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Addison, not Addy makes one misstep and the career she has building her whole life blows up in her face. Fortunately, she recieves a notification that an aunt, estranged from her family, has left her a house on Fire Island! With no job tying her down, Addison takes off for the beach. She learns that she will be hosting 7 different renters for the small cottage on the property and she meets each one as she packs up the property and tries to determine her next steps.

This sweet story is just lovely. Each guest knew Addison's aunt better than she and she slowly learns to love her Aunt and the house that she left. Join Addison in the adventure of a lifetime at one of the best beaches of the world! #berkley #sevensummerweekends #janelrosen

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I just finished this lovely read. I really enjoyed Seven Summer Weekends by Jane L. Rosen @janelrosen This was a quick and fluffy read. I would highly recommend adding to your tbr for the summer.
I loved reading about Allison getting to know and understand her Aunt and her story. The banter between Allison and Ben was funny. Ben was hilarious and quick with his witty comebacks.

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In this enjoyable summer-themed book, main character Addison gets fired from her fancy advertising job - then finds out the aunt she hasn’t seen since she was little because her family was estranged from her has died and left Addison her house on Fire Island. Initially planning to sell it, she decides to stay for the summer and over the course of the seven summer weekends (and weeks) of the title, she finds herself changing, including opening up to the possibility of romance!

This was another winner from Jane L Rosen - I just love all of her books. This one surprised me because it’s really kind of a sequel to her last book, On Fire Island, which is not mentioned at all in the publisher blurb. Yes, Addison is a brand new character so you could theoretically read it as a stand-alone - but potential love interest Ben is the widower of On Fire Island narrator Julia, and other familiar characters make an appearance as well. So, while you could definitely read it on its own, it definitely is more enjoyable and I think would have more emotional impact if you read it second.

Anyway, I laughed and I cried, enjoyed the romance, enjoyed the quirky side characters, and loved how the summer beach setting took me away on some dreary cold and rainy days!

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Seven Summer Weekends
by Jane L. Rosen
Pub Date: June 4, 2024
Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
A woman inherits a beach house, along with a series of weekend guests, while butting heads with the irritable (and irritatingly handsome) man next door, in this sparkling new escape from Jane L. Rosen.
One of my new favorite authors:
The cast of characters that arrive each of the seven weekends help her to understand her aunt more. She hadn’t seen her aunt since she was a child but remembered her fondly. Her parents had a falling out with this aunt that Addison never understood.
Between the setting of Fire Island and the lovable characters, this book was a perfect summer escape on a cold winter day!

I highly recommend this one!

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I am appreciative of the chance to receive an ARC in exchange for sharing my genuine thoughts about the book. Thank you Jane Rosen and Berkeley Publishing.

Addison Irwin has dedicated herself to her career for the past decade, only to find herself suddenly unemployed after an unintentional slip-up during a Zoom call. With her life thrown into disarray, she learns of inheriting a home on Fire Island from her estranged Aunt Gicky. Determined to assess the property, Addison heads to the island.

Her neighbour, Ben, proves to be a puzzle—sometimes friendly, sometimes distant.

As Addison settles into her new role as caretaker, welcoming summer guests to the cottage, she encounters individuals who were once close to her Aunt, offering glimpses into her Aunt's life. Despite having vague memories of her Aunt, Addison discovers a longstanding family rift.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book's narrative style and the diverse cast of characters. Addison's bonds with her visiting friends on Fire Island were particularly captivating.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for your reading list. After finishing it, I'm excited to explore Jane's previous work set on Fire Island. It's refreshing to find a novel that defies the typical romance genre.

This book is a must-read and has piqued my interest in Fire Island. I'm adding it to my bucket list as it sounds like a charming and idyllic destination. I would rate this book 4.25 to 4.5 out of 5.

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After an egregious zoom gaffe Addison suddenly finds herself unemployed, unhireable and a bit lost. Serendipitously, she learns that her aunt, who she has some vague early childhood memories of, has left her a house (with an artist studio) on Fire Island. With nothing better to do for the summer other than wallow, she decides to spend time out there deciding whether to keep or sell it. Addison then spends the summer meeting the neighborhood’s close knit cast of characters as well as hosting the guests her aunt has booked in the studio. After spending the summer learning about the aunt she never got to know and a budding new relationship with her neighbor, Addison can’t decide what to do with her new house and the ties she is beginning to feel towards Fire Island.

While it is not said in any blurb, this is somewhat of a sequel to On Fire Island (although it can be a standalone, or read out of order) and I loved revisiting people I now consider old friends. Since I am on Fire Island every summer (and have been for over 20 years) I really do feel a kinship to these books and these characters. I love how @janerosen writes about grief and respectfully and beautifully about the next chapter in life after loss. But Jane manages to balance serious topics and keep the novel a bit light because the characters are fun and funny. If you haven’t read On Fire Island, go read before this one comes out!!

4.25 stars

Thank you NetGalley and Berkley for the ARC

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Seven Summer Weekends was such a cute read! It had me hooked from the beginning and through each week that takes place in the book I wanted more and more to visit Fire Island myself! My favorite part of the book was the unique storytelling format that Rosen uses - each new character that comes into the story gets their own background chapter which made me fall in love with them, cheer for them, and, yes, cry for them too. Off to go find On Fire Island by Jane L. Rosen now too!

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This was a very interesting story. The characters were likeable, and the story was easy to follow. I just wish that there was a rating system for books like movies. There was one very steamy sex scene and a few others were implied. There was some cussing, but it seemed to fit the story and it wasn't every other word. I don't consider myself a prude, but I don't think you need to include sex and cussing to make a good book. I probably won't read anymore from this author.

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Advanced Book Review! Thank you @netgalley and @berkleypub for sending me this book for review. Opinions are my own.
Seven Summer Weekends was my first book by Jane L. Rosen and definitely not my last. I’ve On Fire Island on my list to read for a while, but I read this one first in preparation a pre-pub book club chat with the author. I didn’t realize the two books were connected! You can definitely read this one as a stand-alone though.
I really loved this book – the Jewish rep, the Sex and the City references, Addison’s friends, the art descriptions, and especially the Fire Island setting and community. Having been to Fire Island about six years ago to stay with my husband’s relatives, I felt like I could easily picture it.
After Addison inherits a Fire Island house from her estranged aunt, she spends the summer there to decide whether she wants to keep or sell the property. Over the course of seven weekends, she hosts various visitors to the island, and gets to know her neighbours – one in particular – who help her connect with her aunt and figure out her path forward. It’s a story of how much can change over the course of a summer and how relationships with both new and familiar people can impact your life in various ways.
It was kind of a miscommunication trop between Addison and Ben. As you all know, I normally don’t love miscommunication in a novel, but this was done so well and so much better that I didn’t mind it.
I was so sad for Addison, having to learn about her fabulous aunt from others, following a falling out between her aunt and her father. Jane Rosen kept me in suspense throughout much of the book waiting to find out what they fought about and I can honestly say, I was truly surprised. I loved that Addison was able to connect with her aunt through their passion for art, and through that, Addison is able to find important pieces of herself she thought she had let go.
I need to mention how much I love the cover. After you read the book, you realize its significance even more so. The publishers really knocked this one out of the park (IYKYK about baseball in this book).

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If I had to describe this novel in one sentence I'd say, it's the kind of read that you- "just one more chapter" it until suddenly you've read the entire book in one sitting (Needless to say I loved it)

Addison is excited to finally get promoted at the ad agency she's been working at for years, but after a zoom meeting blunder she is promptly fired instead. She doesn't have much time to wallow though, because she learns that her estranged aunt Gicky has passed away & left Addison her house on Fire Island, complete with a guest house & art studio.

Addison takes her newfound time off to sort out the house & her aunt's belongings, fully intending to sell the house. But she also has to accommodate her aunt's guests- Gicky has her guest house rented out for a handful of weekends during the summer. As Addison meets the people in Gicky's life who adored her, she starts to put the fragmented pieces of her aunt's life story together, determined to get to the bottom of what happened to cause her parents to cut all communication with her aunt in the first place. Between all that she's learning from these warm & kind people, and spending time dabbling in her aunt's art studio, Addie begins to feel like she's waking up a part of herself that has long since been dormant.

As she spends more and more time with the people of the neighborhood she starts to waiver about selling, especially when some miscommunications with her hateful attractive neighbor reveal that he may not be so hateful after all.

Right away I was taken with the characters the author had crafted, both main & secondary characters. Our leads were fully formed, intelligent adults each dealing with their own shape of pain, each with reason to stare into the uncertainty of "now what?", brave enough to figure it out. There was something so refreshingly positive in the undertones of the novel, this theme of learning to see things in a different way, being more present & open to life. I saw pieces of myself in both Gicky & Addie, surprised to find how much it made me feel seen, & I especially appreciated the nods to Judaism/depictions of Jewish lifestyle

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This follow up to one of my favorite reads last summer, On Fire Island, starts with Addison Irwin, recently fired from her dream job, inheriting her late aunt's beach house. While deciding to keep the house or sell it, she meets her neighbor, Ben, who lost his wife a few years ago.

This author has quickly become one of my favorites for a summer read. She's got a way of setting the scene so you can feel yourself in the middle of a beach town. The characters that come and go to Addison's rental house do such a great job at shaping her future and helping her move on, as well as helping her get to understand the aunt she never really got to know. The female relationship in the book are well written and friendship goals. I loved how both Addison and Ben help each other move on from their losses and open themselves up to new opportunities in their lives. I'd definitely recommend reading On Fire Island before this one to get the most out of the story.


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I always know I can count on Jane L. Rosen for a great read, and I loved Seven Summer Weekends. Even though I live on Long Island, her books make me always want to hop of the ferry and explore Fire Island, and while this book deals with grief, I still think it is a perfect beach read. I loved all of the quirky characters you meet in the book and following Addison and Ben on their journeys.

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This was such a fun beach read! It was definitely a slow build at times, but such a good story with many different characters. Add this to your summer reading list! It’s the perfect summer read.

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This book took me awhile to get through, in part because the language is stilted at times, and there is a lot of telling rather than showing. I think part of it is that we don't know Addison prior to the getting fired/moving to Fire Island upheaval, so her pronouncements on what she's like or not like are not otherwise known to the reader. Also these people misunderstood each other worse than any two people have ever misunderstood anyone. But this would be a fun beach read and I definitely want to buy a house on Fire Island now, so 3.5 rounded up.

I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.

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Wow, I just finished reading Seven Summer Weekends and I have to say, it was the perfect beach read! This book is an absolute gem that will take you on a journey of love, self-discovery, and second chances. The plot centers around Addison, a woman who inherits a house on Fire Island, along with a guest house that's already booked with guests for the summer. As she tries to figure out what to do with the property, she decides to spend the summer on the island and that's when things start to get interesting!

As Addison settles into the small town, she keeps bumping into her handsome neighbor in the most unexpected ways. I mean, talk about serendipity! The chemistry between the two is undeniable and you'll find yourself rooting for them immediately. Jane L. Rosen has done a fabulous job of creating a story that's both heartwarming and emotional. I laughed, cried, and felt all the feels while reading this book.

Honestly, I couldn't put it down! I was so invested in the characters and their stories that I finished the entire book in just a couple of days. Seven Summer Weekends is a 5-star novel that is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romance with a healthy dose of women's fiction thrown in. Trust me, you won't regret diving into this one!

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Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel via NetGalley.

Addison has just been fired when she finds out she's inherited a beach house on Fire Island from her estranged aunt. While debating whether to keep it or sell, Addison learns that she’s also inherited her aunt’s list of eclectic guests, tying her to the island for seven summer weekends. And of course, there's an irritating and handsome man who lives right next door. Addison will soon need to decide whether to head back to the city or to embrace entirely new possibilities.

The vivid descriptions of island life, the eclectic guests introduced each weekend, and the romance developing with the neighbor creates a lovely story. This is a character-driven narrative and focuses more on growth and self-discovery than on romance, though that is an important subplot. It can be read as a stand-alone, though I realized belatedly that many of these characters are from her previous novel On Fire Island and I wish I had read that first.

This book is being published on June 4, 2024.... just in time for readers looking for their next beach read.

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What a wonderful debut! The exploration of identity and self-discovery added depth to the narrative, making it more than just a love story. If you're a fan of emotional, character-driven tales, "Seven summer weekends" is a compelling read that will resonate long after you've turned the last page. Thank you to Netgalley, Berkley Publishing and Jane L. Rosen for allowing me a preview e-Arc in exchange for an honest review.

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A solid 3.5 star read!

Given that I had not read the previous book, I went in pretty blind, going off the synopsis and beautiful cover. I will first say that I do think the marketing was a bit inaccurate in the representation. I did not find this to be a romance genre book. If anything, it was a contemporary fictional book that had a small side plot of romance that grew within the last third of the book. The synopsis had me believe that it was possibly a light hearted book about a woman in an eccentric small town that deals with a grumpy neighbor. I was thinking enemies to lovers and grumpy/sunshine. The man is not grumpy, he is GRIEVING.

This is a very dense book that handles family trauma and loss. The MMC is rarely in the first half of the book and only has small interactions with the FMC. The book really talks about how the FMC has reached a new phase in her life. She's at a crossroads with her career, family, and goals and meets people that help her discover herself. I loved how fiercely loyal the FMC was to her friends. Her relationship with the MMC was very up and down, realistic with misunderstandings. To be honest, I found myself more pulled toward Kizzy's side story. I would love to read more about how she handles a new chapter in her life.

Overall, it was a very sentimental read and definitely worth the read if you are in the mood for a more melancholic read.

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Gah! This book was so great. I loved the whole beach theme and the whole
Boy next door character. I love books like this! Thank you Netgalley !

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I was so excited to see a new book by Jane Rosen. I was even more excited as I began reading and realized that this book follows some of my favorite characters from last year's novel "On Fire Island".

Addison Irwin was worked very hard to achieve success in the advertising field. She is poised to be promoted when a Zoom disaster derails her career. She has recently inherited a cottage on Fire Island from her deceased aunt and flees there to regroup.

Addison discovers a quaint cottage and learns even more about her eccentric aunt and the family secrets that led to her aunt's estrangement from the family.

Author Jane Rosen does such a lovely job of creating a world of likeable characters that inhabit Fire Island. It is very rare that I give a Rom-Com or Summer read 5 stars. Although these genres are lighthearted reads they are mostly filled with fluff. Rosen creates a hearty book filled with substance.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this delightful novel.

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