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The Cross-Eyed Kitten

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How sweet is this beautiful children's book The Cross-Eyed Kitten.

Written by Judith M.Ackerman and illustrated by Olivia Manta, this one is the story of Ali and her 7th birthday.
She is so excited, because her parents decided to accomplish a big desire of the kid: adopting a kitten. So Ali can't wait and nervuously eats her breakfast before to go with her parents to the Human Society for picking up a kitten. Once arrived, Ali is so surprised to see sooo many kittens. She is still looking at them, when she notices some nasty children making bad considerations on a kitten. Adorable, the only problems is that the kittens eyes are crossed. Ali pick him up, look at him attentively and she decides for this kitten, for sure not perfect but unique in its genre.

The parents asks why she is choosing him. After all this kitten won't never see her the way other kittens sees her. Ali is always more convinced: as she replies firmly to her parents:"Every time he looks at me he will see two of me, who loves him just the way he is, and he will feel twice as much love as all the other kittens!"

This little cute tells speaks of inclusivity, acceptance and of a best society. Beautifully illustrated, the story touches the heart.

I thank Netgalley for the ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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This was a cute story of inclusion and compassion, perfect for young children. The cross-eyes kitten of course was adorable as well as the other kittens depicted. The art and story are heartwarming with a subtle message to ADOPT from your local humane society!

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The Cross-Eyed Kitten was such an adorable children’s book! I loved it so much! It’s a must have read for all cat lovers! The illustrations were gorgeous and the plot inclusive and beautiful. This story follows a young girl on her birthday as she chooses a kitten to rescue.

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Ali wanted nothing more than a kitten for her birthday and that is exactly what she got.

I really appreciated the message of adopting from the humane society, thought this was a great touch. There are so many animals looking for a home.

What a lovely story to teach your little one the importance of kindness, compassion and love.

I felt the illustrations were lovely however the pages with the writing were so plain in comparison. It would have possibly been nice to add the writing to the illustrated pages rather than have a separate page for the writing.

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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this arc in exchange for my honest review.

This was so sweet, cute and beautifully illustrated.

1 completely illustrated page is always followed by a page with only text, not too much and in a big font, easy to read and understand.

This is very thoughtfully illustrated. The title having a heart dotting the i, the kitten shaped pancakes, how the kitten begged too (which was endearing and funny),…

The story is about a little girl named Ali. It’s her 7th birthday and she’s getting a kitten! When her parents take her to the humane society to pick one out, there’s an interactive question and illustration that kids will love! Ali has a hard time finding the right kitten and when she does, a heartwarming moment follows, where she shows compassion and follows her heart.

This is a simple, endearing story I loved.

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This is a cute little story about a little girl picking out a kitten for her birthday. Ali's parents take her to the Humane Society to adopt a kitten without a home. Although all the other families are looking at the "prettiest" kittens, Ali doesn't feel that any of those are perfect for her. She sees a kitten with cross-eyes that she falls in love with.
This story is a great way for kids to learn that love doesn't always come in what others deem as a "perfect" package. Differences in appearance can actually make an animal - or human for that matter - more endearing.
I like that the story also talks about adopting an animal instead of purchasing one.
The illustrations are cute and kids will love to look at the different types of cats and dogs in the pictures.

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This was an adorable story about a girl who wanted to adopt a kitten who happens to be a bit different. My 8 yr old really enjoyed this book. The pictures are lovely as is the story. Thank you to NetGalley an the author for letting us read an advance copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.

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Thank you NetGalley, Judith M. Ackerman, and Story Teller Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

This is a cute books about embracing differences, kindness, and inclusion. Perfect to add to a children's library as these are topics that are a huge focus for children in their school years. The pictures in the book are beautifully done. As a child, I experienced bullying due to my crossing eyes and other eye issues and found this story to hit very close to home. As a child I loved all things kittens and cats so I was naturally drawn to this book. This books is very wordy so it would I feel it would be geared best for children ages 6 and above.

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Sweet story littles will enjoy about accepting differences in others. Ali is a careing little girl who is given a pet of her choice for her 7th birthday. There are many kittens to chose from at the animal shelter, but only one is perfect for her- a sweet cross-eyed kitten. Everyone else may have rejected this little kitten, but it is recognized as perfect to Ali. Nice ending to a wonderful tale. I think it will be a nice gift for a child comtemplating a pet. I liked the illustrations, too.

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This is a beautiful story about a kitten with eyes just alittle different and the love between a girl and this kitten... of course the story is about adoption too so it take place before they take the lil guy home. But its beautiful drawn and made me tear up. Loved it!

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This was a very cute little book! Really enjoyed it. As someone who works in rescue it’s nice to promote getting a rescue kitten over one from a breeder.

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Very adorable story about a little girl who is very excited to ADOPT a kitten for her birthday. Love the message of adoption and the Humane Society and kindness in this story. Thank you, NetGalley for this free copy for review.

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Such a good story. we really enjoy it for reading during homeschool learning. The story is great and the overall message is wonderful.

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A sweet story about a little girl getting a kitten for her birthday from the human society.

I love the premise of this but I think the actual result falls a bit flat.

I felt like the artwork was a bit lacking. I struggled with the proportions feeling weird and there just wasn’t enough detail in most images to really capture any feeling of magic.

The prose felt a bit stilted and again didn’t capture any whimsy or hold my interest.

The message itself is sweet, but it felt like it was done a little heavy handed. I would have loved a bit more depth to the story.

Overall it was a bit of an oddly structured book. The beginning bit feels overly long with lots of unnecessary details, and then the ending feels really abrupt. It would have been lovely to have had a couple of scenes with the kitten at home being loved and looked after.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an E-ARC

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I adored this book about a little girl who gets a kitten for her birthday. When she goes to pick out her new friend she notices one that is very different from the rest. A great message about inclusion.


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I really like this book good for children. It also emphasizes to adopt or rescues instead of buying from breeders.
Most specially it teaches the kids to love and appreciate things that are not viewed as "normal".
Illustrations where also on point.

It is Ali's seventh Birthday! and today is her most awaited date as she will be able to adopt a pet as promised by her parents.

But how will she choose?

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The Cross-Eyed Kitten is a quick little story about compassion and inclusion illustrated in the form of a cat with odd eyes. It teaches a quick lesson about morale and compassion. Though the story is very simple and straightforward forward it is perfect for the age group.
The art in the book is adorable and draws the reader in. In the story, there were more opportunities to talk directly to the reader, which it only did on one occasion.

I want to note that on the Kindle version, the art is not displaying correctly and is cut between several pages.

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Unfortunately not a fan of the drawing style accompanying the story but the story was sweet enough. I thought it was important the author highlighted that because of its crossed eyes, the kitten was made fun of, bringing to attention the bullying and harassment ostracised children/people experience. Definitely a story worth expanding on since Ali’s parents were very quick to say yes. Having Ali’s friends meet the kitten could have also contributed to how people’s views on someone who’s disabled can change!

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I was not a huge fan of the drawings. It was a cute story though, good that they got a kitten from a shelter.

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As someone who just got a kitten for my 50th birthday from. my parents this past summer, I related to the little girl in the book! I was just as excited as her to find my fur baby at the local animal shelter! I love that this book was set in South Florida because I also live in South Florida and have never read a book set here. I also love that the book focuses on adopting an animal from a shelter (Humane Society in the book) rather than buying a pet. And the message of adopting a pet who might be less desirable animal that other's may pass by was wonderful. The only thing I didn't love was the illustrations. This is probably a me thing though. The illustrations are more on the realistic side and I tend to like more whimsical illustrations. However, all the animals in the book were super adorable!

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