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This audiobook was absolutely stunning! An astounding contemporary romance with relatable themes, strong BIPOC/ Queer representation, Dual POVs and an immersive writing flow had me entranced

Kayla grew up under a very controlling mother who demanded unachievable standards. Kayla wants to break free and finds solace in her music, as a drummer. Her band, The Lilly's becomes very successful, but this brings with it it's own pitfalls, not least trying to keep her life hidden from her mother. Kayla finds comfort with Ty, the tour bus driver (friends to lovers/ relationship goals!)

Ty is an absolute gem and I really like the dynamic between the two, it is so sweet and wholesome and he is just an all round nice person who adores his Grandpa

I was heartened and inspired by how Kayla chose to face up to her mam and build a new relationship out of the mire of the last one and I am really glad that this is a part of a series. This book has definitely inspired me to read or listen to more from Xio Axelrod

Thanks to Netgalley and Dreamscape media for this wonderful ALC. My review is left voluntarily and all opinions are my own

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This book had everything to satisfy your slow burn craving. It had a Daisy Jones and the Six vibe but without the drugs and more of a found family feel. Narrators were fantastic, I think it was my first time listening to them and I loved them. very smooth voices.

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The Lillys are back and they are taking their show on the road!

I’m so happy to be back in the world of the Lillys, rocking out and going on an absolute emotional rollercoaster! In this installment we follow Kayla & Ty whose stories are full of love, loss, resilience, strength, books, music and of course - some romance along the way!

🎸 Rock n’ Roll
📚 Bookish
❤️‍🩹 Complicated Family Relationships
🫶 Found Family
🧳 Tour Bus Adventures
🎫 Live Music
❤️‍🔥 Slow Burn

I seriously can’t recommend this series enough and I can’t wait to see what Xio Axelrod has in store for us next!

Method Read: 📖 & 🎧

🎧 Tyla Collier & Benjamin Charles did an amazing job bringing the story to life! 🎧

Thank you Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC and Dreamscape Media for the ALC!

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Girls With Bad Reputations is the second book of The Lilly’s series of interconnected standalones. It is recommended that you read book one first but I didn’t and didn’t have any problem understanding what was going on. But I am excited to go back and read it now! In this book we have Kayla who is the drummer of the up and coming all girl rock band. I absolutely loved Kayla! She was strong, feisty and passionate. And then we have Ty. He is a kilt wearing sweetheart that I just wanted to wrap my arms around and hug him! I loved the slow burn of their relationship but I do wish there was a bit more romance in their story. I loved Ty and Kayla together and how they were there for each other. And I especially loved how they bonded over books! This story was about love, friendship, and overcoming obstacles that life throws you. This author has a way with words that makes you feel like you are a part of the story.

I also listened to the audiobook while following along with the ebook. I feel like the narrators, Benjamin Charles and Tyla Collier, really brought this story to life. Even in parts where the story seems to lag a little, I still wanted to listen to them. They did an excellent portraying Kayla and Ty!

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Thank you netgalley and sourcecasa for the earc my opinions are my own. I rnjoyed this book ypi could geel and hear the music through the pages. I liked the taboo relationship i found it a smidge bit too long.

Recommended to folks that love music

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Burdened by expectations to be her mother’s perfect daughter, Kayla finds freedom as the drummer in an up-and-coming rock band. On her first tour, she bonds deeply with gentle bus-driver Ty. But when the press exposes their secrets, she faces an impossible choice: sacrifice her dreams or risk destroying those she loves.

This follow-up to “The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes” has the same strong characterization and deep emotion as the first book in the series. Ty is a sweetheart, while Kayla is likable and relatable. They’re a perfect match. I enjoyed the audiobook narration. Can’t wait for the next book!

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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Great concept! This is technically the second book in a series but can be read as a standalone. Kayla is the drummer of the Lillys, an all-girl rock group taking the music scene by storm as they hit the festival circuit and prepare to release their first single - but Kayla is hiding a secret from her bandmates: her mother is best selling author of a hugely successful children’s book series based on Kayla. Or rather, what her mother wishes Kayla was like. Kayla is hiding her family from her band, and her band from her family - how can she work towards her dream while balancing two lives? Ty is working to make money for himself and his grandpa by driving busses, and happens to get a gig driving the Lillys on their first tour when he meets Kayla.

I absolutely loved Ty’s character (the audiobook narrator’s voice likely helped- so good!) and Ty’s love story with Kayla was very cute. I really appreciated the queer representation and the slow build of their relationship.

This read as fiction rather than genre romance. The politics, planning and antics of the band took up a lot of the plot, which wasn’t a *bad* thing, but I had a hard time staying engaged with the band’s drama when there was a lot of “telling rather than showing,” and things ran overall a bit longer than I might have liked. I just wanted more Kayla + Ty content! All in all this was a fun read and had me interested to check out the previous novel to learn more about the other cool ladies in the Lillys.

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for providing this ALC!

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This was a great sequel focusing on Kayla! I loved the backstories of all the characters and the way they were woven together. Some of the dialog felt stiff throughout the book, but I really enjoyed this book!

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This book was honestly just SO GOOD!! I adore Ty and Kayla and their love story was just everything I wanted. I honestly had a hard time writing some highlight down because I really just loved this whole book and so wholeheartedly recommend it (I do highly recommend reading The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes first because I think you need to know what happens in that book to fully appreciate this one).

Kayla is the drummer for the up-and-coming band, The Lilly's, and is struggling with parental expectations. She's hidden her life from her high achieving and exacting mother, whose high expectations only increased after the death of her brother. Ty picks up the gig of driving the band's tour bus while trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life after being unjustly accused of plagiarism and assault and being kicked out of college. Both Kayla and Ty have a lot in common - they love books and are huge nerds - and find themselves starting a friendship that bleeds into more.

Though Ty and Kayla are both relatively young, they never feel young or immature, which is something I so appreciate as I get older. Their relationship is really built on respect and kindness and they actually communicate with each other and are unquestionably there for the other. Ty in particular just really got my heart - he is so sweet, his relationship with his grandpa is just absolutely so lovely, and I love how he is so unapologetically himself!

I really felt for Kayla and the expectations her mom has - I was so glad to see her stand up to herself and try to explain her experience to her mom and work to rebuild their relationship. It's incredibly clear that the author really knows her stuff in regards to the music industry and it was truly a delight to read about. I'm obsessed with the Lilly's and their friends - I'm really excited for a Tiff book and then maybe Lilly's?? I'm so intrigued by her in particular.

Read this for:
- BIPOC Characters
- Queer and Gender nonconforming Rep
- Rock star
- Found Family
- Dual POV

I listened to the audio of this and really enjoyed the performances by Benjamin Charles and Tyla Collier. I'm so glad this was a dual narration - though with this series I really wish the audio included more music, especially since we know Xio is a musician. I will say, I liked the male narrators voice for Ty - he definitely felt like he had a Philly accent (I did enjoy his performance more when I slowed it down but Philly people talk fast!). I don't think the female performance was quite as successful in her accent for Ty.

I could not recommend this series enough and I can't wait to see what happens with the Lilly's next!

Thank you to Dreamscape Media and Netgalley for the eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Such a great listen! This is actually the second book in the Lilly’s series but I wasn’t aware there was a first book so, in my opinion, you can read this one as a standalone! I enjoyed Kayla and Ty’s story. Each come from their own unique kind of childhood hardships and experiences.

I enjoyed these narrators! They do a wonderful job! This is the first book by this author I’ve read but I really enjoyed it and now want to read the first book!

Thank you for the ALC for my honest review!

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Xio Axelrod is a phenomenal writer, and I was so excited to read Girls with Bad Reputations. I adored The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes, and I had high hopes for the second in the series--and IT DELIVERED.

I loved being back with the Lillys, this time getting to know Kayla, the LIllys' fiery haired, incredibly talented drummer extraordinaire. The Lillys are headed out on their first tour circuit, and Ty is hired to be their bus driver. His dreams of being a teacher were derailed by false allegations of plagiarism and assault. Getting his CDL was his backup. With locs, painted nails, nose ring, and utility kilts, he isn't exactly run of the mill, but there's something magnetic about him that draws Kayla in. Their friendship unfolds naturally as they spend time together on and off the bus, and when they decide to take the next step, they both fall hard and fast.

The conflict in the story doesn't come in the form of a third act breakup. (Which I loved.) They're solid from Day 1. The conflict is instead between Kayla and her parents' expectations--between her dreams and passions and the life they had mapped out for her. She has kept her true identity and her past a secret from the Lillys because she didn't want to be judged on her family's name but on her own merit.

I honestly loved this book so so much. I listened to the audiobook, so I kept finding things to do just so I could keep listening. Benjamin Charles and Tyla Collier delivered an excellent dual narration as Ty and Kayla. Their performances were engaging and brought the characters to life.

The other Lillys were obviously important to the plot as well, as well as the ongoing drama with Candy, the Lillys former guitarist, current PITA.

If you love romances with complex, layered backstories and a love that feels effortless, I'd highly recommend Girls With Bad Reputations.

TW: sibling death (off page)

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This was a fun next instalment in the Lillys series that follows an up and coming all girl band as they tour around and has the drummer, Mikayla falling for their bookish, demisexual kilt-wearing bus driver Tyrell despite his own bad reputation.

Full of heart and emotional depth, this was a slow burn romance with a great cast of unique and diverse characters. I really enjoyed it especially the audio book narration by Benjamin Charles and Tyla Collier. Recommended for fans of authors like Jasmine Guillory.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital and audio copy in exchange for my honest review.

Steam level: some open door scenes

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