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Margo's Got Money Troubles

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What a quirky yet fun read! This one is about a young woman who struggles financially as a single mom and, inspired by the world of pro-wrestling that her dad retired from, becomes a paid social media performer on a site whose initials are O.F. and it rhymes with ShmonlyFans.

• Yeah, that plot description would turn me off too, but it’s actually a lighthearted read despite some of the serious plot points (abuse of power by the guy who impregnates her, narcissistic parents, drug abuse, sex shaming).
• At times I struggled to understand the choices Margo made (having an illicit affair with someone she was only meh about, keeping the baby, forgiving her parents’ selfish behavior), but by the end I was totally on board and rooting for everything to work out.
• This is honestly not like any other book I’ve read where it’s about serious stuff yet done in a way that’s light and not shallow or reductive. I can’t explain it, but I was very much hooked reading it because I had no clue where it would go but needed to know. The characters really grew on me and I was invested!

I think this will entertain lots of people! It’s already planned as an Apple TV+ show with Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning, so I think it’s going to be a hit. The book comes out in June and I definitely recommend it in all its weird but fun glory.

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This was bizarre yet endearing. I enjoyed the quirky characters but not so sure I was the best audience for this one. It was very well written and leaves the rested with lots to ponder....

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Here's the thing, I really did like this book. But it felt very anticlimactic throughout. As if Margo, the fmc, wasn't really caring about what was happening throughout. It was hard to resonate with her due to this.
Now the writing? The changing of POVs? Brilliant. At first it really threw me off, but I ended up really enjoying the switch from first to third.

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins for the chance to read and review this book!

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I read Rufi Thorpe's The Knockout Queen back when it came out and the book really stuck with me. I couldn't really figure out why but it did so enough that I was very excited to see Thorpe was coming out with a new book, and then when I got an advanced copy of it. Margo's Got Money Troubles was an equally delightful read- Thorpe writes such good characters. On the surface the characters seem like they're outlandish but it just doesn't read that way. Margo's growth throughout the book and the relationships she cultivates and form were enjoyable to read. I'd recommend this book to my friends and look forward to whatever Rufi Thorpe writes next.

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I loved this book.

Margo is a 19 year old college student that gets pregnant by her professor. She is forced into the adult world very quickly without a lot of support from her friends or mother. She has to figure out how to become a mother and support herself.

This book was so well done. I loved all the characters. They were relatable and interesting. I was rooting for Margo and her father. I loved the relationship they built through the book. I thought there were a lot of important themes like the gray area of moral values, women’s rights, sex work, and family issues. I can’t wait to read all the authors other books. This is definitely one of my favorite books so far this year.

Thank you to netgalley for a copy of this book!

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This ended up being a DNF for me. I love Rufi's previous book so I was excited to give this one a try. This book just felt void of emotion, nobody seemed to care about anything which lead me to not care about anything happening in the book.

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I really enjoyed this book, and it took me a long time to consider the review that I wanted to write.
There were so many facets to Margo; daughter, mother, friend, ex, victim, entrepreneur, coworker. I found it to be incredibly thought provoking and I saw a different side of a story that is too often played out in our society.

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Margo may just be my new favorite person. I was not prepared for this story or how smart and funny it would be. Margo, after a brief affair with her college professor, is pregnant and despite all the warnings from people telling her it will ruin her life, she decides to keep the baby. With no help from the baby's father, and no family or friends support, Margo finds herself without a job and close to eviction.

When we first meet Margo she feels very naive and lacks any kind of support. She is also determined and self-sufficient rarely asking for help, and never expecting it from anyone. I loved every step along the way that we spent with Margo. As she put her life together in an unconventional way, I felt incredibly proud of her. The community of people that she eventually brings together is perfection.

The story has a lot of ups and downs but her love for her son Bohdi is undeniable. There is never a time that we don't know he is her top priority. This was a wonderful story and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Thank you NetGalley and William Morrow for allowing me to read in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a tough one to times it was hysterical and others just a bit too over the top. Some cringey moments, lots of Gen z speak, and being 50 this was a little out of my depth. I think it was well written, just that it didn't grab me.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.

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Listen, I saw the title and immediately requested it because... same. However, I forgot to read the blurb and I was ecstatic to get this book but when I actually started reading it and it was about a mom I felt some disconnect. However, I was still hooked despite the weird beginning and the story bloomed into something I could not tear myself away from. Lots of Only Fans stories have been popping up lately and the most recent one I read is put to shame when compared to Margo's Got Money Troubles. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would after that first chapter. I appreciate you for letting me read this!

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I requested an ARC from Netgalley after hearing several recommendations on podcasts and loved this book so much. Maybe it's because I have a wrestling and J. Dilla loving husband but also between the somewhat unusual (at least in popular fiction) interests/employment of the characters to the literary techniques/point of view and breaking the fourth wall, this kept me hooked and I can't wait to get a hard copy to highlight!

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“This isn’t wrestling, Dad.” “Everything is wrestling.” Oh boy, where do I begin? I’ve already become a one-woman PR team for this absolute gem of a book.

Meet Margo: college dropout, single mom, sneaky talented writer, and unexpected OnlyFans sensation. Her larger-than-life wrestler dad and motley crew of friends bring new meaning to the phrase “it takes a village” as she embarks on a journey that is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming.

This was a genuine JOY to read. Made me laugh. Moved me to tears. I absolutely fell in love with Margo and Dr. Jinx.

Made me think a lot about the stories we tell ourselves about our life, the masks we show to the world, and how far we’ll go to control the narrative. This was an instant winner for me and I can’t wait to read more from Rufi Thorpe.

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I loved this nutty, little book...⁣

Hilariously funny and filled with sharp insight, Margo’s Got Money Troubles is a tender tale starring an endearing young heroine who’s struggling to wrest money and power from a world that has little interest in giving it to her. It’s a playful and honest examination of the art of storytelling and controlling your own narrative, and an empowering portrait of coming into your own, both online and off.⁣

This one is so hard to describe why I loved it so much. I thought I'd enjoy its quirkiness but I did not expect to sob and get as attached to these characters as much as I did! In fact I got the most attached to the least likely character -- the absent father/wrestler.

Don't let the wacky summaries for this one sway you or if you are looking for a wild card of a book, just dive right into this one!⁣

Thank you so much @netgalley for this free copy. Margo's Got Money Troubles is out June 11, 2024 so mark your calendars ⁣

Do you like a wacky plot and/or characters?

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I loved the authors writing style. The narration and POV switching around was excellent, especially given the context of learning things from the English teacher about POV. The writing was also just so comical, I laughed out loud at multiple sentences I didn't except to cackle at. I didn't like Margot at first but she grew on me through the book. I loved loved jinx which I didn't expect, the unsung hero of the story. The concept as a whole was so interesting, and I especially loved how Margot's relationships paralleled in many ways the relationships and experiences of her parents, but ended in a happier way. Overall this was an enjoyable pleasant read. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC copy to read and review!

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Margo’s Got Money Problems was a delight to read. It was refreshing, different, quirky, and, most of all, heartwarming.

I went into this totally blind and loved being surprised by what happened. I loved how it talks about modern-day things (apps, movie references, etc.), which sometimes gives me the reading ick but it was tastefully done here.

This is a perfect book for the summer to read by the pool or at the beach that isn’t just another thriller or romance. 4.5 stars rounded up.

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Unfortunately, this book just wasn't my cup of tea. I wasn't able to fully connect with the main character enough to dive into the narrative. (I'm sure plenty of readers will enjoy this book, and it definitely has an interesting premise. I'll try to give it another read in the future.

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This story follows Margo who is a young woman in college, and it follows her struggles through getting pregnant at a young age, the hardships she faces, her odd relationships she has with her parents and much more.

I personally just don’t think this was the book for me. I know a lot of people are saying the jumping from 1st to 3rd person was confusing and I would agree at times it could be, but for me that was actually one of the things that I did enjoy about this book. That our main character couldn’t even bare to write certain things in 1st person because of the sad reality of it all.

I do think that many people could possibly relate to Margo’s story and her hardships, which I think is another positive point in this book.

However, it was so slow paced at times. There felt like there was a LOT of random unnecessary information being told throughout the whole book. I just felt like so much of the story could have been taken out and I wouldn’t have been confused.

Overall, I think this book is for someone but unfortunately, I don’t think I’m the targeted reader. I understand what the book is trying to do and I can appreciate it for that, but for me personally I just wish there was some happy parts, it all felt very very sad.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC edition of this book!

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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for an advanced copy of this book in return for my honest review.

This was not for me. Possibly right book, wrong time?

I didn't find it funny not endearing. The only take away is that "it does take a village" to raise a child. Whether that village is blood related or not. Maybe I shouldn't have read the synopsis and gone in blind? It couldn't have hurt...

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Margo's got money troubles is a book with deep themes presented in a lighthearted way - would recommend to any young woman to read!

This book follows Margo, in both first and third person, as she talks about her unplanned pregnancy with her college English professor. She decides to keep the baby, drop out of school, and raise the baby. In a bind for money, she starts an Only Fans account. It is obvious Margo is intelligent in many different facets of life, and her work quickly becomes popular, especially with the help of her pro-wrestler dad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the themes woven in this book - found family, unplanned pregnancy at a young age, normalization of sex work. And yet with all these heavy topics this book was lighthearted and a joy to read! Gave this 4.5 stars overall, will definitely purchase and read again when it is published.

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“Margo's Got Money Troubles” is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of adulthood and the unexpected challenges life throws our way. Rufi Thorpe, once again, showcases her mastery in crafting compelling narratives with characters that linger in your mind long after you've closed the book.

What I enjoyed was the nuanced character development. Margo Millet is a protagonist who feels real, flawed, yet utterly relatable. Her journey from uncertainty to empowerment is portrayed with authenticity, and Thorpe's writing style is unique, infusing each sentence with wit, humor, and a poignant understanding of the human experience. With themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of storytelling, "Margo's Got Money Troubles" is a must-read for anyone craving a tale that is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Having adored Rufi Thorpe's previous work, "The Knockout Queen," I was thrilled to discover that "Margo's Got Money Troubles" is right up there with it. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought-provoking and engaging read. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

A sincere thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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