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Desiring to create a thriving family culture? One that connects with your core values and dreams? A family culture of spiritual and relational growth? Authors Chris and Jenni Graebe share their intentional habits and tips for family rhythms that cultivate a family that loves the Lord and loves each other. Not only do their share their own habits, but they also encourage readers to find their own core values and family vision.

Some of my favorite takeaways from this book include:

*"When handled with care, home enables a person or family to move out into the world with deep resources to draw upon:a volume of memories where close relationships were forged through mealtimes, celebrations, special traditions, shared tears and laughter, and the reciprocal experience of caring and being cared for."

*"We want to create rhythms in our home that encourage honest conversation."

*"Their (kids') reactions to your efforts doesn't get to dictate the rhythms you fill your home with. You get to choose the habits that make up your home. Seek God for His bes rhythms for your family and then practice them faithfully, trusting Him with the results. There is a harvest coming if you don't give up. Trust the story He is writing. Do it anyway."

*"Thriving families choose to speak words of life."

*"It's important to keep in mind who our children are becoming, rather than defining them by how they are acting in a specific season."

I also loved how this book is filled with questions for reflection and practical tips for implementing these concepts in families without being too specific. Ideally this would be a great book to read when your kids are younger so you can really dig in and intentionally create a family culture from a young age. I would also recommend reading this one with your spouse. This book has a lot to reflect on and it would be great for a couple to get on the same page. Good for young families.

*Disclaimer: I recieved a free copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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With a refreshingly helpful, practical take on Christian parenting, the Graebes take you through the habits that have formed the culture in their own home. The focus is mainly on our own attitudes toward this monumental task of discipling these precious souls in our care. The last section is a workbook where parents can take what resonates most with them & plan out ways they can bring them to life in their own homes.

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I am a mom of four kids and this book was GOLD! Just a pure gem full of such great advice, wisdom, and encouragement. I loved the realness throughout and just the honesty, Every parent needs this book in their life. It was wonderful! Well done!

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I enjoyed this book a lot. It was very well researched and I learned a lot from this book. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

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This Christian-centered parenting book offers several intentional rhythms to create a loving home for growth, adventure, and living life in community. The first section of the book is full of anecdotes and ideas for each rhythm. The second section consists of useful “inventory” prompts to guide readers in making their own rhythms specific to their families. This is a workbook I will actually complete and use, and will recommend to families looking to build or reset what matters to them as their children grow.

Thank you NetGalley and Tyndale House Publishers NavPress for this advanced copy. All opinions are my own.

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I am so thankful for there is a book that discuss about what happens in home as something important to be done, that is to find the rhytm of home, as the title says. This book will bring you to another perspective of living in your home.

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