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Baseball's Great Expectations

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I've been a diehard baseball fan for nearly 60 years and one thing that is always puzzling to me is when "can't miss" prospects do miss. Ballplayers who are expected to become stars or superstars sometimes end up being journeyman ballplayers at best, and sometimes, don't even make the majors. The author, in a fascinating book, addresses this issue with his look at 9 ballplayers who didn't live up to expectations.

Death or injuries are things that have sometimes sidelined "sure thing" stars but the other reasons are quite fascinating. Sometimes, it was just them being in the wrong place with a team that wasn't a good fit for them. Lots of other reasons.

The author certainly did his research, in many instances, speaking with the players themselves, as well as family members, people association with major league baseball such as general managers or scouts. Of particular interest is what happened to those players after their baseball careers, a sort of "where are they now" and how they feel about the game after everything that happened.

Baseball fans will love this one. Highly recommended!!

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