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I know these books are essantially all the same, but I still love them. I particularly enjoy the setting, and, as I am also a public library director, I really feel a lot of what happens in the lighthouse library in my bones. :)

I like the cast of characters in these books, and this one was no different. There was a little bit of a difference because Louise Jane actually had a REASON to be involved, and wasn't just sticking her nose in the middle of things in an effore to annoy Lucy.

This mystery surrounded a stolen painting reproduction from the library display, a move that confuses people because the reproduction has no value. There are some twists in this story, as well as a lot of fun and some adventure.

Overall, this is exactly the type of book fans of this series should expect.

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11th book in the series was entertaining and comforting. In a rash of bad to mediocre books of late, this one stood out as being exceptional. Excellent plotting, characters that are relatable and developed, and no cowering, anxiety riddled nonsense to be found!

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The Stranger in the Library" by Eva Gates is a gripping mystery novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. With its well-crafted plot, intriguing characters, and atmospheric setting, this book is a must-read for cozy mystery fans.
Lucy Richardson is a likable and determined heroine who is not afraid to take risks in order to solve the mystery. The supporting cast, including Lucy's friends
and co-workers each have their own unique personalities and motivations, adding layers of complexity to the story.
Whether you're a longtime fan of the author or new to her work, this novel is sure to leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.

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When a traveling show of impressionist art comes to Nags Head, North Carolina, librarian Lucy and the staff at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library are inspired to create an educational display about art history. Their launch of the display is a huge success, but the morning after, they discover that a reproduction of a famous painting has gone missing.

No one knows why anyone would bother stealing it: the picture is of no value–the real, priceless painting is under lock and key at the art show itself. Lucy gets an invite to the glitzy opening night for the real show, where she notices unusual tension among the show’s organizers. Then, the man scheduled to give the welcoming speech fails to arrive, and a partygoer is discovered drowned in a fishpond.

Meanwhile, Louise Jane is totally captivated by Tom Reilly, a handsome, charming art dealer lurking at the edges of the receptions on both nights. Tom slipped away from the party early, and he cannot be located by the police. Who, Lucy asks, is Tom Reilly, the shadowy figure threatening to break Louise Jane’s heart?

Something is afoot in Nags Head, and it’s up to Lucy and her friends to get to the bottom of it before it’s not just paintings being framed.

I was planning on being an art teacher, so starting the novel about art history immediately grabbed my attention. I was captured by the mystery of the painting and the artist. It will be interesting to read about Louise Jane and what happens after Paris.

I took a point off because of what Louise Jane and Lucy did at the end of the book. Especially because Lucy still allows Louise Jane to push her around. Would it be possible for Lucy to grow up a bit more in the next book?

Overall, I rate this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

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Eva Gates romps through this exciting cozy set in the Lighthouse Library in Nag's Head in The Stranger in the Library. Lucy, the librarian, curates a library art show of copies of great art at her library to bookend the show of old masters in town. Someone steals a copy of an impressionist painting by a long dead local artist and rips something from the back of it. The commentator on the historic art show is found face down in a pond by Lucy. What could go wrong?

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I have loved the books I have read in the Lighthouse Library series by Eva Gates. The characters are so well developed and the story line will keep you invested in the story. I found myself flipping through the pages quickly to see if I could figure out whodunit. Lucy and Connor are a wonderful couple and it is entertaining to see them begin their life as newlyweds. Then you factor in the quirky Louise-Jane and you know you will be in for a treat when you open the book and absorb the first word. There are twists and turns and lots of clues that will help you as you fly through the pages to experience life with this wonderful group of people. I do wish there was a library in the Bodie Island Lighthouse at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I would be visiting there all the time! I can’t wait for the next adventure with the Lighthouse Library gang.

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I've enjoyed this series from the beginning and I was so excited to check in with Lucy, Connor and the rest of the Lighthouse Library crew. I do love a cozy mystery with a fun bookish setting and this book had that in spades - plus an art heist.

Lucy and Connor are adjusting to married life and are getting back to the regular life after their European honeymoon. This starts off with a major art exhbit both at the library and at a local landmark. Strange things start happening, people start disappearing, a dead body shows up, and Louise Jane and Charles the library cat are right in the middle of things adding their own special dash of chaos.

This is a good cozy series with likable characters, a fun bookish element, a unique setting, and clever mysteries. I really enjoyed this mystery and my visit to the Lighthouse Library!

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The Stranger in the Library is the eleventh cozy mystery in the Lighthouse Library Mystery series. The Bodie Island Lighthouse Library is holding an educational exhibit on art history and is an array of reproductions on display. When one of the reproductions goes missing no one can figure out why. The piece wasn’t worth much and shouldn’t have been the first piece targeted. Lucy is intrigued by this theft, but he no farther insight right away. Another twist is thrown in when Lucy is attending an art gala and finds a dead body. Could the theft and the murder be connected or are they two separate acts? Lucy is determined to get to the bottom of both mysteries and won’t be able to stop until the culprits are uncovered.

I am a huge fan of this cozy mystery series and was excited to see this latest book come out. It didn’t disappoint! I was pulled in from the very beginning and happily followed along with Lucy as she worked the case. I love the characters and setting in this series and find the mysteries to be fun and engaging. Lucy is a great main character and I love her personality and sleuthing skills. This series is currently one of my favorite cozy mystery series and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Lucy and the gang! If you are looking for a good cozy that can be read as a standalone or part of a series, this one is worth the try!

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This was good [and I mean very good] until it wasn't. The narrator was better than usual, until she too, wasn't [IF you're going to be a professional narrator, PLEASE learn how to pronounce names, especially one as recognizable as RENOIR!!], and a book I was initially enjoying became something much different.

As someone who has had a serious love/dislike relationship with these books [it took me to book 6 to real!y love this series, only to watch it devolved again in book 9], I keep hoping for more from these books, but I keep being disappointed; such is the case here. As my opinions about this book are in the minority [and extremely unpopular], I will not go into any details as to why. I am very glad this book worked for so many; I can only be sad that I too was not one of them.

Thank you to NetGalley, Eva Gates, and Crooked Lane Books for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Stranger in the Library
(Lighthouse Library 11)
Eva Gates

Connor and Lucy McNeil have returned from their European honeymoon.

Turns out the Granger House is hosting a traveling exhibit of American Expressionism, Ceecee, one of the book club members as well as the volunteer coordinator has asked the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library to host an ancillary reproductions event featuring local artists and reproductions of various artists and styles. Much to her pleasure Lucy immediately begins to put together an exhibit on art at the library. After seeing so many wonderful works across Europe Lucy is quite gung-ho to spearhead the project!

As usual, there are strangers visiting this quiet OBX community. One of them immediately becomes smitten with our Louise Jane! The library is broken into that same night the only thing stolen is Louise Jane’s ancestors painting! The police come and new security protocols are suggested. The Granger House is notified and agrees to check their original to ensure it is the original. The painting is returned the next evening with a slashed back suggesting something had been previously hidden. Wanting to see the original Connor and Lucy attend the art event. Before leaving Lucy and Louise Jane visit Josie who catered the event. While walking outside they see something in the pond…. It’s the dead body of Mark!

Everyone is pointing fingers mainly at Tom Reilly. Is Louise Jane interested in a killer again?!

This is a more cerebral book than some of the previous stories. It starts slow and doesn’t ramp up until the last chapter. Stranger in the Library focuses mainly on Louise Jane and her family’s past.

It’s a nice slow read just not something I would read again. If you're looking for a calm, slow-paced mystery book with one instance of mild excitement then this is it! If you’re looking for twists turns chills or thrills then this is not the book for you. I do wonder if the author is setting up for a spin-off series featuring Louise Jane? That would prove interesting!
3.5 stars

Thank you to Netgalley, Ms. Gates, and the publisher for the ARC.

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I love the Lighthouse Library series as its characters are my favorite of any series. The Stranger in the Library is the 11th in the series and I was excited to visit the Outer Banks again.
An art show is coming to town and the library decides to do its own show to celebrate with work of Louisa Jane's ancestor. When a picture goes missing and a visitor in town is murdered, Lucy has another mystery to solve with a new slew of characters as suspects. One of the suspects is Louisa Jane's new love interest and that forces the frenemy duo to work together to find the murderer.
This book took me much longer to read than the earlier ones in series. The characters introduced to town didn't grab me and I confused whose job was what. I did enjoy Louisa Jane and Lucy's budding friendship. But I will still be excited to read #12 and see what troubles Lucy and her friends find in the OuterBanks and how the cliff hanger turns out that readers were left with concerning a main character!
I received a complimentary copy of this book thanks to Net Galley and Crooked Lane Books, but all opinions are my own.

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Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Stranger in the Library is the eleventh book in the Lighthouse Library Mystery series. It is great to come back to Nags Head and to see what new mystery Lucy, the main character, will solve. This time, artwork goes missing and someone is found dead. It was great to see surprisingly positive character development. The mystery was interesting and I wanted to find out how Lucy would solve the entire situation. I recommend The Stranger in the Library to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries with a library setting.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this title. This series is familiar to me, and one I enjoy. Lucy, librarian at the Lighthouse Library in Nags Head, NC is excited about a display of priceless art pieces coming to her town and the opportunity to create an accompanying art history disolay. All is going well until a family heirloom painting from the art history display goes missing. Lucy is still puzzling over this at the gala for the priceless art displays opening until they discover that the missing organizer is dead in the pond outside the venue. Lucy is drawn into the investigation due to both her presence there and her history if helping solve murders.

The mystery was engaging. I liked the art angle and the growing role of Lucy's fellow librarian Louise Jane. The cast of characters is a delight. I like how history is involved in the resolution. If you want an intriguing cozy beach murder, this is for you. I recommend checking out the rest of the series as well. Also, can we talk about Charlie, the library cat? I want to snuggle him!

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What a fun series! I was super excited to read this one.

This, the 11th entry in the series, picks up where the last left off. Newlyweds Lucy and Connor return from their honeymoon in Paris. The library is participating in an arts review; expensive art is separately housed, but the library is using prints and art made by locals. Louise Jane, a library worker, has allowed a painting by a relative to be displayed--and it goes missing. Lots of intrigue as she and Lucy try to solve the case.

The character development is great in this series and I just love the setting. You could jump in with this one, but I suggest going to the beginning and starting there for a more dynamic read. Have fun with this series!

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* Louise Jane
* Charles
* Familiar community and personalities
* Art show setup
* Title character
* Book club
* Very good pacing
* I don’t buy that a detective is going to reveal the details of an ongoing case to a civilian - it feels like an artificial way to give the clues to the reader.
* Distinction between “true classics” and genre classics is a bit elitist.

Thank you to Eva Gates, Crooked Lane Books, and NetGalley for an advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Another fun adventure with Lucy and her friends in the Outer Banks. I loved the traveling art show and the interesting characters it brought into town and the mystery that ensued. My only issue with this one is the invitation by the detective for Lucy to investigate with him; I get that she’s got a good eye and he thinks that she’d make a good detective but that didn’t seem right. Otherwise, a good addition to the series and I hope for many more.

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The Stranger In The Library is the eleventh book in the A Lighthouse Library Mystery series by Eva Gates.

Lucy and Connor have recently returned from their honeymoon in France and Italy, Where they enjoyed terrific meals, shopping, and visiting various art museums. After enjoying visiting various art museums in Paris, Lucy is looking forward to the American Impressionism art show at the Granger House. The Bodie Island Library also has an art show, but theirs are not original works of art. One of the exhibits is stolen on the first night of the library’s show. None of the library’s staff can understand why since the artwork was a copy of a painting by a deceased resident and far from valuable. The next evening, Lucy goes to the Granger House for the opening of the exhibit. Lucy notices That tensions seem to be running high amongst the people running the art show. Lucy goes outdoors to view the property, and as she approaches a small pond, she finds the body of a dead man. Lucy will work with the local police to learn the identity of the body and who the killer was.

Louise Jane, who works at the library and has often been a thorn in Lucy’s side, has been seeing oneTom Reilly, a member of the team that is organizing the art show, but he has gone missing about the time of death and the police can’t locate him. Lucy is afraid that Louise Jane might have her heart broken if he turns out to be involved in the murder.

This book is another enjoyable addition to this exciting series. I found the book to be well-written and plotted. The characters are well-developed, engaging, and believable. There are enough red herrings that I was kept until the end of the book as to who the murderer was.

I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

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I really enjoyed reading The Stranger In The Library. It's always fun visiting with Lucy and the library crew, eating at Joise's, enjoying the beach, finding dead bodies and figuring out whodunit... Lucy always has the best, and kinda dangerous, adventures.

I eagerly await each new release in this series.

Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor or expectation.

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The Stranger in the Library by Eva Gates takes us back to the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse Library. Connor and Lucy have settled into married life in the home they had started refurbishing. The ground floor was perfect and since they didn’t really need the space, they were saving money to begin work on the second floor. Lucy is still happy in her job at the library and Connor is planning to end his political career and return to being a dentist. Lucy’s newest project at the library is a quasi-art show, paralleling the actual showing of great masters taking place in town. Her show has a copy of a famous painting on black velvet, a collection of fridge magnets of great masters, and a borrowed copy of Louise Jane’s grandmother’s great-grandmother’s father’s painting done by his brother, et al. The man had been an American Impressionist and was well known. His brother, not so much. The real art show opened the night after Lucy’s but was cut short when one of the organizers (not local) was found face down in the koy pond. This started Lucy and Louise Jane, as well as the police, on an investigation. There were plenty of suspects, who didn’t appear to like one another or the dead man, but to find the proof.

This is a well-written series, character-driven, of course, as are most cozy mysteries. Gates has a good handle on developing characters and has amassed a cadre of them on the Outer Banks to rival most other cozies. There are distinct personalities, even in short term characters, that makes them interesting, if not endearing. There is jealousy, greed, love (sort of) and much more in this complicated mystery, that of course, gets solved by all involved. Cozies are called by that name as that is what they are and this is an excellent example. Reading it is like coming home (without the murder). It is comfortable, relaxing, and challenging. Thanks, Eva Gates, for an entertaining afternoon!

I was invited to read The Stranger in the Library by Crooked Lance Books. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #Netgalley #CrookedLaneBooks #EvaGates #TheStrangerInTheLibrary

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Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Jeanie

This novel is as captivating as each of the earlier books in its series. Many features appeal to me, including the lighthouse with a library in the Outer Banks and the apartment at the top of the lighthouse where Lucy lived until her recent marriage. She and Connor, currently the mayor of Nags Head, just returned from their honeymoon in Europe where they enjoyed some of the finest art museums in France and Italy.

Their return timing was perfect to attend a special traveling exhibit of original American Impressionist art in Nags Head. Lucy had been asked to prepare a smaller display at the library using borrowed copies of famous works from local people or businesses, and books and periodicals on American Impressionism.

Louise Jane, now on staff at the library, comes from a long line of female storytellers. Her family has lived in the Outer Banks for many generations and she has extensive knowledge of OBX history. Louise Jane was a direct descendent of Robert O’Callaghan, a well-known American Impressionist painter. The copy she brought for the library display was of his finest painting, and the original was part of the traveling exhibit. Louise Jane’s grandmother treasured the copy of Robert’s painting as a family heirloom.

The night the display opened at the library, many guests visited and it was very well received. Organizers of the traveling exhibit were among the guests. A handsome man attended who didn’t seem to be associated with any visiting groups, and Louise Jane was interested in him. Lisa, one of the organizers of the upcoming exhibit, was overheard warning someone about the man who introduced himself as Tom Reilly, even commenting that it probably wasn’t his real name. An uninvited local artist named Ivan came in, argued with several people, and was politely escorted to the door. Louise Jane told anybody who stopped to see the copy of her ancestor’s painting all about Robert O’Callaghan.

The people and setting include excellent elements for a great mystery, especially the building in which the American Impressionism exhibit is housed. It has an elegant, renowned garden, and conversely, a dungeon-like cellar that was closed to public access. The killer and the thief of the O’Callaghan copy were clever in covering their tracks. Tom had disappeared and seemed to not exist online. The twists, turns, and the ending were pure edge-of-the-seat brilliance, and I was very satisfied with the conclusion. I highly recommend this novel and series!

Lucy and Connor were invited to attend the opening of the American Impressionism exhibit, as were many who had been at the library. Tom was there, again near Louise Jane. Ivan got in again and was escorted out. A VIP was missing that night. Mark Farrago, whose company was the chief organizer of the event, was to make the opening speech. Lucy, her cousin Josie, and Louise Jane went for a walk in the garden. Unfortunately, they found Mark, dead in the small, shallow pond.

Later that night, the missing copy of the O’Callaghan painting was left on the front step of the library in a large black garbage sack. The only damage was that the backing paper had been slashed and, if anything had been hidden there, it was gone.

The regular characters continue to grow, and their personalities shine through their actions and realistic conversations. Most are very engaging and likable. The people specific to this specific mystery are defined according to their roles, several with sufficient mystique to be investigated for Mark’s murder. Lucy is my favorite, and Charles, the library cat, runs a close second. Louise Jane should get the award for the most improved personality, as she has changed throughout.

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