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The concept of this book had me excited. I was expecting this to be more like "A Shape of Thunder." While the sci-fi aspect is cool, it did not fulfill the potential I expected. James lacked the spark I needed for his age. Yun was an amazing character and I wanted more from her.

I love finding books that are set in Australia, both because it is not common and because I look back on living there for a year fondly. However, I think this makes it harder for my students to connect to this book.

I wanted to like this and think that there will be a certain audience that will enjoy this book. I just cannot connect this well to any of my kiddos.

Thank you to Net Galley and Simon and Schuster's Children's Publishing for the eARC!

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James is a bit too pouty to carry the weight of this story. Yes, he's upset after his parents divorce, but he barely seems like a kid dealing with that. The plot goes all over the place without grabbing our attention. Yan, however, is fantastic, and things really sparkle when she is on the page. It just isn't enough to make up for James.

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