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This was a great read and like dominoes falling events that proved this circle of women was super tight and loving. I did not see those last twists coming and that is my fave thing! This was my 2nd book by Anita Waller and she did not disappoint. She will now be added to my always-read list!


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I loved this story. It started off like a gentle friends, marriage and relationships story and ended up being very different with deaths and a murder and a suicide. A book of two halves and very readable. My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

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Anita Waller's novels are captivating reads, filled with gripping plots, compelling characters, and suspense that keeps you engaged until the very end. This book is no exception, delivering an intense narrative that will leave you eagerly turning pages.

The unique premise of four best friends born within close months of each other highlights the deep familial bonds they share, portraying the lengths one would go to protect another. Unlike your typical thriller, this story delves into the intricacies of relationships and the strength of family ties while incorporating elements of suspense.

I found this book to be a refreshing take on the thriller genre, delving into themes of connection and family dynamics alongside the thrilling elements. It left me thoroughly engaged, and I look forward to exploring more of Waller's works.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC!

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Questo è stato il mio primo libro di Anita Waller. In Le ragazze della porta accanto di Anita Woler conosciamo Jesse, Michelle, Aaron e Chantel, quattro ragazze nate nell'arco di sei mesi. Queste ragazze sono cresciute insieme, ognuna con i suoi problemi.
Raggiunta l'età adulta le cose iniziano a complicarsi, in un apparente effetto domino. Ma le quattro donne non si lasciano prendere dal panico e non si tirano indietro: si uniscono per sostenersi l'un l'altra, senza fare domande. é una storia di vera sorellanza e di amore incondizionato. Alcune parti sono estremamente dure da leggere. Un buon romanzo, anche se non mi è sembrato un thriller.
é molto probabile che in futuro leggerò altro della Waller.

This was my first book by Anita Waller. In Anita Woler's The Girls Next Door we meet Jesse, Michelle, Aaron and Chantel, four girls born in the span of six months. These girls grew up together, each with her own problems.
Reaching adulthood, things begin to complicate, in an apparent domino effect. But the four women do not panic or back down: they come together to support each other, no questions asked. This is a story of true sisterhood and unconditional love. Some parts are extremely hard to read. A good novel, although it did not feel like a thriller to me.
I am very likely to read more by Waller in the future.

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Now, here is an author that I love to read her books and they never disappoint. Anita's latest book The Girls Next Door by Anita Waller was excellent and had me gripped from the very first few pages. This book was full of twists and turns throughout with lots of secrets amongst the characters - four best friends and you know what happens to secrets they always have a way of coming out to the surface............

Lovely quick read and a Great book for your day off or holiday etc.

Big Thank you Boldwood Books & Netgalley for the ARC!

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Waller is a keen observer of human nature and that inevitably spills over into her writing.
The Girls Next Door is a beautifully penned book of secrets, loyalty, betrayal, friendship and so much more. With twists and turns, this is a gripping read.

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This is a lovely book about 4 women and their friendship turn sisterhood.
This is the kind of friendship group that everyone secretly wants for themselves and their own friends.
I loved everything about this book- the character development, the trust which can be sensed from the start between the characters, and the love they felt for one another that just reflected off the page onto the reader.
It was an easy and enjoyable read.
The little twist and turns throughout were a great bonus to the story as well.

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This book started out cute, the bond between women who grow up like sisters.
As I read it, it felt overly simple, and a tad dryly worded.
Too much unnecessary filler information, scattered information filled in, and an awkward resolution at the end.
Overall I'm giving it 3 stars.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC

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Thank you @rararesoucers and @anitamayw for letting me be part of this tour and reviewing this book. The Girls Next Door is a psychological thriller . The story is about four Friends that were born on the same day and thirty years younger, they have unbreakable friendship. When Chantelle tells them her husband having affair everything change. I found this to be a gripping read that held my attention from the start. There were some great twists. I was very shocked with what happens in the book, and it has a brilliant ending that will leave your mouth hanging open. I felt like I connected with all four of the girls. Furthermore, I did feel many emotions while reading this book, which is all good. Brilliant read that you will be glued to and won't be able to put this down 5 stars.

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The Girls Next Door was a great read. It has interesting characters and plenty of twists that kept me hooked throughout.

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for my ARC.

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Review for 'The Girls Next Door' by Anita Waller.

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Anita Waller, Boldwood, Bold Book Club, Book & Tonic and Rachel's Random Book Tours .

Publication date 25th April 2024.

This is the third book I have read by this author. I have also previously read 'The Couple Across The Street' and 'Fatal Lies' (book 2 in her 'The Forrester Detective Agency Mysteries') and I would highly recommend them all!!

This novel consists of a prologue, 35 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters are short in length so easy to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

I absolutely LOVED this fast paced, gritty and unputdownable page-turner filled with non stop action and secrets!!!

This book is fantastically written with vivid descriptions that absolutely grip the readers attention and keeps them hooked from the beginning tot he very end!

Yet another HUGE success from the extremely talented Anita!!! This book had me hook, line and sinker from the first page and I could not put it down!!! Every time I said one more chapter it ended on a cliff-hanger and I just had to know what was going on!!! This kept on happening over and over until before I knew it I had devoured the whole book in one sitting!! If you are going to read this then clear your day because it is truly unputdownable. I started this this morning and finished it at approx. 2pm, reading it in one sitting. This is one of those fascinating books that will have you questioning the characters and yourself throughout!!! This book starts by taking us back to 1987 and telling us the story of 4 female friends who all live on Larkspur Close in Hackenthorpe and all gave birth to daughters close together. Laura Roberts gave birth to Chantelle on the 4th March 1987, Nora Wheeler who is Gran to Jessica on the 23rd April 1987 who is bringing her up with her husband Arthur after Jessica's mum walked out on her, Tracy Marsden gave birth to Melissa on the 6th June 1987 and Suzanne Chatterton who gave birth to Erin on the 21st August 1987. We are then taken to the year 2022 where Chantelle, Jessica, Tracy and Erin have a close bond and are more like sisters than friends. Erin is single has inherited and is running her grandads bookshop and is looking to add a tearoom with Jess as the manager and Melissa is also single and worked as a paralegal but quits after problems with a colleague. The 4 women are there for each other through thick and thin so when Chantelle discovers her husband Andrew has been having an affair the rest of the friends support her and her children. If that wasn't bad enough, Andrew is then killed while out riding his bike and things go from bad to worse when Jess loses her Grandad and the Mother who abandoned her shows up!! Was Andrew's death an accident or was he murdered? Why had Jess's Mother returned after all these years? Grab your copy to find out for yourselves!! I can promise you wont regret it!! With a storyline ram packed with family, friendship, loyalty, death, secrets, mystery, drama and much more this book has everything you could ask for in an addictive page turner!! There is plenty going on to keep the reader glued to the pages from beginning to end. There was just constantly something going on and Anita's fantastic evocative descriptions brought absolutely everything to life in front of my eyes. I definitely didn't see the twists coming and I have read hundreds of crime and psychological books so a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Anita!! It is getting harder and harder to surprise me but you managed it in this successful page turner!!! Grab your copy and jump on the rollercoaster ride of secrets, family, humour, heartbreak, twists, mystery and everything you could ask for in an epic page turner!!!

I absolutely LOVED the majority of the characters and became completely invested in them immediately. Although this is only the first time I have met them they already feel like friends. I loved the loyalty and friendship between the four women and each of them had their own unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses which complimented each others. It really is an amazing friendship group with women that you would want by your side when you needed a friend. This book really does show what true friendship is and not some of the friendships you see around where one minute so called friends are shopping and laughing and the next they are slating each other. The fierce loyalty of the women to each other is fantastic to see. I also have to mention Jess's Nan who I absolutely adored and is an utter gem!! Anita really does create a fantastic group of friends that you feel like you are a part of while you are turning the pages of this book. They are all very well developed and realistic and Anita's evocative descriptions ensure each of them come to life in front of your eyes. Congratulations Anita on creating an amazing group of memorable characters!!!

Congratulations Anita on another absolutely amazing page turner!!!This is exactly why you are one of my favourite authors and here's to your next success 🥂!!!

Make sure you read to the very end of the book to read the prologue and first chapter of Anita's 'The Couple Across The Street' which I have actually read myself and if you enjoyed this book you will love that one!! I would definitely recommend it!!

Overall an addictive and gripping psychological thriller rammed with secrets and twists!!

278 pages.

This book is just 99p to purchase on kindle, free with Kindle Unlimited and £9.99 in paperback via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!!

Rated 5/5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook.

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An enjoyable read about four women and an unbreakable bond .
The four women were all born around the same time thirty years ago and all lived on the same road , they grew up more like sisters than friends.
Their birth even sparked a newspaper report querying if there was something in the water on Larkspur Close .
One of the women Jess was brought up by her grandparents after her mother walked away a month after her birth , whilst the other girls were brought up by the parents .
Life seems to have just slowly moved on for each of them Chantelle having her own children twin girls , Jess desperate for both a baby and a job , Erin owning her own book shop and Melissa eager to escape the legal profession.
Everything is about to change for the friends and change their lives for ever.
This book is an easy read and is shows the intricacies of relationships, secrets and ultimately lies .
A great ending and one I didn’t expect .
An enjoyable read .
Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books .

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A quick read that gets into action right from the first chapter. It's not exactly just a thriller but also more about relationships, sisterhood, family, loss and betrayal.

Found it enjoyable. The theme of the book is extremely interesting and unique. Also liked the sisterhood beyond blood interesting. Thank you Boldwood Books and NetGalley for this e-arc in exchange of my unbiased review.

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"So much love, so much heartache at the moment, but they were strong women and strong women could survive anything."

This one sentence can very well sum up the entire book. The novel 'The Girls Next Door' by Anita Waller revolves around the lives of four best friends. All born within a period of 6 months, they were destined to be the best of friends (more like sisters), supporting each other in every ups and downs of life. However, when calamities rain on them in the form of an accident, a gruesome murder, and deaths, can their friendship survive the test?

When I first started the book, I was expecting a thriller - the subtitle, blurb, and ominous book cover all pointed to a thrilling read. However, it was not exactly that. For the majority of the book, it felt more like a slice of life that celebrated friendship, community, sisterhood, and love. I still enjoyed it thoroughly. The author's writing style feels like a flowing river; the sentences blend. The pace of the novel was quite slow, going further away from the thriller concept. The characters, however, were well-built, and I wanted to lean more into them. I was so in love with Erin's life (it is a dream) and Jess's strong character.

The thrill in the book was very subtle, and the book would have been better without that. The only time I was surprised was at the very end of the book. Even with this, I recommend this book; you just have to see it from a different angle.

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Four girls, born on the same street, grew up together, best friends forever, right?

I liked the characters of the girls, they were so close that at times you'd be forgiven for thinking they were siblings rather than close knit friends.

I've read several books by Waller courtesy of Rachel's Random Resources and have thoroughly enjoyed them. She certainly knows how to engage her readers with her ingenious plots and edge of your seat suspense.

The Girls Next Door was a brilliant story of friendships, unbreakable bonds and murder.

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Yes, this is a crime fiction book BUT it is so much more. An enjoyable, easy read about four thirty-something women who were born within six months of each other & in the same road; more like sisters than close friends.

If the women need to talk things through, then they know who to turn to. Erin wants to expand her bookshop; Chantelle has discovered her husband is being unfaithful ; Jess is concerned about her grandparents (who raised her from a baby) & Melissa hates her job. They are a supportive group & would do anything for each other. Does this include murder?

A fabulous, heart-warming story despite the dead bodies. Recommended reading.

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A heartfelt story about four close friends who are just like sisters. I enjoyed reading how these friends are there for each other in some challenging times. I was more focused on their friendship bond even though there is a mystery entwined in the story. The pace is a bit slowish compared to the previous books written by the author. Can't wait to read her next one too.

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In 1987 four baby girls are born within six months of each other all living on the same street. Chantelle, Erin, Mel and Jess grew up more like sisters than friends and their close friendship carries through into their adulthood. The girls are there for each other through thick and thin and when one of them discovers that their husband is having an affair, they all rally around, then when said husband is killed whilst out cycling his bike again they rally around. Just as the girls are supporting their grieving friend, Jess suffers a blow seeing her Grandpop passing away and her estranged mother shows up!

There are secrets galore for some of the girls and when they come to light it shocks them all, the past comes to light and someone ends up dead.

I really enjoyed this book, I loved the closeness the girls had growing up and how they are always there for each other no matter what even - murder?

4 stars

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This one may just be a case of it’s me, not you.

Based on the blurb I expected this to be a mystery/thriller. This was not really a mystery or a thriller. It was more contemporary fiction/chick-lit. It’s a story about friendship and family, and making the necessary changes so you can live a happy, fulfilled life.

Most of the book is spent dealing with the love lives, work lives, and friendship between the four friends. There are family deaths, career changes, business expansions, divorces, and we get to see how strong their bonds are through everything.

Chantelle’s husband dies 19% into the book and it’s classified as an accident almost immediately. At no point do the police think it’s foul play and there is no investigation into his death. The truth is finally revealed in the epilogue.

There is another murder about 55% into the book and we get to follow some of the police investigation, but again, most of the storyline surrounding this death is spent focusing on the emotional toll it takes on the friend group and how they handle it and support each other.

I enjoyed getting to know the friends and the people close to them. Waller does a great job fleshing out the characters so we feel connected to them and invested in their lives. I also liked reading about Erin’s bookshop and her plans for expansion.

This was a quick read and it flowed well. It just wasn’t what I was expecting when I picked it up, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Thanks NetGally and Boldwood Books for the advanced copy.

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Four girls are closer than sisters. Blood relations they are not but they are close friends and confidantes.
Their bonds with be tested over a span of a few months when one loses her husband, another discovers a devastating secret, and another falls in love.
The story was engrossing as the events unfolded. I wondered who did what to whom and why.
As the blurriness became more clarified about the truth I could see how it all unfolded.
The bonds of sisterhood withstand the test of time.

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