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Native Son

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This was such a strong sequel to the American Patriot series. It had what I had enjoyed from the first book, and the characters were still just as good but more developed than this one. It have the same element of tension and using that to it's advantage. I enjoyed getting to go on this read because it was like the authors view of the birth of a nation. I thought it was pretty accurate to historical setting, and I never felt like the characters didn't belong in the story. JM Hochstetler wrote a great story with this one and the first book and left me wanting more.

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Packed full of historical events and people with a little romance thrown in, I look forward to continuing this American Revolutionary series.


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I accidentally hit this button the other day when requesting another book.
I have read this one before and it was/is very good.
I was lost within this story as soon as I opened it's pages. Lots going on and the scenery was described so well that I could picture it and feel like I was with the characters in this story.
This author has done very well and her research is explicit.
I didn't want the story to end.

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This one kind of suffered from the second book slump. But it was still good book. And helped be a bridge from book one to book two.

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