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Note: I tandem read the book and the audiobook.

I've been following Gwenna on social media for awhile now, and one thing that has stuck out to me is how genuine she always comes off. She's the kind of woman I'd love to sit down and have dinner with and just talk about anything and everything.

I love hearing Gwenna's personality come through in the audiobook. Gwenna is incredibly personable and relatable. She delivers her takes on responsive parenting in a way that doesn't condescend or shame parents if they've done things differently. Her tone is conversational yet affirming that we are all in this together.

Side note: I love the forward from her daughter, Abbi. Incorporating her gives us readers/audience a true glimpse that Gwenna wants to do what's best for her family and Abbi's forward reassures us that while Gwenna's style may not worked for everyone, it works for them (also her disclaimer).

Full disclosure: I'm not a parent and I don't think that's my path in life, but reading her book gave me a new appreciation for parenthood and how small changes in the way people can parent can make the biggest differences. I loved Gwenna's honesty, vulnerability, sass and relatable-ness. While motherhood may not be in my future, I do have little ones in my life and there are so many lessons that I can take from Gwenna that will help me build great relationships with them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Funny, interesting, and has some great points. My kids are older (14,15,18) I wish I’d had this a few years ago. I have already recommended it to my Goddaughter.

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Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

I love Gwenna! I have loved her outlook since I found her on TikTok. Being a millennial and still trying to figure out the whole parenting thing, her videos really resonated with me! When I found out about her book I immediately pre-ordered it. Thankfully I got a copy here so I was able to listen earlier!

Gwenna's outlook on parenting is honest, direct, and it just makes sense. I learned a lot from her about responsive parenting and self self-care! It made me want to do some research and start making a change in the way I parent my children. I want to make sure my kids are fully prepared for the world as adults, and its never to late to start.

I highly recommend this book, sometimes a different perspective just puts everything in place.

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If you want to know what listening to this book is like, imagine you're sitting down for coffee with one of your best girlfriends and you're just looking for a little bit of empathy and advice on this crazy thing we do called parenting. You want a safe space to confess how you lose it with your kids sometimes and you want to work on that? You got it. You're entering a judgement free zone by sitting down with this book. Unless you're a monster who doesn't make their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the right way.

I'm a follower of Gwenna on social media and I'm a big fan of her content, so when I saw that she has released an audiobook I knew I had to listen to it. I felt so encouraged the entire time I was listening to this book. I think the most beautiful thing about this audiobook is that Gwenna could not be more real with you. She openly talks about her struggles and doesn't try and come across as an expert who always makes the right choices when it comes to responsive parenting. I binged this audiobook in one day, but it's the kind of book that you'll want to also have a physical copy on hand, because each day brings its own challenges and depending on what you're going through with your kids you'll want to flip back and reread some chapters.

Do I think these techniques will work with every child? Who's to say. Every child is different.

Do I think every parent who is struggling with reactive parenting and wants to make a change should invest in this book? Definitely.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of this audiobook!

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Momma Cusses: A Field Guide to Responsive Parenting & Trying Not to Be the Reason Your Kid Needs Therapy by Gwenna Laithland is a fantastic read.

Many self-proclaimed experts claim to have the secret formula for raising perfect children. However, Gwenna Laithland is not one of them. In her book "Momma Cusses", Gwenna uses her unique style of snark and sarcasm to explain her personal approach to parenting, which involves being responsive rather than reactive. She also outlines the steps she takes to raise her own children.

Although I am not a parent, I follow Gwenna on social media and am a big fan of hers. I requested an advance copy of her book because I thought I could apply some of her advice when interacting with my middle school students and young children. The book is fantastic - Gwen's Instagram posts are always entertaining and informative, and this book is no exception. Even though I don't have kids and won't be having any in the future, I still learned a lot about how to handle children better. I only wish my parents had known some of these tips and tricks. While Gwenna's methods may not work for everyone, they are certainly worth a try, as they offer practical and useful advice.

I was overwhelmingly excited to be chosen for an advanced copy of this book, and I cannot wait for a hard copy to complete my collection. Thanks to Gwenna Laithland, NetGalley, and Macmillan Audio for the gifted ARC.

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I usually HATE nonfiction. Especially parenting books because the authors get preachy. I LOVED this audiobook.

Momma Cusses was so relatable. As a parent that has worked hard to be responsive, apologizes regularly, valued consent, and also navigating neurodivergence regulation, I appreciated the perspectives in this book. It made me feel like I’m not alone. Someone else experiencing so much of the same.

Some favorite conversations she had was about responsive parenting not being reactive, the power of apologizing, helping children understand the feelings they are experiencing, parent timeouts, and understanding the cause of the melt downs.

I was able to get a copy of this audiobook as an ARC and appreciate the opportunity to give an honest review.

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Hilariously refreshing! I love Gwenna Laithland's outlook on parenting and I will definitely be buying myself a print copy.

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Gwenna is such a magical creature! Listening to her, sometimes scathing, humor about her parenting journey was one of the best things I've ever listened to. I don't have children myself, but I helped raise a handful, and I've been a children's librarian for over a decade. Her tips and how she's dealt with issues could come in handy to scores of parents and parental figures alike. ALL THE STARS!

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Although I throughly enjoyed listening to the author/narrator, and chuckled a few times, I felt like this self help parenting book was not all that different from other parenting books. Does she swear? Yes. Is she sarcastic? Yes. Is she a real life mom that makes no claim to be a professional parenting coach? Yes. Were her tips and tricks helpful? Absolutely. The only downfall is that I’ve heard most of this before. Nothing new or earth shattering in this book.

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Momma Cusses is an extremely relatable, lighthearted guide to responsive parenting. Gwenna's fun attitude shows through in her narration and could keep any parent engaged in the topic. While so many parenting books are very stiff and technical, in Momma Cusses, Gwenna Laithland takes serious topics within parenting and breaks them down in an easily digestible format, while also sharing her own stories as an aid to introduce the topic. A worthy read for any parent wanting to connect more deeply with their kids.

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A parenting book for elder millennials! I felt like I was listening to a friend talk about parenting. I loved that Gwenna kept reminding the reader/listener that they know their child best and that they know how to parent their child best, but this is what she has learned during her time as a parent. She brought in humor that kept the book entertaining, not just a dry parenting book like so many are. Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the opportunity to listen to this advance copy of Momma Cusses.

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I saw this book on a day when I was having a really bad mom day. I had yelled, a lot and was feeling bad about it. The title alone spoke to me. Then Gwenna started talking, and I realized I really wanted her to be my new best friend. I too am an elder millennial with young kids, my own set of daddy issues and anxiety. My journey as a working mom has been particularly turbulent, as I never realized that there was an actual"way" to parent. I didn't know about all the different philosophies, styles or controversies surrounding the cornucopia of options. I just did what felt right, followed her lead, and tried to balance everything as a mom, wife and career gal.And while I wasn't exactly killing it, my tiny human was turning out amazing. For the first 4 years or so. Then it all went to code brown status. My angel girl turned into a tiny terror with a frighteningly good vocabulary, my husbands razor sharp wit and my short fuse when hungry. When we found out we were going to be a party of 4, it got crazier. Then Kindergarten started. And baby brother came early, right before Christmas 2023. And I went back to work. Not even one year as a mom of two and I was struggling.

Gwenna's book opened a new world about parenting for me. It made me realize that I was basically so deep in the thick of it, I didn't know how to get out. I was expecting too much of a 6 year old. I was reacting to her instead of responding. I was not parenting with intention. I'm paraphrasing, but I believe Gwenna says something along the lines of its ok to be angry, but its not ok to be mean about it/take it out on other people/be a jerk, and it really stuck with me.

Momma Cusses was the last book I read of 2023, which I find fitting since new years are supposed to be a start of new beginnings. I would suggest it as reading to any parent or prospective parent, even grandparents and other adults who are going to interact with babies. I'm 10 days into intentional parenting, and reading other books written by other moms to gain their perspective, but I find Gwenna so relatable, it's like hanging out with a friend.. It also led me down a rabbit hole of her social media videos, and they're a breath of fresh air. I'm a sucker for an author narrated audio book, and this is very well done.

I will be writing a more in depth review to be posted on my blog and social media's as the publication date gets closer. I'll be adding a physical copy of this book to my library for sure so I can make all kinds of notes.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to and review this audio book.

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This book was just okay for me. While I do value the author being completely honest and open about how dang hard it is to be a parent, this book just wasn't stellar for me. It was a very cute and funny read, but I didn't feel enlightened like I had hoped. It is still worth a read if you are a parent just don't expect to learn anything. I received this as an ARC so thanks to NetGalley and MacMillian Audio for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This books is fabulous. I follow Gwen on Instagram and she does not disappoint. I do not have, nor will I have children, but I learned a lot on how to handles the children in my life. I wish my parents had known even half of these tricks. Therapy might not be needed! Lol! Practical tips and tricks that may not work for everyone, but why not give it a try?

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I'm not currently a parent, and I don't plan to become one anytime soon, but I've followed Gwenna on Tik Tok for years and really enjoy her take on things. If you like irreverent millennial speak or her social media content, I totally recommend this. Beyond learning about parenting, I think there's a lot adults can take away about self management and empathy.

Momma Cusses is not a how to guide for parenting, but instead a field guide. Gwenna expertly pairs lived experience, child development research, and humor to provide examples and considerations for parent. Note that she's pretty clear that she's talking about children mostly after infancy, she shares that the first year is about survival, not parenting.

If you're an audiobook listener, I highly recommend listening to this audiobook. I found it to be informative and funny, and I think the author did a really phenomenal job narrating - I don't think anyone else could have done it justice! Thank you to #NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for granting me access to an audio ARC!

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While I am not yet a parent and initially picked up this audiobook because I watch Gwenna’s content on TikTok, I was blown away by how thoroughly informative and humorous this book was. I’m so glad that Gwenna narrated the audiobook, as it added the necessary intended tone to the words. Overall, I walked away with so many great strategies for not only parenting, but also navigating my own emotions and actions.

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You do not need to be familiar with Gwenna's social media accounts (I had never heard of her) to follow this book on responsive parenting. This is a witty, informative, but realistic instruction guide . Gwenna gives advice without making you feel bad on ways you have parented in the past.

I will advise that the intro is super long and a bit boring, BUT it is a must read to understand the rest of the book.

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This book was a fantastic book on parenting for kids at any age. It is packed with advice and is also hilarious! An enjoyable read.

The narration of the audiobook only added to the enjoyment of this book! I definitely recommend it.

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Thank you so much to the publisher for an advance phsycial copy & netgalley for an advance audio copy.

I adore Gwenna on tiktok and she narrates this book! I love that she kept making a huge point that YOU are the expert on YOUR child. The book is funny but helpful. I loved it.

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Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the advanced audio of Momma Cusses. While I am a parent of an 8 and 12 year old, there were still many things that resonated with me in this book. If any of these resonate with you, I highly recommend you read or listen to this book. Gwenna Laithland is relatable and honest. As I was listening, I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend.

These are the things that resonated with me:
* Our job is to parent ourselves out of a job.
* No amount of perfection will ever be enough. That is the problem with perfection.
* Messing up around our kids is a teachable moment.
* Show kids how to apologize by apologizing.
* Don't seek perfection, just improvement.
* Mom guilt is useful. It makes us more aware of our tone and actions.
* I"m sorry is an important thing to say to our children.
* We have to let kids learn how to fail safely.
* Taking care of yourself is taking care of your kids.

I love parent mantra:
I'm not a perfect parent and that's ok. I'm doing my best and that's enough. I am learning how to be a parent just like my kid is learning how to be a person.

Quotes subject to change upon publication. If any of these things resonates with you or you relate to them, learn more by reading or listening to this book upon the audio release on March 5, 2024.

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