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Moonlight Magic Club: Pandora's Popstar Potion

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This was the second book in the Moonlight Magic Club series.

In this story, the members of the Moonlight Magic Club took part in a song contest, so this was a fun story with a musical theme. This was another delightful little story, and I think children would adore these books. Cheerful little books like this are a breath of fresh air and fun to read with children.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for a free copy to review.

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Thank you so much for this Arc my daughter and I loved it ! We read both installments that were sent & couldn’t put it down

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Thank you so much to Arcturus and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Each girl has a badge they are trying to earn, Scarlett with the witch web, Maya with flying, Pandora with helping hands and Foxglove with magic plants. When Pandora sets up a talent show at the elderly witch home a potion she creates causes chaos and everyone has to accomplish their tasks and face fears to fix it.

I really liked seeing more of the magic within this one, as each girl was learning something, we also met other junior witches within this book too. I liked the way the girls all had to work together to figure everything out and learning to conquer the skills they were struggling with.

The backfire of magic was really amusing and written perfectly for a young witch who is learning, Pandora got very magic dependant and did a spell she wasn’t really ready for yet and it had consequences she wasn’t ready to deal with, I really liked the way this story was written and how her spell caused the elders to use their old backfiring magic too.

I liked this story a lot more than the first one, we got a lot more fun elements within this one, the girls are an established group now and I loved the little fox going everywhere so so cute. With the really beautiful illustrations throughout this book, I know that young readers are found to love the magic and the friendship in this series.

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I loved this second installment in the series, I had come to love the characters in the first and so I was excited to see what happens next. I loved it

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The second installment in the Moonlight Magic Club by Melody Lockhart finds the girls trying to set things right after Pandora's Pop Star Potion goes wrong, making her so popular that she can't show her face for fear of being overrun with bespelled fans. In spite of this impediment, Pandora has found a new friend in a magical fox and the girls are also planning a talent show for a senior center. Add in a little wild magic and what could possibly go wrong. Even if you haven't read the first book in the series, the premise and characters are easily understood. This is a great addition to Scarlett and the Secret Spellbook, the first in the series.

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This is the second book in this series, it was just as magical as the first. This is a great series full of magic and friendship based around a club of junior witches. It’s based around the helping others badge and they decide to have a concert for the old witches. It doesn’t go to plan, but they get it all on track.

A great book to open the minds of older children.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy.

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Just like the first book in the series I really enjoyed this book, it felt easy to read and I could see children enjoying this one and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series in the future.

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