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First of all a special thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the advanced copy of this book.

At the beginning of the book, I will admit that it moved quite slow and was very repetitive, to the point I almost DNF. So glad I did not because once the investigation started by Margo, the main character, it started to pick up. There was a lot of twist and turns throughout the book that kept me on my toes and kept me guessing who did what and why they did what they did.

I do recommend this book to whoever that likes mystery and cold cases.

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I really enjoyed the story and the characters, but the writing style of this one wasn't for me. While Banks' writing is very poetic, many passages felt long-winded and repetitive to the point I found myself skipping across certain areas. Very original ideas with a sharp twist as far as debuts go, and I look forward to seeing what else Banks brings out!

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(3.5) Great twist that I did not see coming! The very beginning pulled me in, but as I rambled in Margo's thoughts, her memories of taking pills to wake, to sleep will she worked on her book I felt buffeted myself. I wanted off this back and forth. I did fast forward through several pages. Elle Banks pulls off a great ending, a say what moment, a gasp, an OMG. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review! #LiesMakePerfect #EllieBanks #HarperTradePublishing #CanaryStreetPress #NetGalley

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A great debut thriller!

I actually liked the main character in this book. Her inner thoughts ran long at times but my mind circles constantly also. I like that she trusted her intuition but I would have appreciated more physical evidence in solving the cases. The characters were well-developed. Their emotional journeys added to the story. This book was an intriguing dive into the human psyche.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for the ARC.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher HTP/TheHive/Canary Street Press for providing me with this book for free in exchange for my review! All opinions are my own. #HTP #HTPTheHive #Partner #HTPInfluencer #TheHiveInfluencer #HTPHive

This book was a good and fast read but unfortunately, you could kind of tell it was written by a newer author. There were parts of this book was there repetitive. Now, don't get me wrong, I DID NOT hate this book. It just wasn't a five star read for me, which I was hoping it would be after I read the description. With that being said, I Iook forward to seeing Ellie grow as an author and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more books by her in the future!

Thank you again to NetGalley and the publisher HTP/TheHive/Canary Street Press for providing me with this book for free in exchange for my review! All opinions are my own. #HTP #HTPTheHive #Partner #HTPInfluencer #TheHiveInfluencer #HTPHive

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I'll start with the good: Ellie Banks is a strong writer. The overall set up is intriguing.
Now with the bad: Because she's a strong writer, she decides to take about 10 different ways to say one thing. The dialogue doesn't feel authentic. Everything is a reflection, and there's little of the plot moving forward. In what's meant to be a thriller, you need the plot to move forward. Once it finally does, it's over quickly, and you're wondering why you spent 20 pages on nothing.

This book is not unreadable by any maens. However, it gets boring and a little cringey. I wanted to find out the mystery, but the payoff was just not worth it. Once Banks fine tunes her writing style and intent, I think she could write some amazing stories!

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Thank you NetGalley and publisher for this advanced copy in return for my honest review. I love a good cold case however this book started off a little slow and repetitive for me but I still enjoyed it!

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'Lies Make Perfect' is a very odd combination of a great read, mix with 'where is this going'. I enjoyed reading it but kept asking myself why I was enjoying it... because nothing seemed to happen for the longest time.
The last 15% was the most interesting part for me, that's where things started picking up and coming together.
I would definitely want to pick up other books by this author.

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Thank you NetGalley and Canary Street Press for the ARC.

It pains me to give such a low rating to an ARC, but I want to make sure my review is honest and transparent.

Plot: Margo is an author and true crime enthusiast. Six months ago, her husband vanished with her daughter. Many years earlier during high school, one of her best friends went missing during high school - she was believed to be in an inappropriate relationship with a teacher. Are the two disappearances connected? Will Margot be able to solve either of them?

What I liked:
- I think it’s hard to weave two separate and interesting crimes together and create a cohesive thriller. The story and ending did make sense. I didn’t notice any large plot holes.

What I didn’t like:
- The writing was all over the place - and times it kept me engaged, but most of the time, it either felt rushed or like a rambling stream of consciousness
- The author didn’t give many clues to the ending throughout, so the story felt a bit lazy
- The actions of the characters at times did not make sense. Why did Margo at times seem much more interested in solving her friend’s disappearance than finding her daughter? Her investigation also seemed too convenient at times.
- I didn’t buy into the love story, and it actually didn’t add much IMO
- Some of the details, like the library box, didn’t seem necessary

Overall, this book wasn’t for me. I think the author has potential, as there were certainly moments where I was briefly optimistic, so I hope to give this author another try in the future.

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I LOVED the plot of this book but I felt the writing was extremely repetitive. Only a few chapters of actual content, the rest was the cyclical thoughts of the main character, Margo. On one hand, this drove me insane. On the other, Margo is to be obsessive in nature and as someone who struggles with ruminating thoughts, this is exactly what my thoughts sound like, constantly repeating. However, my own thoughts exhaust me let alone someone else's ruminations.

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LIES MADE PERFECT by Ellie Banks. On sale- June 4/24

Margo Box is a true crime writer and her last 6 months have been worse then anything she could have imagined. Her husband, who she suspected was having an affair, has disappeared and taken their 5 year old daughter, Poppy.

She believes in her heart that Poppy is calling out to her and she is determined to find her daughter and to make her husband answer to her.

One night, during one of her walks in the neighbourhood when she can’t sleep, she discovers a book in the local free library. This book is one that, as teenagers she and her friends discussed over and over.

When she opens the book, a letter falls out and it takes her back to a time when one of her good friends disappeared with her teacher whom she was intimate with.

Margo, in an effort to disassociate herself from her pain, starts to do what she does so well… be an advocate for those who are missing.

This novel had me on the edge of my seat right up until the last few pages.

Thank you @harpercollinscanada for allowing me the privilege of reading this on @NetGalley.

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"Lies Make Perfect" has a great synopsis that made me want to read the book. However, the pacing of the book itself was somewhat off. The story was slow to start which made it harder to engage with. The ending had a good twist, but also felt rushed. I would recommend for readers who enjoy mysteries and suspense. Thanks to NetGalley and publisher for the ARC.

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Lies Make Perfect was suspenseful and thrilling. I really enjoyed the storyline and all the twists. The events were unpredictable and shocking. I was glued to the pages of this one. At times it was a bit repetitive and for that reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars. A really enjoyable thriller that I would highly recommend.

Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing | Canary Street Press for a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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This was such an emotional read. This was hard to read at times due to the content, but this is a great thing to say about an author. It was believable and compelling.

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This book was intriguing. (I really enjoy true crime)

So as a reader the parts about the “investigations” she conducted interested me.

Some parts felt redundant which is the only reason it is not 5 stars for me

Overall the book kept me interested, I enjoyed the writing style as well.

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Lies Make Perfect was a slow burn. The book starts with Margo. She has been distraught ever since her husband disappeared with their five year old daughter, Poppy.

Margo is a true crime author, delving into two cold cases. One of the cars is similar to her daughter’s. Where is Poppy and where did her husband take her?

I found this slow pacing. Many of Margo’s thoughts and dialogue were repetitive. Parts of the story were confusing as well. However, I did enjoy the twist!

3.5 ⭐️ Thank you HTP, NetGalley and Ellie Banks for the opportunity. All opinions are my own.
Release date June 4, 2024

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"In a web of lies, one mother fights for the truth…For popular true crime author Margo Box, the past six months have been a waking nightmare. Ever since her five-year-old daughter, Poppy, vanished—abducted by her own father—Margo has tortured herself the way only a mother with unrelenting blame. How could she have let this happen? Had she been working too hard to see the signs? Despite the guilt and unanswered questions, Margo holds on to the hope that Poppy is somehow still alive. Yet after years of solving other people’s cold cases, her own case proves impenetrable. That is, until she finds a cryptic letter hidden in a secondhand book in her neighborhood library box."

This book was a 3.5 star read for me.

I feel like the first 25 percent was very slow and I considered not finishing it. I will say that the story picked up at this point and the mystery was very interesting. The interweaving of the present mystery of her missing husband and child with the cold case from about 2 decades prior was an aspect that kept me interested and wanting to continue reading. The twists and turns that were presented kept my interest and I was shocked a few times.

I had a couple issues with the book that kept me from thoroughly enjoying it. Although the final reveal at the end was shocking, the ending felt rushed and there was a lack of buildup. One of my other main issues with this book was the dialogue. The dialogue felt flat and lacked real human emotion. It came across very stilted.

I will say that the story was interesting for a debut novel, and I am excited to see how the author improves in her future novels.

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This was an okay read but I felt it was a little slow and disjointed overall . I had to keep forcing myself to read it
Thanks for review copy to Netgalley and the publisher

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Thank you NetGalley, Ellie Banks, and Canary Street Press for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I found this book to be enjoyable but I felt like there was a lot of repetition throughout the book. The book started slow but then did quickly pick up about 25% into reading. I enjoyed the two cold cases that were the main focus of this book. I also enjoyed the characters and how they were all intertwined with each other and all working to solve or hide the two cold cases.

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“Lies Make Perfect” is a debut mystery by Ellie Banks. I will admit that the first 20-25% or so of this book moved so incredibly slowly (and repeated information) that I nearly put it down. But, push through. Once Margo starts her investigation, things pick up. I did find the love interest part a bit unnecessary, but I got it. I did like the twists along the way to figuring out what was going on. I agree with other reviewers regarding the “perfect” dialogue - it was great that the right words were said, but people don’t always say those “right words” at the right time. I really did like the idea of this book - though I found the convenience of things a bit too pat, but hey, sometimes in life things do work in odd and seemingly pat ways. Overall a good read (once things got rolling) and I look forward to reading more by this author.

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