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When when I read the synopsis for this, I just thought it sounded so up my street, the idea of escaping London(or any city) and into nature sounds like my idea of heaven. So I had a good inkling that I would enjoy this book, as well as the fact I’ve read Georgina’s books before and always enjoyed them. Michael instinct didn’t let me down and I’m glad to say this is a wonderful read.

I love the characters of Lettie and Brodie, I thought they were a brilliant leading pair, great chemistry, nice tension and lovely relatable characters. I love the detail and attention that clearly Georgina has done her research, I love the focus on the farm work,both physical and financial. I love Brodie and his dog so much, although I’m hoping there will be more books and we get to see more of Joe too, he was a lovely character.

If you’re looking for somewhere scenic to escape, then I definitely recommend Welcome to Hollyhock Farm by Georgina Troy, it had everything I wanted for that perfect weekend, just grab a brew, park yourself and fall into some great writing.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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It's only fairly recently that I discovered Georgina and her amazing books. One day, I hope to have read everything that she has written to date. I read the synopsis of 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' and it certainly sounded like my kind of read. I couldn't wait to dive in and so without further ado, I grabbed my Kindle, grabbed a cup of tea and settled down for a fun afternoon of reading. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' but more about that in a bit.

Can I just say that 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' came along at the right time for me. I was in need of a fun and lighthearted read which would whisk me away from a wet and miserable village in North East England. 'Welcome At Hollyhock Farm' certainly ticked those boxes. I was drawn into this story from the start and I found it nigh on impossible to put the book down for any length of time. My Kindle wasn't exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me. Part of the reason why I enjoyed the story so much has to do with the main characters of Lottie and Brodie, who ended up feeling more friends rather than characters in a book. I had to keep reading to see what happened between the pair of them and whether each character got the 'happy ever after' ending that they both so deserved. I was so wrapped up in the story that I lost all track of time and just how quickly I was getting through the book. All too quickly I reached the end of 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' and had to say goodbye to Lettie, Brodie and the rest of the characters. I found 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' to be a delight to read from start to finish with lots of life, laughs and love.

'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' is superbly written but then I have come to expect nothing less from Georgina Troy. Georgina has an easy going writing style that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with. In fact reading one of Georgina's books often feels more like a chat between friends rather than reading a book. I hope that makes sense. Georgina's love for her characters shines through in the very vivid and realistic way in which she describes them. She makes her characters seem just as real as you and I. As I indicated earlier on in my review, I began to consider Lettie and Brodie as friends rather than characters in a book. Georgina describes Jersey so vividly and realistically that if I were to close my eyes, it would be easy to imagine that I was there myself with the sun beating down on my face. I love the way in which Georgina makes the reader feel as though they are part of the story and at the heart of the action. That's how I felt anyway.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Welcome To Hollyhock Farm' and I wholeheartedly recommend it to other readers. I will certainly be reading more of Georgina's work in the future. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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What a gorgeous read from Georgina Troy. Lettie’s summer is full of hard work and hope as she tries to get to grips with running the farm while her parents are away.
I loved the relationships in this book - Tina proved to be a valuable friend, and having Joe and Brodie around to help was a nice positive for Lettie. Georgina always writes such great stories full of community and wonderful characters.
Hollyhock Farm sounded a perfect place to live and I loved reading about Lettie’s plans with Spud and Derek too.

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After having read multiple other books by the author and enjoying them so much I was excited to start reading a new series.
Hollyhock Farm sounds like such a delightful place. These rom coms can have some quirky characters in them but not in a bad way, a good way. The characters are fun, outgoing and keep you entertained.
We have Lettie and her brother at their parent's farm, Hollyhock Farm in Jersey. The parents need to tell them something, they are selling the farm and retiring. Lettie grew up there and she never expected this to happen. She wanted a career in fashion in London but not quite working out like she wanted it to she's back on the farm and shocked at her parents' announcement, she and her brother both. The farm is in Lettie's blood, she can't just let it go and sets out to prove to her parents on a trial run of three months she is capable of running it herself though she has no idea of the ins and outs of farm work. Now I do like the thought of an organic produce farm with a few animals but it's not something I'd want to do day in and day out.
I give Lettie all the props, she works her tail off basically day into the night running this farm while her parents are on a cruise to prove to them, she's got what it takes. Will it actually be enough to keep the farm in the family and convince her parents it should stay? With two men competing for her attention, the town's new veterinarian and a firefighter, who will she choose? Does she even have time for a romance right now? The book is so heartwarming, the characters are charming and likable, the situation has a bit of tension that has you holding your breath. The book is warm and invites you in to get to know the characters and I'm looking forward to reading more installments in this series and meeting back up with all the animals again.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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A heartwarming read and I enjoyed it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for giving me this opportunity to read and review this book.

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I enjoyed this lovely story of self-discovery, family, friendship and community set in Jersey. Lettie loves the farm where she grew up and assumes it will always be there when she needs to chill. When her parents tell her that they are selling to enjoy a different pace of life whilst they can, she knows she needs to rethink her future. At a crossroads in her career and love life, she persuades her family to let her run the farm to see if she can make a go of it. The author immersively evokes life on a farm and living in Jersey, and it is an engaging read. It's a steep learning curve for Lettie, but she realises that friendship and community support are invaluable. There is also a rekindling of past romance, even if she seems to be the only one who can remember it. I like the detailed description of farm life and life in Jersey, the relatable characters and relationships and the story's heartwarming ethos.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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Lettie and Zac return to Jersey, uncertain about the future, after their parents announce plans to sell their farmland due to their father's health issues. Lettie, facing potential redundancy at work and reeling from a recent breakup, volunteers to take over the farm and gets her father and uncle's approval. She has three months to prove herself, one with her father's guidance and two while he's away. Back on the island, Lettie gains the attention of the local vet and a charming firefighter. While working tirelessly to keep the farm running, she navigates her social life and the potential for romance, with supportive friends and her two dogs, Spunky and Thistle. The story explores Lettie's journey from uncertainty to determination, capturing her personal growth and relationships with endearing secondary characters. The author, Georgina Troy, crafts a realistic and heartwarming tale of perseverance, community, and unexpected love, culminating in a satisfying conclusion at Hollyhock Farm.

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Yet another wonderful book by Georgina. With loveable characters and beautiful narratives making it a heart warming spring read. Great setting too, on Jersey.

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A big thank you to Rachel at RaRaResources and the publisher for sending me my review copy of the book and for inviting me to take part on the blog tour. My review is my own and has not been influenced in any way.

Welcome to Hollyhock Farm is the first Georgina Troy book I have read and what a lovely introduction it was! Set in Jersey we follow Lettie who is spending some time with her parents and brother on the family farm following the end of her relationship and job in London so Hollyhock Farm is the perfect place for her to relax and reflect on the next step in her life.

However, the tranquillity is shattered somewhat when her parents announce they are going to sell the farm to her uncle following the recent ill health of her father. Following a heart attack, they have decided it is the eye opener they needed and realise they need a slower pace of life and would actually like to see the world! Lettie is understandably shattered and decides on the spur of the moment that she would like to try and run the farm. Despite not showing too much interest as a youngster, Lettie is determined to give running the farm, her best shot whilst her parents go on a long cruise!

I really enjoyed this book set in a lovely Jersey village, along with its lovely inhabitants. I loved learning about the inner workings of farm life and along with Lettie discovered it is back breaking work that you don’t really switch off from! It isn’t something you ever stop worrying about from ensuring the animals are healthy to making sure all the paperwork is up to date. I’m not sure I could cope!

Obviously there just has to be a hint of romance on the horizon and that is in the form of the new vet in the village – Brodie. Having grown up near the village, Brodie gets the chance to set down roots and takes over the village practice following the retirement of the previous vet. He is friendly and caring but for some reason Lettie is frosty with him. We eventually learn why but happily they become friends and he becomes a close friend and confident to her.

The ending of the book leads the opportunity for future instalments which I hope there will be as I would love to be reunited with the farm and to see how things end up for them all!

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What a delightful read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Love the setting on Jersey and the characters, Lettie and her family and Brodie, an old flame. They make the story entertaining and enjoyable and a bit of fun as well.

I love the storyline of coming home, running a family farm and memories as well as a bit of romance. But it was no airy fairy book as it had some twists and turns, it has a great story to tell and the hard work put in on a farm is what it is all about, but in a good way.

Fun, entertaining, charming, this story of family, friendship, community and romance has it all and I highly recommend it.

Thank you NetGalley and Boldwood Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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Lettie offers to run her family's farm while her parents are away. she doesn't realize how much work is involved. she gets some help from her friends. I really enjoyed the story.

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Welcome to Hollyhock Farm by Georgina Troy

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to Rachel's Random Resources and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


When Lettie’s parents call her and her brother back to Hollyhock Farm on the island of Jersey, the last thing they expect to be told is that their childhood home is up for sale. Following a health scare, their father needs to take a step back, and the sale of the land and business to their uncle, they are told, is all but done.

Back on the island, with its rolling hills and golden sands, Lettie immediately remembers what it feels like to breathe in the fresh air in the green fields, and be part of this tight-knit community – a far cry from the life of events and high fashion she leads in London.

But she surprises even herself when she suggests that she instead could take over Hollyhock farm. Humouring her, her father agrees to give her a three month trial, and Lettie is determined to prove she’s up to the task.

But the summer season is no easy feat for a new farmer, and Lettie has a huge task ahead of her. And when an old flame reappears in the form of dashing local vet Brodie, Lettie’s summer is about to get even more complicated…

My Opinion

Georgina Troy is an author that I cannot miss, I just have to read all of her books. Lettie has returned to her childhood home, Hollyhock Farm and seems to get more than she had planned on. Following Lettie as she comes to terms with the thought of returning to Jersey for good made for a rather enjoyable book. In the style that I have come to love, Georgina Troy has written a stunning book that I didn't want to end.

If you haven't read anything by Georgina Troy yet, then this is going to be a good book to start with - you will then want to catch up with the others. This is such a delightful read and I really hope that we are able to return to Hollyhock farm.

Rating 4/5

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Book Thoughts on Welcome to Hollyhock Farm

Special thanks go out to NetGalley, Boldwood Books, and author Georgina Troy for graciously providing an advance copy of Welcome to Hollyhock Farm.

This contemporary romance story exudes a lighthearted and delightful vibe that is reminiscent of the warm, fuzzy feelings often associated with Hallmark movies. When Lettie finds herself at a crossroads after losing her prestigious fashion job, she decides to return to her family's farm and tackle the challenge of restoring it within a tight deadline of three months. Along the way, she reconnects with a former high school crush who now works as the town's veterinarian.

The plot unravels in a charming and expected manner, following a familiar yet gratifying romantic path. However, the conclusion felt somewhat rushed, leaving me wanting more.

Welcome to Hollyhock Farms releases on April 24.

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Perhaps one of the most jarring moments for many young adults involves returning to a childhood home for the first time in a while. Parents look a little older. The house isn't quite what it used to be. And by god, was everything always this small?

That's partially why the opening to Welcome to Hollyhock Farm, Georgina Troy's newest novel, lands so effective. After her fashion career stalls out in London, Lettie visits her family back on the island of Jersey. In a double whammy only parents can deliver, it's revealed her father has suffered a recent heart attack and the their farm is to be sold to her uncle. Troy successfully captures Lettie's frustrations as she navigates both of her worlds—her new adulthood and previous childhood—suddenly crumpling. It's a testament to her tight writing that it feels as though Lettie, an otherwise affable narrator, might be on the verge of something drastic.

So it's not really a surprise when she suddenly volunteers to take over the farm. And, after a brief bit of business involving Troy's fantastic portrayal of a lovingly conflicted father, Lettie winds up playing farmer for three months while her parents are on holiday. If she can manage it properly, she just might be able to keep it in the family. These are some of the best sections of the book, with Troy exploring the backbreaking work this kind of solo operation entails. In her rich style, she showcases Lettie not just tending to animals and soil, but also the administrative finesse it takes to keep things afloat. Who knew farm math could be so compelling?

And that's all before addressing the romance aspect, which takes up far more of the book. Any good farmer needs a good vet, and Brodie happens to be a great one. He also happens to have a minor past with Lettie (he seems to have forgotten it—she has not). Their occupations make for a deliciously realistic reason for them to continually cross paths, and Troy wastes no words when crafting up tension. The addition of a potential secondary love interest, Joe, for Lettie does offer some brief competition, but the book also alternates perspective between Lettie and Brodie, making who she ends up with hardly a major reveal. That's not a negative criticism. Brodie, with a little help from a canine companion, is a catch. And Troy makes Joe so appealing and Lettie's moments with him so tempting that he would be a welcome addition in future series installments.

Which is to say I do hope there will be more to come after this first book. Hollyhock Farm is an utterly charming backdrop with a load of fun characters I wouldn't mind visiting again.

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Lettie offers to run her parent's Jersey farm whilst they are on an extended holiday, hoping to take over the farm rather than them selling it. She meets Brodie, the new local vet, who doesn't remember her from a stolen kiss when they were at school together, but does help her in her endeavours.
This story highlights the sheer amount of work required ruining a smallholding, and Lettie finds it really tiring and is constantly worn out - I'm not sure that I could manage it either. She struggles to forgive Brodie for not remembering their kisses, but a stray dog does bring them together. The story though is as much about the farm as the potential romance between the two and does come to a conclusion, although I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to find out how the story continues in this small community.
I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley, however this did not influence my review of the book.

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Lettie is going to run their family farm while her parents are on vacation.
She has some help from Brodie and Joe along the way.
It’s a nice rather sweet romance.i liked Lettie and her determination. I couldn’t help but feel tired along side with her. I did think it ended a bit abruptly.

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When Lettie learns that her parents will sell their farm to her uncle she ask them to give it to her now that she has just lost her job . She has three months to prove them that she is capable to work it . And there is the new veterinarian Brodie who helps her . Will she be able to achieve her goals ?
I received this book from netgalley and the publicer as an ARC . Thank you . All thoughts and opinions are my own .

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Lettie loves her home, Hollyhock Farm on the beautiful island of Jersey. When she discovers that her parents are selling the farm, she decides to take over the running of it in an attempt to keep it in the family.
It’s a long way from the life she is used to in London but, given three months to prove herself, and not afraid of hard work, Lettie is determined to make things work.
With help and support from friends old and new can Lettie cope juggling animals, crops and people, or has she bitten off more than she can chew.
This lovely story of family and friendship, set in idyllic surroundings is perfect to escape with this summer.

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Lettie and her brother come back to their parents' farm. After a serious health scare, their parents decide to sell most of the farm, to make it a bit easier and travel more.

The news came as a huge shock to Lettie. She rarely came back, because it was getting harder and harder to get back to her big city life. She worked in fashion in London but just found out that she will probably be let go and on top of that she and her boyfriend broke up.

It seems like a perfect time to switch careers and exchange fast-paced city life for a simple country one. Only, she needs to convince her dad to let her.

With a little help from her uncle, she gets the farm, but only on a trial basis. She must do well if she wants to make a life for herself here.

When she runs into the boy she used to have the biggest crush on, it seems like her summer is just getting more and more complicated.

A love, but predictable small-town love story, of having a fresh start in life and getting a second chance for love. I liked the story, but it didn't stand out for me.

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Thanks to the Publisger and Netgalley for an early review copy.

This was another book by Georgina Troy which I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.

The story is set on jersey. We meet Lettie, who when visiting home, hears that her parents are looking to sell the family farm, so they can enjoy doing other things.

She wants to show her father that she can take over the farm. She meets Brodie, who she recognises from her teenage years, but he doesn’t recognise her.

Will Lettie be able to stop the farm from being sold?

I loved the setting and the furry companions of Lettie and Brodie.

I recommend this book.

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