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I've followed Momma Cusses for years, so I was excited about this book. Unfortunately, I didn't really like it. It seemed to be filled with so many disclaimers throughout. The tone being so conversational took me out of the book too much. I just wanted more content. I recently read Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself, which I think better states similar things to Laithland in a more useful way. I listened to the audiobook, which the author fabulously narrates. She has such a great voice and brings wonderful life to the text.

Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for providing this ebook and audiobook ARC. All thoughts are my own.

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My ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book was simultaneously funny, concise, and informative with helpful parenting suggestions /reminders and child development details. Sadly, in the case of toddler parents like me, at least partly the answer to some of my current issues or concerns is “that’s pretty much typical, try this, do the best you can, they’ll eventually grow up and stop doing that or at least will go to school and won’t do it where you see/hear it 24/7/365,” so there’s that.

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This is a reactive or gentle parenting book that presents this type of parenting in a really relatable, realistic way with real life examples of how the author has put it into practice. It's not new information, but when paired with other books on the topic, I think this is really helpful for getting a wider variety of thoughts on how to apply these ideas in real life.

I thought Gwenna's narration was particularly good and really brought the book to life.

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This was ok overall. It was a little more gentle parenting than I was expecting and I do agree with some others that the narrator spent a little too much time trying hard to make everything witty and funny. Most of the information is stuff readily available on her social media. Not a bad listen overall.

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"Being a kid is harder than we remember. Being a parent is harder than we expected."

There are so many parenting books out there- I have read my fair share of them - but I have never read one as entertaining as Momma Cusses.

Gwenna is known for her relatable, honest, sometimes irreverent style. Her book is no different. If you are familiar with Gwenna from TikTok or any of her other social platforms, you probably already know what you are getting yourself into. But if you are not already a Gwenna fan, you can still find great information here, and I would even go so far as to say you'll likley be a fan of her by the end.

This book is narrated by Gwenna herself, and she does a truly fantastic job. It's like having a parenting discussion with your best friend; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll question the sanity of a person who mixes their peanut butter and jelly with absolutely no regard for distribution of flavors.

The style of parenting Gwenna is exploring in this book is not a new fresh-out-of-the-box idea, thousands of books have been written on responsive parenting (I mean probably. It's not like I went and counted.) But Gwenna does a great job making the ideas feel approachable and realistic.

If you are a parent and you feel overwhelmed by all the parenting-related content out there, Momma Cusses is a great resource. Parenthood can feel isolating, it's nice to know you aren't experiencing it alone.

It's not about raising kids, its about raising humans

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the arc
Anticipated publication March 5, 2024

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While I don't follow her regularly, I've run across Gweena on social media several times and always find her entertaining and down to earth and these traits have easily carried over to this book. I really appreciate her willingness to be raw and honest while also acknowledging that there's no perfectly packaged solution to easy parenting. I gained some ideas to try with my own kids, but also just found this entertaining and a form of self care listening to someone tell me it's okay to think being a parent is really hard.

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Upfront I feel I need to tell you, I don't have children. I have a wide variety of step-children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren along with amazing neighbors that have small children that I interact with regularly. None of that stopped me from enjoying the heck out of Momma Cusses: A Field Guide to Responsive Parenting & Trying Not to Be the Reason Your Kid Needs Therapy by Gwenna Laithland. The audio book is narrated by both Gwenna and her daughter Abbi which was delightful.

I follow Gwenna on social media, which is what led me to my interest in her book. Her sense of humor is delightful and her story telling ability is very good. I was prepared to enjoy those aspects of her book and not really take any life lessons from it, and boy was I surprised to find myself taking notes! Her advice for responsive parenting is spot on and I will be attempting to use that advice. Her snark and humor makes each story she tells just so much more relatable to my life than I ever expected. I love that she also lets the reader/listener know that she fails and nobody is perfect, and laughing along the way is just fine.

Thanks to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to review this advanced listening copy of Momma Cusses.

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This book didn't really offer anything more than her social media platform already does. One of the most off putting things of the book was the usage of alternative language (wording to get around the censoring filter of tik-tok) It is a book. You do not have that filter. You can say die, died, murdered, ect.

I can't recommend the book but I do recommend following her on social media.

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This wasn't exactly my speed, the title of the book did not prepare me for the gentle parenting approach offered within its contents. It is still a very good book and I can see myself recommending it, just not personally applying very much of it to my own parenting experience. The narration of the audiobook was enjoyable though, I will say!

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I've followed Gwenna for a few years on Instagram, so I was overjoyed to be selected to listen to and review her upcoming release. I love that she narrated the book herself, because she is so relatable, funny and easy to listen to. She is validating, understanding and cheers you on - it truly feels like a conversation with a friend (albeit one-sided, but you feel understood!). She does not claim to be an expert, nor claim to be perfect - instead she offers wisdom from her experiences in the trenches of motherhood that we all often relate to at some point or another. I would recommend this book to all parents, however I'd also recommend it to anyone who loves a child (niece, nephew, grandchild, etc.. ) if they want the best relationship they can with that child (and of course, if you don't want to be the reason that child needs therapy). Based on the audiobook, the hardcopy will be super neurodivergent friendly - it is broken down into small, digestible chunks AND has TLDR at the end. Though she acknowledges that she does not mention any strategies or experiences specifically with parenting neurodivergent and/or disabled children, as an ND mama to ND children I feel this book is still absolutely relevant (you may just add your own modification, as always do what works for you and your family!). 5 stars. Would recommend AND would purchase when it becomes available!

Thank you to Macmillan Audio, Gwenna Laithland and NetGalley for this Advanced Listener Copy!

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This was…ok. There are a few tidbits of good information and ideas here and there but it spends so much time on disclaimers and then most of the rest trying soooooo hard to be funny and witty about every single thing, that it overshadows most of the actual helpfulness. I do think for the right reader this book may help them feel seen in their struggles cause yah, parenting is hard. If you don’t have anyone to commiserate about that with, this book might help you feel a little less alone in the parenthood trenches. But for me, it wasn’t really anything new and it just felt kind of…exhausting…to get through.

I do appreciate that it’s narrated by the author, I always feel like that gives this type of book a more authentic feel.

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Isn’t that all we want as parents? To work ourselves out of a job, because our kids have becoming decent at adulting? Perhaps adulting EVEN BETTER than their parents?

I’ve followed Gwenna (Gwenna, can I call you Gwenna?) for a few years, now, on Instagram (I know, she’s a TikTok sensation, but I’m 45, so…) and I’ve always enjoyed her blend of Gentle Parenting, Candid Speech, and Hair Colour.

Do I wish I’d had this book 15 years ago, when I had my own littles (including twins), yes.
Is having this book now, instead, still helpful? Also, yes.

I enjoyed her Field Guide, and TL:DR sections (I did read, tho, I swear), as well as her anecdotes.

I particularly appreciated both her repetition of things like, “Responsive Parenting isn’t Permissive Parenting”, “There is no such thing as a parenting expert”, and the word, “fuck”.

Have a kid? Read this book.
Want a kid? Read this book.
Love a kid? Read this book.

Thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and Macmillain Audio for this hilariously helpful ARC.

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Honestly, I picked this ARC because of the title alone! It sounded raw and honest for a parenting book, so I wanted to see what it was all about. I had never heard of Gwenna Laithland nor seen her TikToks before. You bet I am following her now after listening to her book! I appreciate her openness and honesty about parenting. Although the information she presents isn't anything new, she expresses it in an extremely relatable way. She offers tips with real-life examples of how kids would react and explains what to do in very practical steps. Much of parenting is trusting your intuition because as she states there are no parenting experts, but you know your child best. She is funny and this book has a way of feeling like she's wrapping you up in a big hug. It's many parenting books summarized into one and I would definitely recommend to all parents.

I received this audiobook in exchange for my honest opinions. Thank you NetGalley and Macmillian Audio.

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I just finished reading Momma Cusses by Gwenna Laithland. I found it extremely informative. Interestingly enough, it was the first item on my adult daughter's birthday list, so I have pre-ordered it for her.

This a book about active, not reactive, parenting. It's definitely welI-written and I found most of the author's suggestions excellent, although I could never be that sweetly reasonable with an out-of-control child.

I would recommend this book to expectant and new parents and grandparents.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free digital audio copy of this title from Net Galley.


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I listened to the audiobook, which was read by Gwenna herself, and highly recommend listening to it if you can. If you are a fan of hers on social media, the book is very similar. Listening to the book feels like you’re hearing a friend tell you about their experiences. As a psychologist I really appreciate Gwenna’s style of parenting and feel that it would be helpful for most any parent-child relationship. I appreciate the way she models her suggestions - more as coming from a friend who has done a lot of research and practice, rather than from an expert on child development. In fact, she states explicitly multiple times that she is not a parenting expert and says that her techniques may not work for everyone. Gwenna gives concrete examples of both times she failed and times she did well. Her approach really boils down to being curious and respectful of your child as a separate person with their own thoughts, goals, desires, and feelings. I encourage you to “sit a spell” and listen to her stories and advice. I bet that, like I did, you will find something valuable to take away and try with your own kids.

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*This* is the type of parenting book I love. It's funny, helpful, and (above all) real. And she's inventive in her swearing, which I appreciate. I don't know how many times she emphasizes that you know your child best and should adapt your parenting tactics accordingly, but it's A LOT. However, the advice given and gentle parenting strategies described are caring and thoughtful. Unknowingly I had worked out a lot of the same strategies for my own kids and it's nice to hear that my efforts aren't alone! (If only I had this book 15 years ago...)

Also, the introduction written by her daughter was fantastic. How very clever of them to show that *now* is the best time to modify your own behaviors to better your kid's. Recommended for all parents (or parents-to-be)!

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Momma Cusses: A Field Guide to Responsive Parenting & Trying Not to Be the Reason Your Kid Needs Therapy

I Picked Up This Book Because: I love the author’s social media and curiosity.

Media Type: Audiobook
Source: Netgalley
Dates Read: 1/20/24 - 1/22/24
Stars: 4 Stars
Narrator(s): Gwenna Laithland

I will start this by saying I do not have children so my opinion is very light. I do, however, work in a middle school and have 14 nieces and nephews. Yes, my friends' kids are my nieces and nephews. So I am interested in how to support children and their parents in different ways. Gwenna is so down to earth and relatable. She does not pretend to be perfect and readily acknowledges that things that work for her and her family may not work for yours. She gives a good number of suggestions for you to try and is encouraging in saying if they don’t work try something else. I liked the style of writing and the TLDR sections at the end of each chapter. I found having a summative take away at the end of each chapter helpful. This is one of those books you will read multiple times because being a responsive parent is a journey and you may want to go back and check in on techniques or have reminders.

The Random Thoughts:

The endless nicknames for children are hilarious.

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Here's the disclaimer for this review, I have no children, but am academically interested in child development, follow the author on TikTok and find parenting strategies theoretically interesting. If you are like me, this book is probably not for you.

BUT, I think this might be really great for real parents, a guidebook of tips learned the hard way. This book is super neurodivergent friendly. It is written in small chunks, full of stories and ends every chapter with a TLDR. The TLDR is my fave part of the wholeeeee book! There are tons of examples and ultimately, I think the author did an okay joy respecting their childrens privacy by selecting stories that did are not embarrassing for them.

The audiobook is read by the author with foreword read and written by their child. I really liked that!!

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This book should be read by every parent. I will be purchasing it when it comes out. I have loved Gwenna since tiktok and she’s the reason that I responsive parent. This hit me in all the feels when necessary and was a great reminder to keep on trucking in the direction that I am. She is the perfect person to listen to for any starting parent and this book feels like a sit down chat with her about parenting my children.

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I went into this not realizing I'd seen Gwenna Laithland's TikToks online before. I didn't know who she was, only that I'd heard good things about the book. As a parent to two young children who is REALLY afraid of screwing them up in some way, the title and subject matter drew me in. I'm not a non-fiction reader--but I knew this would be a lighter, more entertaining read if I did choose to try out a parenting book. That was an accurate assumption. Listening to the audio, there were multiple times where I laughed.

The author reiterates key points throughout the book, like how we're not parenting experts but experts on how to parent OUR kids. Not everything works for every kid. The real life experiences she shared are things I've seen firsthand, one way or another, or know I'll experience one of these days. Some of her tips I do in my daily parenting life already. Some I don't, but plan to start doing. Reading this made me feel like I'm doing pretty good at this parenting thing, and others made me realize I'm not alone with the way I feel. Either way, it definitely made me feel less like a crazy person, which is always a plus.

I would definitely recommend this to any caregiver who doesn't want to be the reason a kid needs therapy. We could all learn a thing or two about how to regulate our emotions, and this book can definitely help with that.

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