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Her stalker wants to claim her now even more.. but Madison is not giving up. She wants to be free, so badly that she would everything on fire.

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I stopped after chapter 1 (3%). This doesn’t feel like it works as a stand-alone so it isn’t appropriate for our libraries. However, it has the vibes of the other book, so I imagine those who liked the rest of the series will continue to like this one.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bloom Books for the ARC.

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This book did not disappoint! I have been wanting to read this series for everrrrrr and i absolutely loved it!

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Tensions keep rising between Madison Kate and her lovers, and this is book #3 of the series. There wasn't a lot of plot movement in this book considering this book is #3 of 4 in the series. There was some decent character growth, but I feel like Madison Kate should be more suspicious of her surroundings at this point. I'd like to see how the series ends from here.

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These men make you want to scream. Sometimes it is hard to switch your thoughts about someone. Archer has been such a jerk throughout the series, that it is almost hard to turn my thinking around about him even finding out more about him.

They have quite a ways to go with MK with all the things she has learned about those around her. Looking forward to the next book.

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This book continues where the last left off, and more elements slowly unfold as the story goes on. I love each character so much now, and I can't wait to read the final book.

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Tate James has become one of my favourite authors. I absolutely love this series. I could not wait to read this book after the cliffhanger ending in #2.

So in this book you will find:
- MK as the powerful FMC she is
- gun fights
- break ins
- stalker
- dead bodies
- fist fights
- spicy scenes
- MK & the boys scrapping their relationship back together after the brutal ending of #2!

So far this book is my favourite ❤️

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OK so WOW! These books just keep getting better and better... and then BAM that ending.. WTH!!

I just LOVE the relationship that Archer and MK are building... actually the relationship she has with all of them.. The twist keep coming and I am here for it all.

I have gotten so sucked into this world that Tate James have given to us... I neeeeeeed to know what happens.. Its going to be a sad day when this series ends.. I am so thankful that I found these books and had the opportunity to dive in head first!!

Now on to the 4th..

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Holy, hell. This was TOP TIER enemies turning into lovers. This was my favorite of the series. I throughly enjoyed that we got to see MK step out from under the boys and stand on her own feet. I loved her living on her own and to see her step into her own power. And Cas, ugh I love that man and hope to see him more. And to see Kody, Steele and Archer grovel their way back into her good graces was delightful. So many of our questions were answered, and yet the plot keeps evolving. Just when you think you have everything figured out, Tate pulls the rug out from under you!

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The third instalment in the Madison Kate series and after the shocking revelation at the end of Liar, Madison Kate is determined to take back control of her life. She’s had enough of her three housemates who have done nothing but lie and want to control her, even the Reapers who are protecting her have their own agenda. Well, she’s about to show them she’s taking her life back on her own terms.

I was happy to see Archer finally drink the Kool-ade and get on the ‘we love Madison Kate’ train. I was beginning to think he never would. Of course, the heroine doesn’t make it easy for any of her men making them work hard for her forgiveness and I’m loving the development of their various relationships including all the ensuing passion and steam. In the meantime the action continues with stalkers, hitman, gangs and love-struck students all after a piece of Madison Kate, the hits just keep coming for our intrepid heroine and the motives why are still as clear as mud. With the danger escalating will everyone survive to see this series conclude. I don’t know. I do know that Tate James with her addictive style of writing is the queen of the cliffhanger with yet another dramatic one here and it’s the most shocking one yet!

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This is the third installment of the Madison Kate series and it doesn't disappoint.

MK's relationship with Steele and Jody develops further and FINALLY, the situation with Archer progresses (fans self). Did you doubt the author's skills? She has mastered the art of grabbing your attention with storylines and flawed characters. I will admit, MK in book 1 was not my favorite. Her growth is evident, as well as the other male leads.

Still on the fence? The mystery and suspense factor will keep you invested. I promise, you'll never look at a pig farm the same way.

But wait! There's more. That cliffhanger? Will have you begging for the last book. Loved this series.

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Wow, I'm not sure I can express in words how amazing this book was. This series is going to become my favorite, surpassing Kit's series. I couldn't get enough of this book. I kept trying to make it last longer, but I kept getting sucked in too much and couldn't make myself stop. I adored this book and am already itching for the fourth and final one later this year. I loved how strong MK is, that she didn't instantly forgive the guys. They had to earn it back (some more than others). There are so many scenes that stick out to me, but here are my favorites: the pool scene with my favorite, Steele; Kody getting back at Archer and not holding back, and Archer finally letting his shields down (not entirely, but their moments were everything I had hoped for and more!).

The heat in this book is less than the first, but each scene packs a punch! The tension and pinnacle moments with MK and all of her guys were epic, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I love all the twists and turns, some super shocking, some that we could see coming. I have a theory on the stalker and Hades, but we will only find out in book 4 in a couple of months. I wanted to punch Scott myself and am glad Bree finally opened up because I totally thought she was in on it too.

This book explains a lot (I can't wait to listen to all the books on audio to catch up on some stuff I had missed early on in the series), but we still have SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I am definitely going to get these in paperback. This series has skyrocketed to my top 10 RH series.

I will say, don't be surprised there is a cliffhanger on this one. Tate ALWAYS does this, so no one should be shocked. This one literally made me chuck my Kindle, but I know she won't do my favorite wrong. He is too important to MK so I know he will pull through, hopefully early on in book 4. I highly recommend this book and the overall series. I have nothing to critique at all, which is super refreshing for me. Please pick up this series. We need more people to vent to.

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Thank you Tate James, NetGalley and Bloom Books, for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts are my own and left voluntarily.

Actual rating: 2,5 stars
This could easily be trilogy. Too many unnecessary and dragged out scenes.
Because of how addicting and easy to read this was, I actually had somewhat good time reading it. You know, the same feelings I got when I read other author's duology. It was so absurd and dramatic, that it became like a comedy to me. This is the same situation with MK series. So many situations and characterizations could be improved, but what did we get? Let me tell you:

1. Repetition, repetition, repetition.
2. Plot is somewhere between all the nonsense and cheesy interactions. With a dash of *drama*. Stalker and hitman plot was so dragged out.
3. Since the beginning, I never was MK fan. I don't know why, but I just don't like her that much. I don't get her why a lot of people label her badass. I guess I have different ideas about that. I experienced so many cringe moments with her, that I had enough of it for the rest of the year. Her ''I will get my revenge / I will show you my wrath / I will never forgive you'' threats were just that. Pranks with salt or hair dye, some 'stern words' and then after 2 sec - sexy time. Have a backbone for at least 2 chapters and stay true to your word, and not jump someone's d**k right after you say ''ohh, I will hurt you as much as you all hurt me''. You can't get both. girl!
4. Still don't care about Archer. He could as well be a ghost.
5. I wanted to scratch my eyes every time when I saw words ' girl' , 'babe' or use of full name (honestly, I don't know why it bothers me but it does). I lost the count of my 'fav' words throughout the books.
6. We actually know so little about boys - pretty much all that you will remember is: Archer - angry fighter, who likes rain, Steele - pierced musician who's pro with guns and Kody - trainer who likes pizza and word 'babe'. Like, ok. I feel so attached.
7. 'Twists' that does not make sense/were not necessary.

Perplexing - I wanted to give up on these books, but I still wanted to see how this will be wrapped up. Masochist much, I guess.

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I’m totally addicted to this series! I know I’m late to the game but I normally steer clear of what most people consider “bad a$$” heroines but I really like MK. I was hoping that the back and forth with Archer would have stopped before this 3rd book but that didn’t bother me too bad.
If you love secrets, twists and turns and 3 hot, overprotective guys. This is a series for you.

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Although this one was slower than the others it was so worth the read. Man I love these books and can not wait for more. And these new covers are gorgeous!! The characters were amazing and I could not put this down.

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Well. Tate James. You are a cruel cruel woman. How could you do that to us? That cliffhanger ripped my heart out. Luckily, I have book four already loaded on my kindle. Big thanks to Bloom Books for my ARC copies!

So after the cliffhanger hanger of book two, I went into this book totally ready for Archer to finally be a big boy and share his feelings. Thankfully, the author didn't make me wait too long. Archer our little ray of sunshine just made his way to my top fav. I read the first 60% off this book in one sitting and finished the rest in the next. Yes. I'm still addicted. There is so much action and just shocking discoveries to keep me flipping pages. I wasn't planning to dive into book four right away since I have some other ARCs that need my attention but, after that cliffhanger, it's safe to say that good intention is history.

Thank you to the author and Bloom Books for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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this book was fun and i liked the characters! i am not sure if reverse harem is my kind of book genre, but it was still fun.

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This is the most thrilling five-star read. I am so eager to get stuck into number four right now!! My goodness the pace in this story is intense, the writing is so well done you can feel your heart pumping in worry for MK, and everyone else in her life. The pace of this whole series has been great, you get a little, then you think you have a little more, then boom its all taken away and you are left lost again, and wondering who is the bad guy really, as they are all a little bad, but some in a very good way. MK seems to be descending as well, but how far will she go. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, as this whole series has kept me on my toes, but this one seems to have it all, normally a third book is the one that transitions us to the end, but this one really held its own. Now off I am to dive into number four!! Will we finally find out who they are?

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Once again the queen of cliffhangers has struck! The fact that this is a completed series is a stress reliever!

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This is getting quite redundant and repetitive… and boring… and annoying too.

I think I’m going to stop this here, I really don’t feel like reading the fourth book and get another 400 pages of the same repetitive, illogical, bullshit.

➡️9 reasons why I am done with this series.

❌➡️ MK’s behavior is so annoying in this third book. She’s just dumb.
She has a stalker AND there is a price on her head, but she somehow continues to put herself in danger and act like a stupid, spoiled brat at times. As an example of how little she thinks about her security, dead bodies were found in her apartment block and she ran to the scene instead of staying put and locked into her apartment. I mean, she’s asking for trouble at that point. She also tells EVERYTHING to Bree, even the highly illegal stuff she did with the guys, and while I admire the strength of their friendship, there are still things that you don’t tell your best friend. (view spoiler)
At that point, I’m more interested in learning more about Cass, than reading another chapter of MK’s repetitive loop of being pissed at the guys but also wanting to get railed by them.

❌➡️ MK became a cold-blooded killer. I get that she was tired of feeling afraid, but (view spoiler)
It was just such a sudden and useless change. Learning to fight and defend herself? Sure, I’m all in. Learning how to shoot to feel more confident and be able to protect herself, also yes I guess, but shooting people in the face because she feels threatened and not feeling any remorse? No thanks.

❌➡️ I also HAVE to mention, because it’s been bugging me since the first book, that MK’s fear of car accidents makes no sense at all. She is afraid of being in a car accident, which is totally understandable considering her past, and she gets pissed at Archer in the first book when he doesn’t put his seatbelt on. Yet she rode on the guys’ laps many times in the first book, which is not my definition of safe at all, and in this book, she gave a blowjob to Archer while he was driving. How does that make any sense? She is scared shitless when they go too fast or don’t fasten their seatbelt, but she doesn’t mind if they are not focused on driving because of her, or if she is not properly attached to her seat? This annoyed me SO MUCH since the first book, I had to vent off and mention it.

❌➡️ MK also has this tendencie to learn information twice and be shocked about it both times. I remember her overhearing a conversation between the guys and ehr dad in the previous books where her dad said that he framed Dallas and sent him to jail to keep him away from MK, but she was utterly shocked when Bree told her that Dallas was framed. She also learned twice in this book that the Timberwolves are not all dead, just more hidden, and both times she asked almost the same question, word for word. I don't know if it's bad editing or just another proof of her stupidity at that point.

❌➡️ Honestly, the stalker and hitman plotlines both feel like they’ve been dragged on enough and are just exhausted by now. Also, how the fuck can somehow still get into MK’s house with all the high-tech security?! Just, how???? I don’t get it. They have cameras, motion sensors, bodyguards, and alarms, and still, they manage to bypass them every single time. Also, where is the police? I understand that the guys are well-equipped enough to deal with this, but the police should still be involved and investigate. At that point, I feel that they just dropped the issue and decided to let the guys handle it independently. After 3 books, I just want to know who is behind it all, thanks. I’m losing interest because it’s dragging on too much.

❌➡️How dumb are Archer, Steele and Kody? Not only did they forced MK to take part into a sexy/burlesque photoshoot with Archer, they then arranged for the pictures to be on huge billboards across the city. I repeat: they had huge pictures of MK in sexy lingerie all around the city, and they thought it would be a nice surprise for her. Even worse, they never thought about the fact that it might enrage and/or provoke her possessive and unhinged stalker?!

❌➡️ Madison Kate’s life is dictated by her libido. I swear.
She spends half of her time being pissed at the guys and wanting to hurt them, and the other half having sex with them because she just can’t resist them and their sculpted bodies. The cliffhanger at the end of the second book promised angst and groveling for this one, but no, MK almost instantly forgave Steele and Kody, and it took only a few conversations with Archer to get him off the hook too. It was so disappointing, I was there for the angst and groveling and it didn’t deliver.

❌➡️ I know this book was about her relationship with Archer getting stronger, but I can’t stand the dude. He treated her like shit, but he told her that he did what he did to save her from a worse fate. As if that excuses all the nasty things he said to her, and how he made her feel like crap. But of course, that seems to be enough for her, because she promptly leaves on a 2-day sex-fest with him. Just to reassure herself that she is a strong, independent woman though, she tells him that he will not have sex for one week afterward, because she hasn’t forgiven him yet.
Girl?! Get a grip! Did you forgive him or not? Because having sex with him for 2 days and letting him kiss you whenever he pleases after gives me the impression that you have, which is disappointing because even if he did everything he did to protect her, the fact remains that he treated her like shit and only now decided to apologize because he was given an ultimatum.

❌➡️ Also, WTF was that about Scott? What a pointless, useless addition to the cast. He started as a nice guy, but quickly became annoying, aggressive, and possessive, and it was no surprise at all that he ended up in the suspect pool. It was such a weak attempt to cast doubt over him, and it was so sudden

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