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Really good book. Jody and Erin are well written main characters. I liked that this was a later in life coming out storyline. Both women had their reasons for not doing so earlier in life. These two women reconnect after years of not seeing each other and the chemistry is still there. Both Jodi and Erin were secret lovers in high school, so their connection was very strong. There's some angst and drama in their relationship and the secondary characters were well written and helped to push this story along and make this an even better story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a later in life coming out storyline and a second chance at romance story. I look forward to what's next from this author.

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This book is about Erin, who realizes at 51 she is a lesbian. She divorces her husband and wants to feel what living her real life is. She is invited to get together with 3 high school friends for a weekend. One of those friends, Jodi, was a secret girlfriend back then. Erin is interested to see if the feelings are still there.
Jodi was never in the closet and once she sees Erin, she is hesitant about getting close again after getting dumped by her. Erin knows she made a mistake and wants to see if Jodi can ever trust her again.
I would recommend.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Unfortunately this was a dnf for me. The writing seemed coarse and situations over simplified. I appreciated the “A League of Their Own” reference early on but it quickly lost my interest after that.

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At the age of 51 with the help of her younger daughter and "A League of Their Own", Erin realizes she is lesbian and has only ever been in love with Jodi, her high school not-really-girlfriend. Now, she will spend weekends with Jodi and her other 2 school friends whom she hasn't seen for the past 30 years, and she is excited and curios as Jodi, whom she rejected because of Erin's religious parent, was out and proud for the past 30 years.

It was a first time for me reading a romance from the perspective of a 50-year-old, reevaluating their sexuality and coming out. Especially from the perspective not of the "chaser" dealing with a confused person, but from the perspective of the confused person who is trying to get ahold of their love life and win back their old love. But, not to expect the whole story to be set during weekends, this part takes about 1/3 of the book and moves on with their lives and their story.

Writing is light and easy to read in a pleasurable way. Some situations are fast-forwarded or simplified which, for me, does take away almost 1 star, but overall, it was an enjoyable read worth 4.3 stars. After reading this book, I will be definitely looking at other books by Sage Donnell.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books, Inc. for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 March 2024
Such an enjoyable read, I found the story relatable to my own situation family and religion wise.

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I really enjoyed this book Erin and Jodi meet again after 30 years at a weekend with old school friends. Both characters have been through life apart Erin getting married and divorcing and Jodi trying to find someone. They both still have feelings for one another but both have reservations.
I liked the majority of the characters and thought they all worked well together.
Thankyou for advanced copy

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This was my first Sage Donell story and I enjoyed the latebian storyline.

There was chemistry between old school friends Erin and Jodi, nice banter and some interesting dynamics in Erin’s family that kept the story moving along. A good second chance romance for a weekend read. There were a couple of things that I thought happened way too fast/easily but not enough to spoil the story in general.

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The blurb gives the set up. Erin and Jodi were each other’s first loves at 17 while in HS. Erin, fearful of her parents and her faith, breaks up with Jodi before she leaves for college. Now at 50 Erin is divorced and reconnects with Jodi and two other HS friends going away for a reunion weekend. Jodi has been living out of the closet since college.

I like the maturity of the two reconnecting. Erin especially is open to recognizing the feelings she has repressed for decades. But she still needs time for her to figure out what being out means to her and she struggles to tell her own children. I loved how thoughtful Erin was of her youngest daughter and wanted to be an example to her. Not many books show couples trying to make a long distance relationship work. Surprisingly I thought the cover a bit misleading as the characters look neither 17 or 51. But that is a small quibble on what is otherwise an interesting second chance romance for a mature couple.

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Great plot and quite enjoyable. A story that focuses on coming out later in life. Both Erin and Jodi are lovable characters who has a second chance of at love.

Thank you NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for this ARC.

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Coming out later in life and reconnecting with that one love from way back in high school. A lovely story about what it takes to truly live as your authentic self.

I received an advance copy from Netgalley for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Erin is living the life that was expected of her. Married to a good Christian and being a mom to three kids. Her marriage is a loveless one though and Erin has never felt like she was being herself entirely. When a friend from high school suggests a weekend get away with their old friend group from school, Erin takes a chance. Her main reason: Jodi. The girl she had a secret relationship with at 17. And possibly the only person she ever truly loved.

Jodi has been living out and proud since college. Yes, she has had relationships but none of them were as fulfilling as her first. Erin broke her heart in high school by ending things and preferring to adhere to her family’s strict Christian wishes. When the invitation comes for the reunion weekend, she hesitates. What will it be like to see Erin again? And what if there is any spark left between them?

This story does not shy away from the difficulties that come with coming out later in life and the trauma that comes from hearing toxic messages about gay people for a lifetime. The decisions Erin has to face to be able to live truly as herself are heartbreaking. I’ve had a very different experience personally, but it is good to read about the struggles that still exist for LGBTQ+ people anno 2024. I admire Erin for her strength.

As the main characters are both over 50, it’s only natural physical changes have happened to both of them. They’re not 17 anymore. These changes are addressed as casual facts and that makes Erin’s and Jodi’s connection even sexier.

I loved reading about ‘older’ women. Their life experiences are different from so many stories about 20 and 30 somethings. I think it is very important that books like this one exist. That being said, this is also a true sapphic second chance romance. Let yourself be swept away by the intrinsic connection these two women share!

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book

a girl weekend away with high school friends is on the cards for erin and her friends but she is also hoping to catch up with a certain someone ...jodi, the one that got away

erin had chosen her church and then married a grant, they had gone on to have 3 children but as time went on things changed ... so it was good to get away and catch up with old friends and also to see if the spark was still between herself and jodi

could there still be a spark between erin and jodi.... and would erin yet again chose her family over jodi...only time will tell

an interesting read that highlights coming out later in life, long distance romances and finding the right people to be in your life...

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I enjoyed this book. Erin comes to term with her sexuality, with indirect help from her youngest child. First Erin has to come to the realization that her marriage is not work for either of them. And she is thinking about her first love and their past. Erin got in touch with a mutual friend and decided to have a high-reunion weekend with the whole group, including Jodi. The person she is in love with. The book shows how these two got back together and worked on their long distance relationship. Plus, Erin the book shows how Erin comes clean about her sexuality to her family and how they react to it.

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Erin & Jodi were secret lovers in high school. Erin left it all behind, shamed by religion and her family. Erin complacent in her marriage, decides to finally break free. Typical Erin and Jodi rekindle their relationship. Nice sweet story with a third act breakup, wasn’t really dramatic. Happy ever after. Simple story.

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51 years old Erin, long stifled by the sexuality she buried in her youth, finally confronts her true identity. As she embarks on a new chapter, a reunion weekend with her high school friends brings hope of rekindling her teeange romance with Jodi. A Jodi, living authentically as a lesbian for over thirty years. A Jodi who must confront old wounds. Can Erin convince Jodi to embrace the present and forgive the past? I enjoyed reading through Erin and Jodi’s exploration of love, identity, and forgiveness.
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I enjoyed the plot, but everything seemed a little too easy. There wasn't any real angst - perhaps because these were middle-aged women who knew how to communicate rather than 20-somethings just learning. I felt like Erin's issues and concerns about coming out were valid and portrayed realistically, as well as the reactions by family and friends. The characters were likeable but a little flat, but overall the book is a quick and entertaining read.

I wanted to like it more because it's rare to find a romance between older women, but this one didn't do it for me.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC.

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Admittedly I struggled a little in the beginning but once we got going I really enjoyed it!

Jodi is Erin’s secret teen crush… but growing up with ultra religious parents and attending the bigoted church caused Erin to close that part of herself off…. Years later here we are and Erin is freshly divorced and looking to reconnect with friends from her younger years, including Jodi.

Jodi has been out and proud for decades now but has yet been able to completely get over her love for Erin.

I really did enjoy the journey for these two women and even the angsty parts before the happy ending!!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC!!

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Erin, after coming out later in life, is still coming to grips with her lesbianism when she agrees to go to a reunion of their friend group.

Jodi, Erin's teen crush, is a serial monogamist and is VERY unsure if getting mixed up with Erin now is a good idea.

Likeable characters and story. I liked Sal and Darcy too, and the banter between characters was fun. It also tackled the issues a older woman with kids might have coming out.

Downside, like a lot of romances it had the 'temporary break up for drama' thing, but at least it didn't feel hugely contrived.

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