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I was actually shocked to see that we were already 7 books into this series. It feels like just yesterday that I was introduced to David Rivers and his crazy crew. Well, anyway, when I saw that there was a new book out, I didn't even think twice about requesting the ARC.

While this book is not a stand alone book, I think that the series itself is at a point where someone new could drop in and not be too lost with the things that are going on. With that being said, what makes this series so captivating and intriguing are the relationships that have developed over the last 6 books. Relationships between David and his team, between the CIA and its contractors (specifically those in charge of Project Longwing) and in this book, we are introduced to a new element when there is a surprise group thrown in to the mix.

This series revolves around a team of 5 men. Ex-Military men who have been in combat in some form or another for most of their lives. Men who have gone through the ringer together and who have had to depend on each other continually to survive. Mr. Kasper talks a lot about the "warrior caste" and how that defines David's psyche and his sense of self. This book actually goes into much more detail about this than before and we get more insight into each member of the team and how they have been affected by the situations they have been thrown into during the last few years. The team has had to learn to survive not only when they are on missions, but together, they've had to navigate an employer who seems to think they are disposable. Not a great situation to be in.

The plot of this book continues the over arching storyline from the last several books as the team is continuing the search for the HVT - terrorist Erik Weisz. This time, the trail leads to Yemen. Personally, I found that whole setting extremely interesting as Mr. Kasper does a really good job of describing the political atmosphere of Yemen and I can honestly say that I had no idea how extremely complicated that entire country is. That doesn't even take into account the descriptions of the Houthi's - a terrorist organization that has been in the news recently with all of the attacks on the US that have been occurring in that part of the Middle East. So, the mission setting was extremely dangerous, BEFORE things got complicated.

Without going into spoilers, I'll just say that the team finds themselves in quite a mess, without necessarily having any reliable back up. The action starts from the very beginning of the book and does not let up until the very last page. Everything that I have liked about this series seemed to be taken up a level. Mr. Kasper's expertise in this genre, the realism of the storyline, the amazing constant development of the characters, and the real life dilemma of doing the "right thing" when WHAT the right thing debatable. There was action, drama, suspense, intrigue and ultimately.....betrayal. It felt like the team had gotten to a breaking point, yet you just knew that the strength of their bonds were what was going to get them through an almost unsurvivable situation.

So, definitely another winner. This storyline may have reached somewhat of a conclusion, but at the same time it feels like it also may have just opened up a can of worms, or as David says, "it was like stepping on a pregnant spider". The next book or two is going to get very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC. The opinions above are mine and mine alone.

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Another super spy tale in the David Rivers saga.
David is sent on what should be an in and out mission to bring home a defecting operative; until they discover he has knowledge of
an upcoming meeting involving the infamous and elusive terrorist, Erik Weisz and all of a sudden, it becomes a much more complicated and dangerous extraction.
Using the intel to go after Weisz. Rivers and his team are dropped into Yemen for a one shot chance at grabbing Weisz and bringing him back
to the US
The characters are as well defined as always by Kasper and the plot moves along quickly with little time to catch your breath from one encounter and counteroffensive to the next.
The descriptives of both Rivers and his team as well as the others they encounter, and the encounters as well, are so superbly done that you are placed right there in the story beside them.
No time to rest as one event quickly follows another.
Great geography lesson on Yemen thrown in as well.
Greta reading as always.
Next, please..........

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Kasper has been one of my favorite authors for years! Once I saw that his new book was available to request I jumped right on it and as usual, he does not disappoint. Highly recommended….again!

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Book 7 of the Shadow Strike Series, brings David River back in full force. In my opinion, this series gets better with every installment. Non stop action on this mission to take out terrorist financier and kingpin Erik Weisz. Note – some places on Earth are not meant to be inhabited or entered. But when David and his team find out that they are not the first team to do this, they can learn from the previous teams mistakes or figure out why they are there.
The good thing about a series like this is that every character becomes more likeable. You get to know their quarks and personalities – and maybe some hidden secrets. This is a cinematic read. You are on the mission with them. Yes, there is a sub plot…. Ian. Really….Ian…. Ok. I am ready for the next book.

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In Lethal Horizon, David and his team go to Yemen for a mission and, of course, nothing goes as planned. Great plot, cast of characters, and thrilling action. My only problem with this book was the over describing of certain scenes. I have been a fan of Jason Kasper for quite some time and will continue.
Thanks to Severn River Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC and I highly recommend reading this book; or anything by Jason Kasper.

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When David and his team are sent in to remove an asset in Yemen they have no idea that it may lead to their greatest and most searched for terrorist yet. But true to form there are always curveballs and impossible decisions to be made.

This book will keep all of us hanging on for the next word.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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As the series continues, it keeps to getting better.. The strike force seems to be pawns as they face a foe more nefarious than anyone should oppose, but add in the duplicity of their so-called support, and you get a taut, fast-paced action thriller.

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