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Jesus, Make Me Fully Alive

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Jesus, Make Me Fully Alive is the perfect gift for someone who is making the journey into a deeper prayer life. It is set up as a 30 day personal retreat. I'd love to use this as a group study to hold each other accountable. It's written for young adults but great for all those ready to deepen their faith

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Jesus, Make Me Fully Alive: 30 Holy Hour Reflections is a phenomenal handbook for young people yearning for a closer relationship with the Lord.

The reflections are original and deeply satisfying, drawing from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and pop culture phenomena to illuminate important truths.

The author, Fr. Tim Anastos, has a winsome way of presenting his subject matter--his conversational tone makes you feel as if you are in the adoration chapel with him as he expounds on the beauty of eucharistic adoration.

In this year when special attention is being paid to the power of the Eucharist, this book is a worthy companion for the spiritual journey.

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If you’ve ever been blessed to witness Fr. Tim talk about his relationship with Jesus, you know he is full of joy and FULLY ALIVE! This book is an overflow of the joy Fr. Tim exudes that is palpable. Joy is not always sunshine and rainbows, and Fr. Tim does not sugar coat the realities of living in the world we live in today. The book addresses the hard topics that our young people (and old alike) face and give them practical steps to be brutally honest and talk with Jesus about them.

Fr. Tim provides a great introduction to the Spiritual Exercises and Lectio Divina in a very accessible way and provides a step-by-step process that makes space for God to speak to us. If you are looking to detox from noise, begin a relationship with Jesus, or go deeper in your relationship, this book is a great place to start.

I did a speed read of the digital book to determine if I could use it with teens and parents. I decided it not only works for teens and parents, but that I’d like to use it myself to spend 30 hours with Jesus during Lent. In my work, I have found anxiety plagues so many teens and families. Fr. Tim offers practical reflections to illustrate how anxiety prevents us from being fully alive and provides a pathway to share our anxieties with Jesus, so they lose their power.

Amidst his humor and examples that include video games and movies, Fr. Tim is a priest that makes us understand that everyone is capable of holiness and being fully alive. He provides a pathway for anyone who desires an intimate relationship with the God of the universe to be holy and fully alive.

As Fr. Tim says, our part is simple. God does all the heavy lifting. The first thing we have to do it show up. If you show up with this book in your hand, the next steps are equally as simple as Fr. Tim provides conversation starters with the one who made you to be fully alive.

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"This book is an easy-to-read spiritual companion guide. Father Tim writes in a down-to-earth conversational style using images from popular culture while conveying profound spiritual and theological themes. While the primary audience for this book is teens and young adults, its easy-to read nature is great for anyone who wants to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus."

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