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The audiobook narrator was amazing! This title was super cute and easy to get into. As some one who loves the British royals and reads A LOT of books based on them, I do feel this story didn’t seem too original. It also kind of quickly jumped into the romance without much development. Overall, still a cute, quick read and I’d read more from this author.

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This audiobook was a lot of fun to listen to. It had a female with an American accent, read by Shiromi Arserio and the male with a British accent read by Barrie Kreinik. Both narrators did a great job doing the American & or British accents as needed and using a female or male tone. The narrators did a great job to make the book come to life.
Jennie is an American pop star and Hugh who is the Prince of England meet at her concert when he is late and asks her to play a song she already played. The book takes us through the differences of how each of them grew up and the obstacles they are each facing together and apart. The book kind of has similarities with twists to the current Royal family of England history.

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The Royal Game by Linda Keir is a fun, intriguing book about Royalty. From the beginning, I thought it would be very comparable to The Royal We, but it definitely had more twists and turns than The Royal We. I found myself really drawn to the characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The characters are familiar, but still interesting. It's definitely a great, escapist read. The audiobook was well done.

I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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Too much ripped out of the headlines. Names changed but so much was Diana and Charles and Meghan and Harry with a bit of Kate thrown in. And the Princess of Wales dying in a suspicious plane crash— really, that was the best the author could come up with. While I do follow the British royals, this was just a bit too much for me. Others may feel differently. Narrators were fine.

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Nope. Did not enjoy and almost didn’t finish. It’s one thing to be inspired by true events but to take a real story, change names and occupation? So cringe.

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A royal romance with some intrige that kept me nicely entertained.

Jenny and Hugh worked well together and I enjoyed my time with them. Some of the secondary characters got a bit confusing for me, but they worked well with the story.

While parts read as a British royal family fanfiction, as it leaned heavily on everything surrounding Princess Diana and Meghan Markle, I had fun reading this book, especially at this moment when the internet is abuzz with all the conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton..! Fun coincidence.

Some pronunciation hurt my ears ;) Perhaps this was on purpose as most was from the POV of Jenny, who is American. but to hear CanterBERRY and not CANterbury, or EdinburGH and not Edinburah… yeah I could have done without.

Read as an audiobook.

3.5 stars rounded up.

I received an ARC of this book (thanks!) and these are my own opinions.

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I started listening to this book without really checking out the summary, synopsis, so I literally chose the book based on the cover. I know, never judge a book by its cover. I love Royal romances and was looking forward to this story. Unfortunately the book The Royal Game by Linda Keir fell flat for me. The storyline is just a deviation on Meghan and Harry., even changing Princess Diana’s accident into a plane crash, even mentioning that her death was rumored to not be an accident. Ouch. Meghan, oops I mean Jennie, is a singer. And the family doesn’t accept her, and the inner circle treats her bad because she’s American.

Jennie is in the middle of a concert when a handsome concert goer asks her to sing his favorite song, even though she has already performed it earlier in the concert. After the concert she is approached by a gentleman asking her to meet his friend, her groupie. She ends up agreeing and is startled to find that he is Prince Hugh, heir to the throne.
The story fast forwards several months later where their relationship has progressed and she is planning her wedding. Jennie is wading through the change in her life, trying to follow etiquette and learn the rules of Royal life. The romance was quick and superficial, with not much actual romance occurred.
The story was ok, I would have loved it had the author made it with a fictional kingdom with using their own imagination, instead of regurgitating current events. I had no connection to the characters and struggled to get through the book. The mystery was good, but the romance part was boring. Maybe I am just over the real events, but I just couldn’t get into this story. I felt more like I was listening to an update on current drama than a fictional story about fictional characters.

I enjoyed the narrators voice. She definitely did a great job reading the story and I would check out more books read by her. I liked the cover.

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As much as I appreciate #NetGalley providing this audiobook, I sadly couldn’t stand this one. I think I am just over this story line. The inspiration drawn from the real life royal family was taken too far and I found myself unable to imagine the characters as anyone other than their real world inspirations. While this would be great for a historical fiction book, it was very frustrating in reading this. I normally love a good royal romance/mystery, but maybe I just need more separation between reality and reading.

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Heavy with thinly veiled references to the British royal family this book was set to be a fantastic mystery and thriller. While I did like the characters and found them very personal and engaging the 'mystery' element of the book was focused towards the end of the novel and very hastily concluded. I wish there had been a bit more build-up.

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Interesting read! Very reminiscent of the drama between the Firm and Princess Diana, as well as Prince Harry and Meagan Markle. The pacing was a bit off for me, sometimes I felt like the storyline was rushed and then others it lulled and I wished it would speed up. Overall though I had a good time reading it!

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I really enjoyed this listen. It highly reminded me of Prince Harry, Megan and Princess Diana. I liked the back and forth of the POV's and loved that there was some mystery along with a love story.

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First, a huge thank you to Blackstone Publishing for granting me access to the audiobook and to Linda Keir for providing me with a new royal read! We all know I love all things royal! I may or may not be a bit obsessed with Kate and her mysterious surgery at the moment. Give me a break, it's intriguing!

The Royal Game was a great! I loved the audio narration and found myself really wishing I were royal, until I very much was reminded by Linda Keir how painfully under the microscope these folks are and how rigidly constructed their lives are from their greetings, to their body language, and dress.

I did not expect to get a mystery wrapped up in this love story, but boy did I get one. Also, it's totally listed in the description on NetGalley, I just missed it in my draw to the cover and the fact that Royal was in the title.

Jennie and Hugh are a delightful duo. I was drawn in by Jennie's transition from stage fame to royal fame and the differences those worlds carry. Jennie's adorably supportive family was also a joy to read on the pages. I love me a curious gal who needs to know the truth and that is exactly who Jennie is. She's stumbled upon information about Hugh's mom (Penny) and as she learns more about the beautiful complex woman, Jennie can't shake the feeling something more happened to snuff the light out of Penny.

I highly recommend this book to all of you royal lovers!

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Jennie is a singer, and loving the gigs that she is performing at. One night a strange man comes with body guards, requesting songs she has already played. She plays for him, only to discover that this is Prince Hugh, the future King of England.

As their engagement rolls on, things start to happen to Jennie. Things that are fishy, and not coincidences, things that Prince Hugh's mother, also has happen to her, but no one believed her until it was too late.

I am here for all the things related to the Monarch, and throw in a Princess Diana conspiracy-like plot - give me it!!

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In "The Royal Game," Linda Keir crafts a gripping tale of power, betrayal, and the cutthroat world of elite society. Set against the backdrop of the wealthy and influential, the novel delves into the lives of two families whose fates become intricately intertwined in a dangerous game of manipulation and deception.

Keir's writing is sleek and polished, drawing readers into a world of opulence and intrigue from the very first page. From the glittering ballrooms of high society to the shadowy corridors of power, the author creates a setting that is both glamorous and menacing, setting the stage for a story that is as thrilling as it is captivating.

At the heart of the narrative are the two families—the powerful Monroes and the ambitious Weavers—whose lives become entangled in a web of secrets and lies. As the stakes escalate and tensions rise, the characters find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where the line between friend and foe becomes increasingly blurred.

What sets "The Royal Game" apart is its complex and multi-layered characters, each with their own motivations and agendas. From the cunning matriarch to the ambitious patriarch, the members of both families are rendered with depth and nuance, adding richness and complexity to the narrative. As alliances shift and loyalties are tested, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn.

While the plot may follow familiar tropes of the thriller genre, Keir infuses it with enough freshness and originality to keep readers guessing until the very end. From shocking revelations to pulse-pounding suspense, the novel is filled with moments of high drama and unexpected twists that will leave readers breathless.

What ultimately makes "The Royal Game" such a compelling read is its exploration of power dynamics and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own interests. Keir delves into themes of ambition, greed, and the corrupting influence of wealth, offering readers a tantalizing glimpse into the darker side of human nature.

In conclusion, "The Royal Game" is a riveting and pulse-pounding thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Linda Keir's masterful storytelling, intricate plotting, and unforgettable characters make this novel a must-read for fans of suspense and intrigue.

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I was initially really drawn in by the characters, descriptions of the grounds, and the overall premise. However, when we started getting more details about the characters, I realized just how closely this mimicked the real English monarchy. I found it to be unimaginative and really just a retelling of real life events with a slight spin on it. I did like how the story bounced back and forth between the past and present to show just how similar the events were though. I would have liked even more explanation on Penelope's story because it was really interesting and captivating. Overall, I would have liked this to be a bit more unique and less like the real life events that happened to Princess Diana and Meghan. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The Royal Game was very middle of the road for me. I couldn't stop reading (well in my case listening), but at the same time, it felt a little too close to reality for it to be a fun lighthearted rom-com. If it hadn't used real locations and very specific events that paralleled reality, I think it would have been more enjoyable. Instead, it was more of a distraction.

I think I stayed interested because I enjoyed both narrators! I've listened to Barrie before and have always been a fan, but this is the first time I've heard Shiromi and now want to check out what else she has narrated.

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3.5⭐️ I'm really torn with this book for a number of different reasons. And I will start by saying I didn't read they synopsis of the book (I usually go into books blind) - so my initial impression was only from the cover/title and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I listened to the audio version which was very well narrated and definitely did the story justice.

Overall, I thought the story was fine - but maybe I read this too soon after watching some of The Crown - this book was essentially a fictionalized version of Harry and Megan, with some other royal family members thrown in. There were some parts that were just blatantly following the arc of the royals real-life story with just small changes to fictionalize. And that felt a bit jarring to me. I wanted something that felt a little more creative for a narrative.

I did think the mystery element was fairly interesting - although that too was very close to some of the conspiracy theories that are very easy to find about the royal family behind closed doors. This wasn't as much of a romance as I was expecting, the romance plot line was pretty shallow and high level. The mystery plot line was a little more developed. Overall, a light and fairly entertaining read - especially for anyone who is a fan of the royal family and/or contemporary fiction based on the royal family.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ALC. All thoughts in this review are my own.

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Jennie Jennson is playing in Abesithza when a mysterious handsome stranger comes in demanding she plays her most famous song. This is the start of her love story with England's Prince Hugh. The story of their love is told through past and present as tragic events of the past seem to be playing out again in the present. This book seemed like an alternative version of the current English monarchy's relationships. I did truly enjoy the writing. The journal entries from the past made the book feel more authentic. I was genuinely emotional multiple times during this book. There was a little bit of drag, but overall I enjoyed the book.

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The Royal Game by Linda Keir
Narrated by Sharomi Arserio (Jennie) and Barrie Kreinik (Penelope)
For a strict mystery reader who spurns anything classified as "romance", I thoroughly enjoyed this tale! I was enthralled from the "meet cute" which was so charming, and early in the book. This is preferable to me as an impatient reader; I detest having to slog through the minutiae for several chapters to get to the meat of the story; multiple chapters spent droning on about how alone the protagonists are.
As I (possibly in the minority) have never watched The Crown, this book was fascinating to me as a lover of all things British. Behind the scenes was one aspect, but behind the scenes from the eyes of an American was an added draw. There was a nice mixture of American-isms and British-isms.
Although I don't normally do much more than endure the requisite romance in most mysteries, I found myself engaged in Jennies story. Who doesn't love a good down to earth rags to riches tale? While Jennie isn't wearing rags, she is certainly not rich. She is absolutely down to earth, and just likeable! She has a good head on her musical shoulders as well, and doesn't go racing off into dark basements or trusting the questionable rogue. For an American, she's very respectful of most things British as well, and I felt like she stepped into her role as Princess-to-be admirably.
Jennie is trying to piece together Penelope's story and the possible reason for her death as she finds notes hidden by Penelope in some of the late princess' possessions. We, as the readers, have the full scoop as Penelope's narrative is given to us in her chapters, often in her own words as written in her journal. This gives a nice duplicity to the story, and lets us see where Jennie gets it right, and where she gets the wrong idea.
I decided early on this was more of a behind the scenes glimpse of Royal life than a real mystery. That said, I was drawn in by that glimpse, especially from an American pov. I will most definitely be recommending this title and this author to everyone and checking out more Linda Keir novels!
A big Thanks to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for this digital review copy in exchange for my (always honest!) review!

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I enjoyed this book, but wish I had known going in that it would be a fictionalized account of the actual Royal Family with Princess Diana and Meghan Markle. It felt very un-exciting because it tracked real life events in many ways, and the twist at the end didn't feel very twisty. But I really liked the narrator and thought she did a great job. If you go in knowing this is basically a fictionalized telling and it's definitely not a romance, I think you'll enjoy this more than I did.

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