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Gross and gruesome extreme horror that will push your limits. Please heed the warnings, this is not for the faint of heart. The collection starts with the punch to the gut, right out the gate. Each story delivers a different flavor of no holds barred scares. It toes the line between just palatable enough to read and obscene. While each glimpse is brief, the atmosphere crafted is palpable. Each story has a complete resolution and exploration of its flavor. I "enjoyed" each one but lacked just that little bit more character development and background to be truly invested.

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This is a collection of three stories that will horrified you, disturb you deeply and makes you feel uncomfortable till the end. But it's oh so worth it.

If you don't like the genre or if you're sensible to certain things I'll recommend to check the trigger warning.
But if you like the gory horror and the weird vibes you would love this just like me.

It's written so beautifully and touch some themes like death and life, good and evil and inside thoughts in a poetic way.

The first story was my favorite but I'm sure I will not forget any of these stories for a while and I'm intrigued to read more about this author.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers that gave me the opportunity to read this in exchange of an honest review

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You will not get over this read quickly!

This collection of three short gory stories by Finnish author Henry Ben Edom will leave you horrified and disturbed. It’s not to be stepped into lightly if you don’t like the genre.

Luckily, that was not the case for me! Although I almost never read gory horror, these stories were pleasantly unsettling. The prose is hauntingly beautiful at times, with reflection on life and death, good and evil, far from being ordinary or falling into the land of clichés.

There is an abundance of trigger warnings, and it’s best to unveil the story first-hand. That being said, here is an overview in case you need one. If you wish to preserve the element of surprise fully, skip the next three sections to the final thoughts.

The book has a strong start, not merely placing the reader in the centre of the events but also providing shock value. It’s best described as “familiar love gone wrong”. It explores the themes of sexual desire and murderous animalistic instincts. It is interesting to note the thoughts of the main character, uncensored and developing.

In this second tale, two drug-addicted teenagers intertwine their path with the one and only Prince of Darkness. Only one of them got what they were looking for, but the ending was not as they had imagined it. Everything has a price.

Scarlet Hosanna
The previous short stories set the mood for this last piece: a teenager on his path to becoming a vampire. Is his plan to shed the mortal condition legitimate, or has he been fooled by something bigger them him?

Final Thoughts
As strange as it sounds to say about such a book, it was a thrilling and amazing read. I would absolutely recommend this quick dip into hell, but only if you are not too sensitive and you are ready to be shocked and sicken to the core. Definitely an author I will keep my eye on.

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Thank you @NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC of Dead Endings by Henry Ben Edom.

I really enjoyed these three short stories. The second story being my least favorite.

The first story I felt started off strong but might have some triggers for people. I am a fan of extreme horror and splatter punk and not much phases me. It was a fun little ride.

Second story wad my least favorite of the 3 but was still a good little story. The author was able to pull me in and keep me interested.

Third story was a gut wrenched just because it is so relevant to what is happening and could happen but at the same a love story.
Can't wait to read more from this author.

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This is an intense book of 3 short stories. Lots of horror, shocking scenes and graphic details. The first story was a bit too much for my taste, but I really enjoyed the second and third. The stories were well written.

I received an advance reader copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you NetGalley!

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Quite a few of the stories in this collection were quite chilling. Would love to see more from Edom in the future.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you NetGalley.

Dead Endings is a collection of short horror stories.
As with any collection of short stories, there were some great reads, some mediocre reads, and some.... probably-shouldn't-have-made-it-in-the-book reads.

With that said, this book will definitely be a decent read for horror fans. Particularly those that may perhaps enjoy occult reads.

It wasn't my favorite book, but it was shorter in length and even the "less than great" books were easy enough to get through.

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* Thank you to Swann + Bedlam for the free eARC in exchange for an honest review *

rating: 2.5 ⭐️/5

Well, this is one bizarre little book. It really played on taboos and gross depictions, but I don't think it really has much story that I was interested in beyond that. If you like splatterpunk, this book will work for you. Otherwise, you might want to avoid!

Happy reading!

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Thank you @NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC of Dead Endings by Henry Ben Edom.

I absolutely love reading horror stories and nothing really fazes me out and this is the main reason behind requesting this book.

The writer penned gore and horror and cults quite well in all the three stories included in this book. The endings of all the stories were well-written too and they surely leave you gasping for what actually happened.

First things first, these stories are very graphic and explicit.

However, the thing that disgusted me the most was the treatment and torture of women (and men) in the first story. The whole idea of the protagonist turning himself on was border-line disgusting and then it was repetitive. It made me want to leave the story in the middle but I kept going till the end. The relationship between those necrophilic mother and son was disturbing too. The ending was well-deserved.

The second story was based on a cult from Hell and related to Satan. It keeps you guessing about what will happen next but it also makes you puke with the rituals, the torture, blood and gore and the creepiest behavior of the protagonist. It also has a satisfying ending

Lastly, I felt this last story was more about how bullying a deeper impact in one’s life and how children and teens these days opt for such extreme measures to deal with it. This story takes the idea of a revenge to an extreme level. It is also about being obsessed with weird cults and triggering spirits and monsters because you feel like it and then facing the consequences of your actions.

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Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to review this book.

Three short stories in one book, each one ending in death (as the title alludes). The prose is quick, sharp, and shocking, painting a bloody picture in the mind of the reader. However, characterization is lacking as the stories plow ahead plot wise and most of the characters end up sounding same-y by the end. I also felt some of the horror was "edgy" simply for the sake of it. Good if you're a fan of extreme horror and splatterpunk, but not if you're looking for a more character rich and thought provoking experience. By no means unreadable, however I believe a niche audience within the horror literature community may like this more than others. If you're a fan of Nick Cutter, give this three story anthology a look.

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this was a great collection of the horror stories, it had everything that I was hoping for from the genre. I enjoyed the way Henry Ben Edom wrote this and enjoyed the concepts overall.

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There were 3 stories this book that Henry wrote and each of them was more disturbing than the last. I'am not one to look into horror but it was with a Finnish person. It was mostly disturbing as I read them but I liked the first one the best because Jessica fired the last shot. In the second story Amy didn't get to see what she had hoped for. Lana was in the third story and she didn't get to see Hosea in the end but someone different. But in them there was enough blood and guts for me to read about it. I for one will stick to reading mysteries and thrillers.

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I really didn’t not enjoy this story. The writing and story was not for me. The plot seemed fine, but it was a challenge to read and the first story really put me off.

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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read a copy of this book. I love horror short stories so was excited to read this. I was a bit disappointed however. The stories were "ok"...a bit messed up, so if someone is into the macabre they may really enjoy this. I just was a bit let down with the endings, they fell a bit flat, but I guess the title fits the endings.

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Thank you NetGalley and Swann + Bedlam for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Dead Endings is a collection of short stories that all share one theme: death. Each story explores the topic in their own way involving the occult. No story overstayed its welcome, but each were long enough to convey what it wanted to convey. Often in short stories, not as much detail is able to be given to the characters involved. The first story was the longest, and also my favorite since it gave just the tiniest bit more depth to the characters compared to the other stories in the collection.

As the reader you aren't given much of an idea of how each character looks, just a feel for their personality, which for me made it a little harder to picture the scenes. With that being said, the gruesome descriptions of the horrors taking place in each story were well written and gave me the chills I was looking for in the horror genre. As told in the summary, "These stories are not merely they are steeped in the pure essence of darkness and evil and are sure to leave an indelible mark on the psyche of their readers." While I typically look for more character depth in the horror I read, I won't be forgetting these stories, especially the first story of Mama.

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Henry Ben Edom's 'Dead Endings' was great fun to read, if you're a hardcore horror fan and enjoy thoughtful, creepy stories with satisfying endings. It contains three stories, each one very different from the others. There's some gore, especially in the first one, though always necessary to the plot of the story. The author has a flair for imagery, rather than intricate plot, so expect a couple of shocking scenes and several deranged developments. The second story shows that characterization is also his strong suit, and that's a good thing since the second story is, in my opinion, the weakest of the three in terms of originality and suspense.. The first story was my favorite: it has an insane supernatural creature playing mother to a teenage boy who can't keep his hands off himself. What excites the couple, however, is anything but your standard fare of sexual experiences. The second story is steeped in sinister magic and the occult. Prepare for some triggering moments as well. The last story is essentially a love story, though the ending turns it into something entirely different - it's a horror story, after all! Overall, 'Dead Endings' shows great promise and won't disappoint. Give it a chance!

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Dead Endings was indeed a very macabre collection of short stories.

First, I had to say that I'm not the biggest fan of extreme horror as a genre, but I can appreciate it when it's done right. I don't see the point when the story leans only towards gore and shock factory, but luckily, it wasn't a case of this book.

Author succees to create very eerie atmosphere wanting reader to seek more what's coming next.

Each story had a different feel while them all led towards the inevitable dead end (hence the name). It didn't feel that I was reading the same story all over again.

Some of the phrases and chosen terms bothered me a bit, but not that much that they would affect my reading experience. Some things felt quite clumsy sort of?

For me, the second story, Brimstone, was the strongest of the three. I would happily read longer stories like that.

After all, each book has elements I really enjoyed.

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“In darkness, we’re never truly alone.”

Henry Ben Edom’s collection of macabre stories will stick in your mind long after you’ve read them. Each touches on death and the beyond. They creep deeply into the realms of darkness and misery.

There are three stories that centre around the occult and dark evil forces. Something that drives the characters to commit unspeakable acts.

The imagery alone is enough to turn any readers stomach. What each does well is to set up the tone and atmosphere, allowing glimpses into what horrors are awaiting to be revealed.

I found all of these to be messed up and enjoyable. If one or two were fleshed out a little further I know I’d enjoy reading them as novels.

Overall a very dark and twisted collection that will appeal to horror fans.

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Dead Endings certainly earns the warning on the description.

“Beware! For once the spine is cracked, and these tales are experienced, the act of reading them cannot be undone and the stain of their horror will forever remain.”

The stain will certainly linger.

The three stories in this collection all had their pros and cons but each was horrifying and indeed upsetting in its own unique way. The initial tale, Lustmord, while in my opinion the weakest of the collected stories, does an excellent job setting the tone with some truly upsetting imagery in the vein of a horror story by the likes of Eric LaRocca. After that story, you never know quite what the author is going to do, what image he’s going to put in your head of how his stories will end. This created a pleasantly unsettling sense of apprehension that heightened the horror of the other two tales. Brimstone, was the most gripping story for me and I would gladly read a much longer collection from this writer if all the short stories were of that caliber.

Overall this was a decent collection that definitely delivers on the premise of extreme horror. While I wasn’t completely blow away I did find something unique and compelling in each story. I’d be interested to see how this author grows and develops. I hope he keeps writing.

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