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Red Bird Danced

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This middle grade novel in verse is such an important addition to any reading collection. Missing Indigenous women ... wow. The awareness. The insights. The dual story lines. Absolutely stunning in content and images elicited. Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC!

Ariel's aunt is missing. Tomah struggles to read. Housed in an urban Native housing project, the two seek to connect with their ancestors. Full of hope, courage, and emotion.

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This is a beautiful story told by two cousins living on an urban reservation. It introduces and addresses MMIW in a way that is perfect for middle-grade readers.

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This MG Novel In Verse features two ojibwe teens who live in an urban Native American community.

Ariel and Tomah shine in their poetic setting. The theme of dancing, whether it be Ariel learning to jingle dance or Tomah struggling to read as the words 'dance' on the page, is beautiful and very symbolically representative of Native dancing.

There is a deep touch on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women (#MMIW) issues as Ariel's aunt has gone missing. It explores the effect this has on the community and the way the community comes together for it.

This is an exceptional story grounded in what life is like for modern urban Native Americans, we do not exist in stereotype western form, and would be a good addition to any school library for that fact alone, but it also has a heart and depth to it that is easy to find inspiring for any reader.

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Beautifully written novel in verse exploring two native kids finding their voice. It also centers Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, a crisis that all readers should be learning about. This book presents it in an entirely accessible way for young students.

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I really enjoyed reading this. It was a great way to introduce us to new culture and having characters that have a great strength to them. The story was what I was hoping for and I really enjoyed. Th author was able to use their background to make a great story. I enjoyed getting to know these characters in their world. I thought it was beautifully done. It left me wanting to read more as I really enjoyed what I read.

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