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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed Duckie as the main character because she had such drive and passion for her work. I am loving this trend of smart female main characters, it is so amazing to see. This book made me giggle a lot and I really enjoyed the revelation Duckie had in this book. I am not a super big fan of the Freaky Friday-like body switch, but it was well done in this book. Henry and Duckie made for an adorable couple.

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Honestly, this book never pulled me in. Maybe I didn't jive with the author's writing style. I can understand why people want more romance forward books, but I would have liked a little more plot from the jump. I also would have appreciated less physics focus. All in all, I think I was the wrong audience for this book. Thank you to W.W. Crown an Imprint of Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC and NetGalley for this ARC!

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The Freaky Friday of love! I really enjoyed the story and the narration was incredible.
This is Sarah's second book, but it can be read as a standalone. I'm definitely going to read the first and third books, this book is an opposites attract that has been fascinating to read and the way they discover each other has been different, but I liked it a lot.

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I loved this book so much! It was a wonderful read that I could not put down. Thank you so much for letting me read this early!

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Switched turned out to be much, much better than I had expected. When I read the first book in this series last year, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading this series. But Book 2 was revealed to be about my favorite side character from Ghosted and, I had to give it a shot.

And this time, I wasn't disappointed. Sarah Ready's concepts were always great but it was the execution that had bummed me last time. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Switched. The concept, characters, and storyline were well-fleshed out. I was hooked right from the first page and couldn't keep the book down. It did take a little while to get to the main point of the book i.e. the body switch, but I could easily look past it. The narration was quite unique with the tables, graphs, and diagrams. I really enjoyed that bit.

My only problem with this one was that at times it read like a science textbook/science Wikipedia page. Although I appreciate the amount of research the author has put into the topics of particle physics and all the other sciencey stuff, I think the book could have done well without the long paragraphs explaining the scientific concepts. Other than that, I didn't find any issues with it and thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Thank you, W.W. Crown and NetGalley for providing an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Switched is a fun romantic comedy that will have you giggling as opposites attract in the most unlikely way!

The book is set in Geneva, Switzerland and focuses on two very different people who work as scientists. Serena is free spirited, disorganised and happily single. Henry is neat, plays things by the book, and very British. So when these two meet and instantly fall in love the one embraces it and the other runs away.

But it just so happens that Henry is Serena's new boss, and how long can they continue to pretend that nothing happened that one special night? Not for long is the answer, because an electric storm at the particle collider where the work has caused them to switch bodies and they are not forced to get to know each other as they work together to find a solution to their very strange problem.

I thought this was a unique way for two people to discover one another, with both serious and funny parts, making this the second book I've enjoyed from Sarah Ready.

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I genuinely liked this book, I just found that the first 20% of the book was a chore to work myself through. It is a very cozy romance book and I am left speechless (review on GR later with more detail)

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Trope Run Down
— body swapping
— super geeky science nerds
— lovers to enemies to lovers again

Did I hate this book — no. Did I love this book — also no. 😂 The story was actually set up to be really good, I loved the idea of their bodies swapping and then discovering how to get back to the way they were. I think what threw me off was maybe the way they seemed to be so comfortable with how they touched their own bodies during intimate moments(?). There was one part where Serena had Henry lay with his head on/in her chest but obviously the bodies are switched so to me that would feel weird? Maybe it's just me though.

I didn't understand most if not all the nerdy talk, and there was quite a lot for how much we didn't actually involve their work life once the body swap happened. However, I did love when they used space and stars to describe feelings of love and admiration – call me a romantic sucker I ate that shit up so bad.

I wish we had elaborated earlier on why Serena was so against a relationship, I felt so confused most of the story. I did enjoy reading how she grew to overcome those feelings though.

Overall not a bad story, but this one took me forever to finish. I just wasn't fully invested and found myself wandering to other books in between.

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I really enjoyed the story. I expected to get lost a bit in the science, but I didn’t. The characters were well developed and I like how the author pushes gender norms around attachment and intimacy. Highly recommend!

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Serena loves her job and wants to keep it like that. When she meets Henry, something shifts inside her, but she shoves it down so her life stays as it is.
Henry meets Serena and falls madly in love with her. Until she dumps him,
Which makes it very hard when Henry starts his new job... as her boss!
Well, but that's not all that shifts in their lives. Some weird sciency thing happens (who knows what!) and suddenly, they have switched bodies!
To go on with their lives, they spend all the time together. Which makes all those feelings start to resurface.

We stay tuned, trying to understand how they will be able to switch again and continue their lives, as they were. But, will they switch back? Or will they stay switched forever?

An interesting and very funny book. The characters are lovable, the side characters bring an extra spark to the story, and there is no way you won't enjoy reading this!

My favorite part was definitely the graphs and Serena's explanations. They brought the book to a higher level of enjoyment.


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With thanks to Netgalley, the publishers and the author for giving me the chance to review this book.

Sadly switched was a DNF book for me, it sounded like my type of book, (I'm a big fan of body swapping fiction) but I couldn't get past the 4th chapter of this book.


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.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .

𝟓 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐬 🌠🔭

I LOVED this book. and loved is quite an understatement.
I love all things science, all things astronomy, and even more so, all things romance, so as you can guess this book was exactly what I wanted.

the writing style really stood out to me while reading this book. sometimes the author uses run-on sentences to describe setting, which I wasn't the hugest fan of, but I got over it.

the author also breaks the fourth wall, which some others didn't enjoy while reading, but I found it really amusing and fitting for this book. while reading I could almost feel the author's excitement describing all the science behind everything that was going on.

I thought the plot was perfect and well thought out and the atmosphere was just incredible. I truly felt as if I was in this book because of the way the author described everything.

overall, I had an amazing time reading this and if you're a science lover like me, I would suggest you give it a try as well!!💌

thank you so much to netgalley, the publisher, and the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! all opinions here are my own.

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This started out really fun and cute. The ebook even has interactive footnotes.
Serena and Henry are opposites in almost every way but they both like physics and work together. They end up switched into each other's bodies and spend the rest of the book getting to know more about each other's lives and families both in fun times and more serious ones.

This book wasn't what I expected. It was romantic but I thought Henry deserved better than Serena.
The message for most of the book is that being a wife and mom isn’t good enough and means losing yourself, but does change at the end.
There are many references to sex, crude comments, and some open door scenes.

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Switched by Sarah Ready was an adorable romcom from start to finish, that picked up (literal) steam as the book progressed. I really enjoyed this light-hearted, quick read, and would definitely seek out the rest of this author’s books (some in the same friend group of this particular book’s plot, which is fun) if I needed a pick-me-up!

While we are immediately introduced to the main character, who is a physicist, I thought some of the physics metaphors were a bit much (though to the author’s credit, it seemed she did a LOT of research to make things as descriptive as possible). I could have done with more world-building and actual character dialogue/interaction than the descriptions of CERN, Switzerland, their workplaces, the characters’ apartments, looks, etc etc. As the story picked up the dialogue and interactions increased, which is where so much of this book really shines! Less of the fussy details and more of the fantastic banter.

While this isn’t what I would consider a steamy romance, it’s definitely not fade-to-black either—maybe more of a fade-to-gray. I also really enjoyed that the author wrote such a strong lead female character and flipped several tropes we tend to see regularly in romance. Love to see it!

While I wouldn’t necessarily read this book over and over again, it’s what I hoped Ali Hazelwood’s STEM romance novels would be for me. Fun, passionate, nerdy main characters who don’t shy away from having personalities on the page, lots of great banter and asides to the reader, and a hint of spice. Super fun!

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I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I guess I should start by saying that I never read Ghosted. This is my first book from this author, and I was pleased to know that you can read this book without having to read the first one.

Switched is about a physicist who ends up having a one night stand that leads to stronger feelings than she'd care to face. Ultimately, she pretty much cuts off any possible future between the two of them before it can even start. Flashforward and her one night stand is now her boss and they don't get along at all. After an experiment goes wrong, they wake up in each other's bodies and, well, things get interesting from there.

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the plot. I was a little iffy on the body-swap as it can sometimes lead to what is and isn't consensual, but I think Sarah did well with it and it never felt too weird or uncomfortable. The two characters lay out guidelines for what they can and can't do, and they were incredibly sincere about their rules.

I won't lie, the beginning of the book wasn't really my cup of tea. Something about it felt a little awkward. I don't know if it was because of the insta-love (which I'm not a fan of at all) or if it was just the characters...Either way, once they swapped bodies, the story got far more interesting. There were a lot of funny moments, and while the tropes used are pretty common in romcoms, I still enjoyed reading them.

I also appreciated all the diagrams/pictures and footnotes. It added to the reading experience in the best kind of way.

If you're an Ali Hazelwood fan and/or like romcoms with a bit of science and a dash of magic, I feel like you'd enjoy this!

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4/5 stars!!!!

i'm not gonna lie i went into this book thinking it was going to be a fun little cute romance but boy was i wrong! i mean it is fun and cute but it was also so deep and the love story was just soooo sweet and i loved every second of it.
we follow our main character Serena, aka Ducky, who is very apprehensive of love. she thinks she cannot love two things at once, in this case those two things are her job as a physicist and a man, she is against the whole idea.
in comes Henry, who has his life figured out and ready to settle down, they end up having a meet cute (which is even cuter once you get further into the book but no spoilers here) which leads to a one night stand that has Henry already wanting to confess his love to her.
they both felt that spark, however Serena tries to ignore ignore ignore.
when the two of them suddenly switch body (freaky friday style) they begin to understand one another on such a deep level, which is so fun to read. they can feel each others emotions, see each others memories and have each other's thoughts on certain things. this made for such a great love story and it felt as though they really understood each other on a different level.
soulmate energy!!!!

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I thought this was a very fun read. I really liked the science aspect of the story and the writing style felt perfect for the character. The footnotes and sketches made it extra fun and different.
I haven't read the first book in this series (this was my first Sarah Ready book) and it wasn't something I felt like I needed to read and enjoy this book. However you do get to meet the couple from the previous book and I am interested in reading their story now.
Thank you to Netgalley and W.W. Crown an Imprint of Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC for the opportunity to read this book.

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I really enjoyed this book, it was really cute and funny. After a one-night stand, and immediately falling in love, Serena and her boss Henry switch bodies. They have to figure out how to pretend to be each other, and in the process, learn about the other and themselves. I liked Serena's journey and character development, but I wished we had a deeper look at Henry. He was in love with Serena from the beginning, and despite pretending like he was indifferent, he remained in love with her the whole time. While we discovered more about Serena and her issue with relationships, Henry as a character felt one-dimensional and there was no real growth from him, other than understanding why Serena is who she is.

The added science element of this book added in some quirks and I enjoyed the diagrams and other mixed media throughout the story. Overall, definitely a cute love story, but I would have loved it to be a little longer in order to delve deeper into characters and histories.

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I received the audio of this book actually, and like I said in that review, i really enjoyed the writing and the banter in this book

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3.5 / 5 stars - the timeline confused me at first because it referenced jillian not knowing how to speak to men but then she’s later mentioned and married… and i read the first book so figuring out where this landed on the timeline of the series was odd. regardless, a chunk of this was a fun, light hearted read BUT some of the banter was excessive. not to mention some of the thoughts the fmc had as a male were not just weird but weirdly repetitive and shouldn’t have been. if you like a fun read, with a cool plot, this is for you.

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