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John Bevere’s latest book, “Everyday Courage: 50 Devotions to Build a Bold Faith” offers readers daily courage-building devotions designed to strengthen and develop a bold faith in today’s trying and often discouraging times. Divided into five separate parts, this book covers courage when needed in the face of fears, to overcome, in the unknown, to live in bold faith and to fully know and revere God. Each devotion starts with a scripture, followed by a brief but inspiring message and closes with a prayer. The contents of this beautiful gift book and its illustrations made for a great start to each day. I definitely recommend this devotional if you are looking to grow your faith in a bold and courageous way.

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Wow. I have read quite a few books throughout the last 30 years by John Bevere and they all have impacted my life in some way. This 50 day devotional has indeed impacted my life and I am grateful that it came across my path. Everyone needs more courage and encouragement in their lives and this little book certainly delivers both. It is perfect way to start the day as it is not too much or too little. I appreciated the practicality of what John was sharing and I loved that he ended every day with a short prayer. I hope that he will write more themed devotionals as would certainly be a user of them.

Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me a free copy of this gem in exchange for my honest review.

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In the book Everyday Courage, author John Bevere, writes about the courage it takes to live our faith boldly each day. This is a solid devotional. But it is very similar to his books. I would recommend this book. I received a copy of this e-book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

This devotional is an awesome tool in learning how to approach life with courage and endurance. It uses scripture and applicable stories to provide a biblical point of view to everyday living.

Great devotional from a Christian perspective.

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In Everyday Courage, John Bevere has written a new 50-day devotional to assist believers in increasing your faith. There is become a rise in people not standing up for their faith and sharing it boldly. We are afraid of the cancel culture and worried we might offend them. He stated how scripture, Psalm 112:8 encourages us to remember that those who stand in awe of God and are confident and fearless. This can help us to know that the fear of God will shallow up all other fears. God wants to build a strong relationship with each one of us. He explained how we can’t have intimacy with someone if we afraid of them.

One of my favorite chapters was about Andrew and how he followed Christ despite the risk he faced of being prosecuted. He is the very first very disciple. He boldly told his brother, Peter that they found the Messiah. He did at first flee when Christ was taken and arrested. After Jesus rose from the dead, he preached even if he encountered danger. He was arrested in Greece and was instructed by the governor to stop and he refused. He was sentenced to be crucified and he wanted it to be in the shape of an x. He didn’t feel worthy to be crucified in the same way Jesus was. He was one of the many disciples who were killed for commitment to Christ. Scriptures declare in Philippians 1:6 how Christ has begun a good work in us and how He will complete it. We can all hope to have the courage to live out our faith even if we may face the cost of doing so.

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to live courageously and they are wanting to live out a bold like faith. The devotionals are quick and easy to read and very impactful. I immensely loved the wide range of topics such as, “overcoming defeat, wait patiently in the wilderness, a cure for chaos, reject the fear of rejection, and be ready for the storms”. I enjoyed the personal stories he shared about his own life and how he had to trust God for His provision early in his ministry. Each day enclosed a short story, a verse, and a prayer.

"I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for my honest review.”

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A good short devotional book for someone who may not be ready for more in depth teaching that Bevere's books normally covered. I was expecting something more in depth like his other books so I definitely saw another side to his teaching in this devotional book.

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Now THIS is a devotional with some meat! I’m not a fan of many devo’s because I think a lot of them are just fluffy. But this one is NOT fluff. It gives meat every day, not just little nuggets. As the Bevere’s usually do, they speak truth straight forward and pull no punches. Highly recommend.

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