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Riley and Tom created The Getaway List, a list of all the adventures they would like to take together when he moved away to New York. Upon graduating high school, Riley realizes that she's worked so hard to be good for her mom that she forgot who she was and what she wanted in life. She decides to surprise Tom in New York with a visit so that they can finally complete their Getaway List. Along the way, they create a group of friends who go along with them to complete the list.

Dani's Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this cute YA rom-com. There was a great balance between important life decisions and goals and banter and fun between the group of friends. I loved the found family within this group of friends that came together to complete the list before the end of summer. Both Riley and Tom grew a lot during that summer and finally figured out their dreams. If you need a cute summer romance, definitely check this one out.

I was able to listen to this book and narrator Norma Butikofer did a great job on this audio. It was well paced and I could differentiate between all the different voices throughout the story.

Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for an alc of this book.

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Again Emma Lord’s writing is spot on! Her stories are always fun to read, but also have some truth and real life situations that grow the characters within the book. I especially liked Riley’s character growth. I found it endearing just how similar her and her mom were. It definitely resonated with me as a parent. You want what’s best for your kids and don’t want them to repeat your mistakes. But you also need to let them experience life or they will resent you. I also loved Tom and Riley’s relationship. Friends since they were little and now young adults, exploring what might be.

Overall I think this book was a great YA read, I really loved all the characters in the book and Emma’s writing is always spot on and top notch! And the narration was really good as well.

***Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC copy in return for an honest review***

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I love love love books by Emma Lord and was so disappointed when I could not get into this book. It was a DNF for me, but I love her other books. I did not feel connected to the characters or their stories.

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I didn't get a chance to listen to his audiobook before it expired. When I get time I still want to listen to it, but probably through Libby.

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I received a copy of this audiobook for a honest review from netGalley.

I loved this coming of age story about two best friends separated during high school finding their joy and friendship circle in New York City one summer.

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After getting rejected from all of the colleges that she applied to, Riley attends her high school graduation unsure of what's next. On a whim, she decides that she'll spend her graduation weekend in NYC with her old friend Tom against her mom's wishes. One weekend turns into the summer as she and Tom tackle their "Getaway List," a bucket list they made together when Tom moved in early high school.

The Getaway List is a cute story of self discovery and friendship. I really enjoyed all of the characters and the found family vibes that they developed with each other. It was a fun read, though it took me a while to get into the narrator and enjoy the audio part of it.

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Tom and Riley. Riley and Tom. Best friends from age eight, this is an adorable coming-of-age story of two friends whose relationship is tested by time and distance. Layered on top of this is Riley’s journey of self-discovery as, upon her high school graduation day, decides to take a risk by setting off an adventure on her own. It’s a story of finding your place, finding yourself, and finding your people.

As a mom of a young daughter, I found myself not only relating to Riley, recognizing bits of myself when I was a young woman, but also with her mom, often afraid for my girl. I think it’s a fear most parents feel and struggle with, holding your kids too close and allowing them the freedom and space to grow on their own, apart from you. What a great story of love, of all kinds and for all ages. ❤️

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Such a great listen! I listened to this while I was reading it so I could continue the story anywhere I was. A main character that you can really root for!!

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Just like all of Emma Lords other novels, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a quick and fun read that even made me laugh out loud in parts. It was friends to lovers, but also had a great supporting cast of unique friends. I really enjoyed Riley’s journey of self discovery and her relationship with her mom was fantastic. The narrator also did a GREAT job, it was very enjoyable to listen to!

BIG thanks to NetGalley, Macmillan audio and Emma lord for allowing me the opportunity to listen to this ALC!

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I enjoyed this story about young kids graduating high school and figuring out their lives, which can be a very scary time. I did not realize that this was a YA novel, so I'm probably not the target audience for it as I'm definitely not YA. It was still very cute though. Not only is it a love letter to growing up and getting older and becoming an independent adult, it is almost a love letter to New York as well, which seemed to be a character in and of itself. Even though I am in my 30s, I remember some of the angst that can happen when you try and figure out how to go out into the world for the first time as a true adult and not under your parents watch. That is what most of the story was to me, getting older and growing up, with just a smattering of a cute love story between Riley and Tom. The narrator did a fantastic job of embodying Riley, which made for it a nice and easy listen. Overall, cute story that would be very poignant for young adults. I give it a 3.5/5 stars.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an advanced copy of this book. All opinions within this review are my own.

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This is my fourth book by @dilemmalord and I’m obsessed 💛. She nails the friends-to-lovers trope in this one. I just want to climb inside her books and wrap myself in them, like a warm cozy blanket. If books were pastries, her books would be giant freshly baked cinnamon rolls. This is a coming-of-age story about finding yourself, figuring it all out, and taking the path less traveled.
Riley just graduated from high school with a pile of college rejection letters in hand. As classmates leave for college, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. But she’s determined to figure it out. Riley visits her old friend Tom in New York, and the two decide to start crossing off items on the bucket list of adventures they made years ago. A delightful cast of friends join them on their adventures. But will one major decision derail their Getaway List, and their friendship?
Chock-full of Taylor Swift references and sharp witty banter, my face hurt from smiling so hard 😁. Lord is brilliant at setting the scene and crafting unforgettable side characters. You will fall in love with New York and this group of friends by the end.
I got major Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares vibes reading this one. (And if @netflix could please turn it into a series that I can watch ASAP, that would be great ☺️.) Thank you and @wednesdaybooks for the ARCs. Norma Butikofer does a phenomenal job with the narration.
The Getaway List - Emma Lord

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A great coming of age story about two friends who are reunited after years apart and realize that their feelings run deeper than friendship. Looks at the relationships between mothers and daughters and mothers and sons and how our friends can shape our lives. The narrator is great and the story moves quickly.

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I absolutely adored this book! I think Emma is becoming one of my auto-buy authors because I just love everything she writes! Loved the idea of the Getaway List and while I had some audible gasps throughout, I loved the book. Definitely keeps you on your toes!

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What a delightful read. I really liked the charisma and energy of this story. The light-hearted adventures and best-friend group of found family were top tier.

I’ve found that a YA romance like this is perfect every once in awhile for some new themes and lighter vibes. The characters are 18 - and they definitely act young - but it was only mildly annoying and mostly enjoyable. 😂 As a mother, it was slightly alarming to imagine a group of teens taking on NYC on their own, but it was fun.

It definitely gave Ali Hazelwood’s Check and Mate vibes and I was here for it. As far as the YA label - I thought it was appropriate for the romance, but I was surprised at the amount of explicit language.

I read this via audiobook and enjoyed the performance! Thank you for the advanced listening copy.

Perfect for you if you like:
Journey of self-discovery + growing up
Found family
Fun NYC adventures
Quirky characters
Charming + funny

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If you are looking for a story that will leave you with a smile on your face this one is for you!

This is my second book from Emma Lord and both have been great experiences. Sweet, fun, romantic, hopeful and set on one of my favorite cities for stories. Loved it!

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for this complimentary audiobook.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗚𝗲𝘁𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁 by Emma Lord releases today January 23, 2024.

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🎧Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC audiobook of the getaway list. I have read every Emma Lord book except one (her last one was a DNF for me). I fell in love with her debut, Tweet Cute. Emma Lord has a distinctive YA writing style with characters usually set in a New York City backdrop. This book was no exception!

The main protagonist, Riley, is not like other YA protagonists. She’s a bit of a troublemaker and she has no idea what she’s doing after graduation. This is a classic friends-to-lovers trope as she reconnects with her (very handsome) best friend, Tom.

Most of the book consists of Riley and Tom hanging out in New York City, forming new friends and trying to figure out their new relationship (it’s been 3 years since they last saw each other). Both have romantic feelings for the other but cannot communicate them. Both have strained and complex relationships with their mothers.

This book is an easy listen for when you want to relax and listen to something super lighthearted. Although I enjoyed this book, I much prefer Emma’s first novel Tweet Cute. This book dragged a bit in the middle and the plot was very slow moving. It is important young adult representation for how to navigate transitions in life when you’re not sure what path is next and also highlighting the importance of supportive friends in transition seasons.

Publication date: 1/23/24

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well this was just so SWEET!

* NYC setting
* best friends to lovers
* coming of age
* found family

I am NEVER disappointed by a YA romance written by Emma Lord. I so enjoyed this coming of age story about Riley and Tom who reunite after being a part for years and spend a summer checking items off their Getaway List. This was just so sweet, wholesome, fun, and adorable.

Rating: 4 stars

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4.5 stars

Thank you NetGalley for an ALC of The Getaway List in exchange of my honest opinion.

The getaway list is a book about self discovery and coming of age. Is the epitome of what a Young-Adult book should be and it brings such a nice well rounded story and message.
Riley just graduated high school and she decided to visit Tom, her best childhood friend that lives in NYC. Of course that is met with some resistance of her single mother but she has sort of a bucket list (the getaway list) that they wanted to do it together and she decided better now than never, since she just accumulated rejections from her college applications.

Her going to New York is wrapped with some sort of guilt for leaving her mother in not such good terms, with some self discovery, with the reacquaintance of her long friendship as well as making new connections.
As Riley comes into the person she is, she learns how things inevitably evolve and everything works in cycles.
I loved this book because it did not only focused on her relationship with Tom (there is a very sweet moment of realization of their own feelings), but also her friendship with other people in the city that would become her second family. I also liked her coming into terms with the worries and insecurities of her mother in such a frank conversation that I wish I had read something like this when I was at her age.

This book also has some stretches that it's not how it happens in real life, but we are reading a YA romcom so.. it's fine.
Overall is a big warm hug for everyone that is insecure how life will be but has so many possibilities ahead of them that sounds even a bit overwhelming.

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If Emma Lord writes it, I will read it. As one of my favorite YA authors, Emma once again knocked it out of the park with the main character Riley a recent high school grad who is embarking on a summer of adventure with her childhood friend Tom. For years, Riley and Tom have added things and made plans to check things off on their bucket list. They've never quite managed to be in the same place to do it and now is the time. As they begin to work their way through this list, Riley begins to make some big self-discoveries.

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Riley and Tom have been besties forever, but then Tom moves to NYC and contact has been dwindling. But when Riley gets the opportunity to spend a weekend with Tom, she jumps on the opportunity. It will be the chance to work on their Getaway List, a list of things they need to do in the city.

I read When You Get the Chance and I fell in love with Emma Lord, so I snatched this one up. It was okay. I didn't love or hate any of the characters. I wasn't completely in love with the story either.

Thanks for NetGalley and the publishers for this ALC. Norma Butikofer was a good narrator. She fit Riley's character perfectly.

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