great person to have. They both meant so much to each other and when Tom moved to the New York City they still tried to keep in touch and be part of one another's lives.

The complex relationship they each had with their single mothers added a lot to the the dynamic and the way they could relate to each other. Becoming an adult is a hard path to take. I feel like Riley especially really listened to what was important to her and followed her dreams. I also really liked that they both choose a path forward that worked for them...independent of each other.

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A fun coming of age story with a fabulous group of characters. I loved each character in this book for different reasons, each one is unique and strong willed in their own way. Even New York City becomes a character in this book as the friends explore the city.

The storyline is intriguing with a little bit of teen angst included. There is romance, but it is more a story about friendship and self-discovery with a bit of romance thrown in to it. It is definitely a great character driven storyline that was well-conceived and developed in a very believable way. The characters just graduated high school and yet they are very mature in how they handle themselves in the big city.

Emma Lord's books are always a must read for me because they are uniquely entertaining and keep me interested from beginning to end and this book did not disappoint. Norma Butikofer's narration is done superbly and brings the characters to life flawlessly. I hope you enjoy Riley, Tom and their friends adventure in New York City as much as I did!

I am extremely grateful to Macmillan Audio and Netgalley for the opportunity to listen to a complimentary audio copy of this book that leaves you with a smile and a warm heart!

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3.5. This was a little hard for me to get into. I kinda forced myself to push through. I'm glad i did. Because the last of the book was good. I didn't really care for the characters much. Maybe its because they are teenagers. I also liked the narrator and that she had a nice voice to follow along too

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This was cute. The narrator did a great job. It felt positive and uplifting and just utterly cute from start to finish. 4 stars.

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I recently read my first book by Emma Lord, The Irish Goodbye, and I loved it. So I was expecting more of the same from The Getaway List. I didn’t realize it was a YA book. I have to apologize for not noticing that before requesting to read it. However, it was actually a cute, fun, innocent book. It’s not the kind of book I would normally read, but it was really well written. Emma Lord is certainly a very talented writer. If you enjoy YA novels, The Getaway List is for you!

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Riley and Tom created The Getaway List, a list of all the adventures they would like to take together when he moved away to New York. Upon graduating high school, Riley realizes that she's worked so hard to be good for her mom that she forgot who she was and what she wanted in life. She decides to surprise Tom in New York with a visit so that they can finally complete their Getaway List. Along the way, they create a group of friends who go along with them to complete the list.

Dani's Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this cute YA rom-com. There was a great balance between important life decisions and goals and banter and fun between the group of friends. I loved the found family within this group of friends that came together to complete the list before the end of summer. Both Riley and Tom grew a lot during that summer and finally figured out their dreams. If you need a cute summer romance, definitely check this one out.

I was able to listen to this book and narrator Norma Butikofer did a great job on this audio. It was well paced and I could differentiate between all the different voices throughout the story.

Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for an alc of this book.

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Again Emma Lord’s writing is spot on! Her stories are always fun to read, but also have some truth and real life situations that grow the characters within the book. I especially liked Riley’s character growth. I found it endearing just how similar her and her mom were. It definitely resonated with me as a parent. You want what’s best for your kids and don’t want them to repeat your mistakes. But you also need to let them experience life or they will resent you. I also loved Tom and Riley’s relationship. Friends since they were little and now young adults, exploring what might be.

Overall I think this book was a great YA read, I really loved all the characters in the book and Emma’s writing is always spot on and top notch! And the narration was really good as well.

***Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC copy in return for an honest review***

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