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I immediately tried the pancake muffins recipe and decided to use the cookbook's tips to add chocolate chips. My kids devoured these muffins and I recognized that this was a perfect base recipe for easy breakfast muffins. I think I will add cinnamon or mushed banana next time. I think an apple cinnamon mix would help as well. The only problem I had was the cooking time and temperature. I followed the recipe and cooked the muffins at 300 degree Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. They were cooked, but sort of gummy. I increased the temperature and added another 10 minutes of cooking to get a crisp edge, our preference.

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Very resourceful guide of air fryer recipes! I love to find quick and easy yet tasty recipes to prepare in my air fryer. This book is the ticket !There are many enticing recipes to choose from! This specific air fryer cookbook is jammed packed with all types of meals to make for the entire family. I am so glad to have come across this air fryer cook book. I highly recommend!

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love my own Air Fryer. I already have 2 cookbooks for it and this one is far better than the one from a well known cooking show on TV. I will absolutely make more of the recipes in this book. Although I am well acquainted with my own appliance, this book is great for beginners because it has a chapter on selecting, cleaning, and use of an Air Fryer.

There are 175 recipes and they really are quick and easy. Many only have 2 or 3 steps. The recipe chapters are: Breakfast, Appetizers and Snacks, Side Dishes, Chicken Main Dishes, Beef and Pork Main Dishes, Fish and Seafood Main Dishes, Vegetarian Main Dishes, and Desserts.

How does the 3 step Stuffed French Toast sound? Or Cheesy Breakfast Popovers? I'm going to try those recipes very soon. What about Ham and Cheese Quiche? In an air fryer? Yes! I often make bakery style sticky buns from scratch that take several hours. This book has a recipe for Sticky Bun Bites. I'll have to make it and compare. Making sticky buns in less than 15 minutes is intriguing.

For dinner, Caprese Chicken in 3 steps and less than 20 minutes sounds good to me. And so does Garlicky Beef and Broccoli.

I can see this cookbook being very useful to beginning cooks and experienced cooks. My only suggestion would be more photos. But this cookbook is a keeper.

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The recipes appear easy enough. The conversion table at the and of the book is great. Downside is not having pictures for each recipe

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"The "I Love My Air Fryer" Easy Recipes Book" by Robin Fields is a cookbook perfect for busy individuals like me who want to make delicious meals with minimal effort.
With 175 easy recipes to choose from, I can quickly whip up breakfast, snacks, dinners, and desserts using simple ingredients and straightforward steps. The recipes are on the table in under thirty minutes and have fewer than five steps, making meal prep a breeze even on the most hectic days.
I appreciate that each recipe includes information on hands-on time, cook time, servings, and nutritional information, which helps me plan my meals better. The variety of recipes, including breakfast options, appetizers, main dishes (chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood, and vegetarian), and desserts, ensures that there's something for everyone in this cookbook.
While I wish there were photos for every recipe, the clear instructions and yummy food descriptions make up for it. Overall, I'm thrilled to explore the delicious dishes in this cookbook and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make the most of their air fryer. Happy cooking!

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Almost everybody loves their air fryer, and almost everybody owns one. They are a modern miracle and make quick cooking fun and easy. There are hundreds of air fryer cookbooks out there, some good and some not. However, The "I Love My Air Fryer" Easy Recipes Book: From Pancake Muffins to Honey Balsamic Chicken Wings, 175 Quick and Easy Recipes by food blogger, Robin Fields is one of the good air fryer cookbooks, and it’s well-worth picking up.

The recipes are not only easy as the title suggests, but they are also unique and innovative. These recipes aren’t your regular same old-same old recipes that are printed in most of the air fryer cookbooks. Rather, Fields has used her imagination and has given instructions for quick and easy recipes that most of us really want to prepare.

The recipes are written in the traditional manner with the ingredients listed first, followed by step-by-step instructions. Fields has added her own thoughts and notes to make the recipes more relatable and her notes are full of tips and helps that make the recipes successful. The recipes are suitable for both beginning and advanced cooks, and they actually turn out picture perfect.

Some of the recipes are preceded by beautiful, professional photographs that make the recipes even more appealing. However, there isn’t a photo of every recipe; that is really the only drawback to this cookbook. That shouldn’t keep air fryer lovers from purchasing the cookbook. It is excellent and has dozens of recipes that appeal. Readers will add to their queue of “must make soon” recipes every time they peruse the cookbook.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The “I love my Air Fryer” Easy Recipe Book is a very simple easy to follow cookbook. Each recipe includes a little blurb about the food, the hands-on time, cook time, the servings, and nutritional information.

The sections are cooking with an air fryer, breakfast, appetizers and snacks, side dishes, chicken main dishes, beef and pork main dishes, fish and seafood main dishes, vegetarian main dishes, and desserts.

The one downside is not having photos for every recipe. Overall, I am very excited to try out some of these recipes like the fried oreos.

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Upon first look, this might be the easiest cookbook I've ever seen. Small numbers of ingredients, easy steps, and just not complicated baking steps! Can't wait to try some of these in our air fryer!

Lots of variety of recipes - breakfast, veggies, entrees, and desserts. Not a lot of photos which is a downside but overall appreciated this for its ease of use.

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Air frying has become very popular. In this book, 175 “easy” recipes are presented with common ingredients and simple steps.

Well organized, the book begins with the basics of air frying as well as some tips, including accessories you might want to purchase to enhance your air frying experience. I liked that there were no exotic spices called for. I hate when a recipe needs something that you have to buy and use maybe once or twice! The recipes are interesting, diverse, and I appreciated the vegetarian section. Each recipe includes the hands on preparation time as well as nutritional content. Because this was a DRC, I missed having photos of all the dishes; I believe they are present in the final copy of the book.

As I just received this copy, I haven’t attempted any yet, but I have a list that I can’t wait to try, starting with the panko-crusted mahi mahi and moving on to the strawberry galette.

Thank to #NetGalley and @adams_media for the DRC.

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