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I absolutely adored this book. Very much grumpy/sunshine romance. I have been waiting to see Leah's story since the first book, The Witch is Back. I was kind of hoping she and Kole would get together but I absolutely adore her with Gabriel. Both Gabriel and Leah have some scars from the past but together and with the help of their furry friends, they're able to work through their issues and find love. Everyone in this book seems to have secrets and while some are revealed, others are left to be discovered in future books. This has me very excited to read the next book in this series. Also I'm ready to read what will most certainly be an explosive reconciliation book between Tia and Henry!!! I'm also curious about what will happen for Kole who I have come to love so much in these two books.

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This was adorable! I really enjoyed book one and had high hopes for this one. I'm so happy to say it didn't disappoint. It would've been fun to see more magic, but I understand why that wasn't part of the story as much. The main characters were likable, and I really love the found family between the girls. I'm looking forward to the next story!

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I wanted to like this more than I did! The synopsis is exactly what you’re going to get out of this book. The magic elements are fun but not overpowering. I love a book with animal lovers and rescue animals so that was a positive ❤️. Easy to read. It’s a slow, slow burn until about 50% in. Ultimately, it was hard to feel connected to the characters, I would have liked some more drama? Plot twists? Something was missing. I really lost interested about 30% of the way in and kept pushing through. It just got repetitive and a bit boring. It’s a cute read but left much to be desired.

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Toil and Trouble by Sophie Morgan is a magical romance that swept me off my feet! It's got Leah, a fun-loving human, and Gabriel, a serious warlock, thrown together in unexpected ways. Their banter and chemistry are like fireworks, and watching their romance unfold is pure joy. If you love rom-coms with a magical twist, this book is for you!

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I really wanted to enjoy this story, but I could tell very quickly that it wasn’t going to mesh well with me. From the first page, the writing felt choppy and difficult to read. Some of this may have been due to the third-person POV, as this can be difficult to execute well in the romance genre when following both MCs.

I did appreciate that there was depth to the MCs; however, sometimes the dialogue or interactions came across as juvenile. I found myself wanting to step away from the story multiple times, which pushed my overall rating down, as well. I was slightly disappointed by this, as I remember enjoying the first installment in this series a bit more.

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Very enjoyable. A fun mix of romance, magic, friendship, animals. I welcomed the refreshing "supporting setting" --volunteering in an animal shelter!

I highly recommend this romance and look forward to reading more by this author!

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Six weeks ago, Leah Turner snuck into a witch high-society masked ball and promised to abide by two rules: 1. Don't draw attention to yourself. 2. Don't talk to anyone. As a human, Leah took a huge risk by even attending—and by talking to the enigmatic warlock who had her wanting to rip off her mask. But this Cinderella had to leave the ball before anyone discovered her secret.

Gabriel Goodnight is everything a Higher family warlock should be. Powerful, responsible—to a fault, some might say. Still, before he can inherit his parents’ business, he’ll have to prove his merit to the board one final time…by living among humans, without his powers, for three months. When Gabriel walks into Leah’s bar, she immediately recognizes him—but it’s obvious he has no idea who she is, and he definitely doesn’t know she knows about magic. This condescending, uptight man is hardly the Prince Charming she thought she knew,but that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun.

Grumpy and broody, meet Sunshine. This was as good as the first in the series. I absolutely loved Leah and Gabriel. Their friends and friendships are also a highlight of this treasure. (I hope Kole's book is coming next!) Watching this slow burn was such a treat. I love Sophie Morgan's writing, and I'm looking forward to more! ❤️

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced digital reader's copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review!

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Thank you to NetGalley, Sophie H. Morgan, and the publishers for allowing me access to the e-Arc.

4.25 stars

I wasn’t a big fan of the first book in this series. But there were things I liked about it. I wanted to give this second book a chance. I'm so glad that I did. I really enjoyed this book. Their romance was beautiful. I loved how raw the characters were at times. I loved seeing the MMC opening up to the world around him after losing his parents at 18. It’s the kind of witchy rom-com that I love. I can see a lot of people falling in love with the main characters. If you love books like The Ex Hex or Not the Witch You Wed then I think you would enjoy this one!

I highly recommend it!

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I really liked Book #1 in this series but didn’t quite love it. I LOVED this. Least of all because I was immediately endeared to the fmc for having the same name as me. More so because it was a fun time, and I actually did not suspect the reveal of who was doing the STUFF at the end! I also like that this one shows us more of the world with the First Family, etc. I would be happy if the author just gives us tales of our 3 bar owners, but I think I would read other books of other characters in this world. I’m curious! Plus the magic system isn’t too complicated and is fairly easy to understand which I also like. I’m excited for Tia next!

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I rarely read witchy romance novels, but after reading this one, I'm beginning to wonder why.

De-Witched was such an enjoyable read! I instantly connected with Leah in The Witch is Back and was so excited to discover she’d have her own story. She's a strong, funny, and independent woman, but she’s also just a girl in search of love (cue the hot, broody, arrogant warlock). Gabe is everything I love in a male lead - he's arrogant, uptight, and a stickler for rules. Yet, he's also a warlock who can't resist the charming and human Leah, and he hates humans.

The chemistry between Gabe and Leah was adorable, I loved their banter (and spice). The enemies-to-lovers/forbidden love dynamic really added to the story and characters and the magical elements were really fun to read. I especially loved the friendships among the secondary characters and how they really look out for one another. I really hope there’s a third book in the series, would love for Tia to get her HEA!

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I loved everything about this! I really was not expecting to love this book as much as I did. The characters, the plot, the animals, the romance. Leah and Gabriel are a perfect match and watching them fall in love was a joy. There were great moments of vulnerability that gave authenticity to their romance. Leah and Gabriel learned each other in a way that can be missing from a lot of romance books. Sophie H Morgan writes amazing relationships and not only romantic ones. I am a fan for life after this book and I already can’t wait for the next one. This was the first book I’ve read in this series and by this author but it will not be the last!

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A little slow for me. Really love anything witchy when it comes to my romcoms but I just didnt find myself in love with the characters and their chemistry was nothing to write home about. I did love the plot and setting - just wasn't for me!

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De-Witched is the second book in the Toil and Trouble series. This book has an equally cute vibe as the first book, and in this story, Leah takes ths lead! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Leah and Gabriel's dynamic, as their relationship perfectly balances sunshine and grumpiness. Their witty banter was also fun to read. Initially, I expected Kole to be the main male character, but after reading this book, it made more sense for Leah to end up with Gabriel. This is another cozy witchy read in the series!

Thank you to NetGallery and to Harlequin Publishing for giving me a copy of the book,

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This is everything I was hoping it to be after reading the first one. Sunshine VS Grumpy with a sprinkle romantic spice and magic to soothe the soul! This is an easy read but also note if you feel like you're missing something it's for a reason that's going to be wrapped up and explained in the book!! A cozy fun read with lovable characters that have to work together as a team despite differences. It also leaves you excited for book 3.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Spice: 🌶️🌶️/5

Leah Turner isn’t supposed to know about magic… and yet, she’s well aware that 1) magic is real and 2) the magical world generally doesn’t trust humans. As a co-owner of a bar with her two best friends who happen to be witches, Leah’s well aware that her knowing about the magical world could have dire consequences.

Gabriel Goodnight thought he had the CEO position of Goodnight’s Remedies in the bag. Instead, he’s told by his uncle, the acting CEO, that there is a clause in his father’s will that states Gabriel must live amongst humans, without magic, for three months before he’s given the keys to the family business kingdom.

As part of Gabriel’s non-magical trial, he begins to work at Leah’s bar, Toil and Trouble. A true curmudgeon dressed in a three-piece suit, Gabriel doesn’t take too kindly to having to live his day-to-day without the ease of his magic. Couple this with Leah’s constant cajoling and teasing, and Gabriel is the grumpiest of grumps. After a failed attempt at bartending resulting in a few too many poor reviews, Gabriel finds that he fits better working at an animal shelter. Here he spends his time bonding with the animals and making a best friend out of Chuck, an incredibly adorable and overly-enthusiastic labrador. During his time at the shelter, Gabriel’s heart seems to thaw a little bit, and his relationship with Leah slowly heats up. Will he be able to keep his feelings for Leah tampered down? Or will they hinder Gabriel’s position as the next CEO?

This was a fun, cute and magical romance! I loved our FMC’s personality and how she dealt with our grumpy MMC. The spice was fun and I thought the tension of the secret magical community coupled with some secrets were some fun added tension.

I recommend this to lovers of rom coms, fans of Bewitched and lovers of rescue animals!

Tropes in this story:
✨ Enemies to lovers
✨ Extreme grumpy / sunshine
✨ Forced proximity
✨ Found family
✨ Magical secrets & deceit!

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley, but my review is all my own.

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Leah is a part owner of a bar, and volunteer at her favorite animal shelter. And she's human. Gabriel is a warlock who doesn't like humans, whose family created one of the biggest beauty company, serving both humans and witches alike with products do magical things with a person's health, sometimes even literally. Then his uncle tells him the last stipulation before he can take the job as CEO, he is taken aback. Live for 3 months with HUMANS? That's just crazy! But he gets a job at the bar Leah co-own with a couple of witches.

This is a sequel to a book I read last year (I think). This love story was cute. Classic opposites attract kind of stuff. I think of you think about it a certain way, Gabe comes off as pretty racist, so that's not exactly cute, but it's more described as a misunderstanding of humans. But yeah, he pretty much hates humans at the beginning.

I found the mysterious stuff that happens a little weird, and kind of unnecessary, though it sets up the ending confrontation. It almost seems like that storyline is more afterthought than anything.

I enjoyed it overall, though there's parts I might've done differently.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy via NetGalley in return for sharing my thoughts on this book. Thanks to the author and publisher for this opportunity!

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"De-Witched" is such a fun read! We return to the world of the Toil and Trouble first introduced in "The Witch is Back" for the story of human Leah and warlock Gabriel. Gabriel has a longstanding antipathy towards humans, but in order to take over as CEO of his family's company, he must live amongst humans - with only minimal magic = for three months. So he ends up at Toil and Trouble, a bar owned by two witches - and Leah, who is not supposed to know about magic but definitely does.

Leah and Gabriel are very much an unlikely couple. Gabriel is not just grumpy but antisocial. He lets almost no one get close to him and he thinks he likes it that way. Leah is sunshine hiding pain - putting up a happy front as to not give anyone any idea that she is constantly afraid of being left or being excluded. It is unsurprising that both Leah and Gabriel find solace in shelter animals, and eventually each other.

Gabriel has to rethink many of his biases and Leah has to face up to her own insecurities, They are eventually able to create a strong bond between them, one which accounts not only for the attraction and chemistry between them but also for their emotional connection. There is a third act separation but not as aggravating as some. The banter between Leah and Gabriel is sweet and there are excellent examples of friendship between Leah and her fellow bar owners. A lovely way to pass some time.

4.5 stars rounded up top 5. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary ARC of this book. These opinions are my own,

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Delightful is the best word for this book. It's a great book in a great series. I had high expectations after the first book, The Witch is Back, but I was happily surprised by how much I loved this book, maybe even more than the first one.

It took ma a bit longer to warm up to Leah, but the grumpy/sunshine magic will almost always win me over, and this one along with the banter and layered complex characters really made it a notch above the rest. The book is funny, but tackles serious themes without making them too cute or too dark. All the characters feel fully developed and the world built is unique but not too complex.

I can't wait to dive back in with future books in this series. Please let there be many many more to come.

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Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the ARC!

I recently read the first book in this series and knew I had to request the second. I loved both -- I know people expected Kole to be the MMC for this, but I ended up glad he wasn't. I loved Gabriel and his growing love for shelter animals. He was a perfect match for Leah.

As a second installment, this also left me really excited. for the third book. I'm guessing it will focus on Tia but there are some hints that it may also center Kole (if the author wants to leave us hanging for longer about Tia and her ex!). I'd be good either way, but please write quickly LOL.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the author for an e-arc!

This is such a cute grumpy/sunshine romance with a little magic. If you liked the first one, you'll like the second one too. I really loved that the author is starting to dip a little bit more into the rich settings of both Chicago and New Orleans (though I hope book 3 will feature some Chicago and/or New Orleans classics as far as food goes). I also noticed that there were fewer Britishisms that crept into this one (but there are still a few, notably saying kilograms when USAmericans use pounds).

I also need you to know that if something starts driving you crazy, it's probably part of the plot and will be resolved! That was the case for me with the first book and this one.

That said, I found the overall plot resolution a little under-foreshadowed. Additionally, I think the friends all infantilize each other a fair amount. Even the one that was infantilized by the others is out there treating this protagonist like a child. I cannot fathom the way they acted about a kiss when they're in their late 20s-it's very over-the-top and feels more appropriate to teenagers.

Overall, a very fun read, and I highly recommend it!

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