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WARNING: Magic Can Be Dangerous!

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B. Ware's "Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous" is an enjoyable voyage into the fantastical world of newly discovered magic and the mayhem it causes. Readers are introduced to Tyler, a young protagonist in this enthralling story, whose ordinary life takes an exciting turn when he learns he has the ability to use magic.

The story takes shape as Tyler struggles to deal with the dangerous and thrilling effects of his newly discovered skills. Tyler's quest is full of adventure and mischief, from summoning swimming pools to unexpected wads of cash. But as he battles to master his abilities, the distinction between a blessing and a curse starts to fuzziness, setting off a series of disastrous occurrences that could completely upend his existence.

The way "Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous" skillfully combines fantastical elements with the universal themes of self-discovery and responsibility is one of its strongest points. The reader is treated to a moving examination of the ramifications of unbridled power and the significance of striking a balance in one's life as Tyler traverses the highs and lows of his miraculous trip.

Readers are drawn in by B. Ware's clever and captivating writing from the first page. Each of the colourful, likeable characters has unique traits and intricacies that give the narrative depth. Every character feels real and complete, from Tyler's charming curiosity to the mischievous antics of those around him.

The capacity of "Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous" to keep readers on the edge of their seats right up until the very end is what really makes it stand out. The stakes get higher with every chapter as Tyler races against time to make things right, building to an exciting conclusion that will leave readers gasping for air.

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B. Ware has written a delightful, funny middle grade novel full of magical mayhem. When Taylor suddenly finds magic at his fingertips, he finds out that you need to be very careful about what you wish for. His very thoughts start bringing about irreversible magic! This fast paced story is told in the third person in a storyteller fashion by a narrator who breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the reader. The style is reminiscent of Lemony Snicket, but very fast paced and more light hearted. With a pseudonym of B. Ware, the author name should give you a clue as to the silly humor in store. I read an advanced copy from the publisher, but I can honestly recommend this cute novel. Although aimed at kids, it will have any family member laughing.

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“Warning: Magic Can be Dangerous” is a witty and fun story about magic that falls into the wrong hands. I had lots of fun, and many laughs following Tyler through the mishaps that arise when magic invades his world. The story was fast-paced and didn't at any point bog down or feel boring. There were enough questions to keep me reading, and an entertaining cast of side characters, some of whom I was really rooting for. Others, I was hoping, would get what they deserved. I particularly appreciate the unique, stylistic choice the author made to interject the narrator within the plot of the story. These were some of the funniest moments. I would wholeheartedly recommend this novel to any middle grader looking for an engaging story and many laughs.

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B. Ware's first middle grade fiction novel is a page-turning treat sure to be a favourite summer read with children (and families) this summer. Tyler's (mis)adventures with a powerful magic that brings his thoughts and wishes to life are told in joyous fashion and the hunt for the 'source' of the power is less about the reader discovering HOW and more about WHEN will Tyler catch on! This clever literary device subtly places the reader 'in-on-the-joke' making it so hard to put down. The ticking timeline is aided by the fun interruptions from the 'voice' of the mysterious narrator (whom, I have to admit, had me slightly agitated at first, but whose sense of humour I quickly warmed to. I was also quietly caught out by their final twist in the tale - but "Shh!" I won't spoil it.)

The book should be an easy read for most middle grade students with clear, well-structured sentences that are not overly long. There are also plenty of little vocabulary charms along the way, neatly woven into the story, making it a great book for teachers to recommend or for second-language readers. This is a children's book that will spawn numerous, engaging activities in Art, Creative Writing, Drama and more for teachers if read chapter by chapter at the end of a school day - as teachers used to, back in the day, with us all sat around on the carpet in the reading corner. I can only imagine a whole class acting out the "Chimp-cident" with great hilarity and the display-board of pictures that would follow!

For those who love a little magic and mystery, some silliness and adventure - seen through the eyes of colourful characters that we all run into at every school - "WARNING: Magic Can be Dangerous!" should certainly be on your booklist this year.

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For a person that loved Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy kid. This book was so cute! Magic is a great thing! Overall story is exciting, hilarious and full of suspense to keep you turning to the next page! Job well done B.Ware. My 12 and 14 year read along as well. Family fun reading nights!!

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"Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous" takes readers on a thrilling journey through a world of magical chaos, reminiscent of the whimsical tales of Lemony Snicket. When Tyler's day at Uncle John's house takes an unexpected turn, he discovers his late grandfather's magician's cape, equipped with the perfect solution to his broken shoelace dilemma. Little does he know, this innocent discovery will unleash a series of extraordinary events that turn his world upside down.

As Tyler's inner thoughts begin to manifest as reality, his perceptions of those around him shift dramatically. His once peculiar uncle becomes more relatable, his sister is replaced by his best friend turned brother, Luke, and even his own mother has an arresting development. With each wish fulfilled, Tyler realizes the perilous consequences of his newfound power, prompting him to seek help from his friend Lottie in unraveling the mystery behind the magic.
However, when a mishap involving a sneeze puts Lottie in a sticky situation, Tyler must turn to the last person he expected for assistance—Uncle John. Together, they embark on a quest to reverse the magic and restore order to Tyler's life, facing challenges and surprises along the way.

Interwoven with humor and insightful reflections from an omniscient narrator, "Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous" offers a delightful blend of fantasy and adventure, perfect for middle school readers. While some unfamiliar vocabulary may require explanation for US audiences, the story's whimsical charm and relatable characters make it a captivating read for all.

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It is a great fun book to read. I would imagine my students liking this. I think there might be just too many books on magic and how it can go wrong in the market. It is very difficult to stand out in such a saturated genre.

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I really liked the story!! It felt like a mix of popular kids' fantasy books like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, and the tone reminded me of “Diary of a wimpy kid”, a series I loved as a child.
The humor, especially breaking the fourth wall, added a fun touch. It's a great read for younger audiences and could be useful for learners of English as a foreign language, as the lexis and grammar are easy to understand but it is still a challenging read.

Reading it brought back childhood memories and kept me hooked with the growing suspense of how things would keep escalating and finally resolved :)

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