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Another very good book by Anita Waller albeit a bit slow at times while the scene is set. Four girls from the same street all born within a small time period and all grew up as sisters to each other. Now at the age of 35 their friendship is tested to its fullest when people close to them start dying off. Their lives are about to change forever.
The first half of the book is all very cosy and the four women have each others backs come what may. Twists and cracks appear when a husband, grandparents and parent start getting killed off and the book gains pace.
Ultimately there are twists and turns aplenty with no shortage of surprises. A very easy and intriguing read.

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To say this is just a domestic noir or a thriller would be an I justice, it is all that and so much more! I can't believe I left it so far down on my tbr pile because one I started, I couldn't put this down. A perfectly written story about the strength and bond between women. The characters are so well brought to life that it's like watching a netfilx series that you binge in one sitting. A must read

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In 1987, four girls were born on the same street within six months of each other. In 2022, the girls are still close, like sisters, always there for each other. I like the characters; they are complex and relatable, and the relationship dynamic between the girls is believable. The story draws you into their lives; you must know what will happen next as their lives change and tragedies occur. The plot has some clever and impactful twists, which makes it an engaging read. It's a compelling blend of family drama and psychological suspense.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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This is a beautifully written book about the hidden power of women. Characters are well developed and likable. I thought the author did a commendable job interweaving different perspectives throughout the story.

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A tense chilling psychological thriller,I was gripped from the first pages hated to put it down.couldn’t stop thinking about it an author to follow.@netgalley @boldwoodbooks.

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This is a great read.
On the surface it’s a drama about four female friends and their very close bond, but as the story goes on it’s a bit of a murder mystery.
The four women have grown up together and their parents and grandparents are also close to them all.
So when Chantelle’s husband is found dead, they do everything they can to help her.
Soon other incidents happen and they all come closer together as a result.
I really liked all of the main characters but I did have a soft spot for Jess’ Nan.
This is a great story about friendship with a bit of a mystery thriller twist throughout.
Thanks to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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In 1987 in one small street in the village of Hackenthorpe, four friends, Suzanne, Tracy, Laura and Anna all give birth to a baby daughter within months of each other. By 2022, these girls, Erin, Melissa, Chantelle and Jessica have formed a bond so tight that nothing and no one will break it.

But what secrets are they keeping and just how far will they go to protect one another??

I adore Anita Waller’s novels, her words flow so easily that the pages seem to turn over with no help from me. Her characterisation of these women, with all of the foibles made me feel a real connection to them. She is also very clever at pulling off an unsuspecting murder or two and the unexpected twists caught me out a few times.

As endings go, WOW, yet again Waller has pulled it out of the bag!

Highly recommended, as are all of this author’s books.

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I received an E-ARC with a request for my honest review.

This secret filled crime thriller follows four women who all were born in the same summer in the same street, Larkspur Close. The women have grown as close as sister’s and always are there for each other.

When Chantelle discovers her husband is cheating, she starts to plan the next steps for herself and her children, but a sudden death changes everything.

The women come together to support Chantelle, and as secrets are revealed they must keep close while they work out what or who may be behind the changes in the women’s lives.

Was Chantelle’s husband's death an accident? What secrets will the women uncover?

I felt that this crime thriller started as if it was a drama, I did start to feel towards the middle that maybe I had misunderstood and that it wasn’t a thriller at all.

Suddenly, with unexpected deaths the storyline develops more into a mystery as you try to work out with the women what is going on in their lives.

The women have a lovely relationship and support each other through everything which was lovely to read.

Overall, a secret filled crime thriller where four women must stay close as their lives change forever.

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This is more of a family/friend drama than thriller. It is meant to be a thriller but really there isn't much trill until the very end.

Four babies are born just moths apart on the same street. They grow to adulthood as close as sisters and always have each others back.

I like how close and protective they were of each other. The characters are okay but seemed to blend together after a while. There personalities seemed very similar. When tragedy happens to not only one woman but most of the women at the same time, they rally around each other.

A slow burn for sure. I think I would have enjoyed it more if we had gotten to know each woman individually as they grew up. That would have helped to feel more of a connection to each of them.

Could be a fun beach read.

Thanks to netgalley and Boldwood Books for the arc.

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Four girls Chantelle, Jessica, Erin and Melissa are destined to be best friends and are like sisters. When Chantelle discovers her husband is having a affair, she contacts the other girls. Everything then changes. Because her husband turns up dead! The book is packed full of a intense plot and characters you can't help but become invested in. I loved the relationship between the four main characters and it makes me long for a relationship like that for myself because I have never experienced it. The ending is surprisingly satisfying and rewarding! In whole it's a page turning physcological thriller with family drama and complicated friendship.

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Four women, all born within months of each other in the same neighborhood, grow up and remain friends into adulthood. An interesting premise became not so interesting as the story moved along. I felt each woman to be one-dimensional. As drama unfolded, the normal human reaction was not there. I can understand one person having that calmness, not four. Maybe because they grew up together, they all became like each other in personality, but for a story, I, as a reader, needed more reaction and emotion. The plot was okay, but I found my mind wandering a bit throughout. I recommend still giving this a try as maybe it's just me and my own preference in a book. Three stars.

Thank you, Netgalley and Boldwood Books, for this ARC.

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A heartwarming story about how 4 girls, born just months apart, on the same street, grow up together to become more like sisters than friends. This book is 100% a women’s fiction work, and not the psychological thriller that's advertised in the blurb, unfortunately.

This story takes you through these women’s life altering events. When these things start happening, in a domino like effect it seems, the women don't panic or even flinch, but instead band together to support each other, no questions asked. It is a story about true sisterhood and unconditional love. Some parts are extremely hard to read, with real feeling and honesty.

I had to rate this one 3-stars, even though the story was beautiful, it was not a psychological thriller as advertised.

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Four girls born weeks apart in the same street grow up together to become a true sisterhood,
This book is proper womens fiction, not the psychological thriller that's advertised in the blurb.
When several life altering events happen the women don't panick or even flinch, but are there to support each other. No shouting, no screaming, no drama. All love and light, totally unbelievable.
I enjoyed the story and the characters, but did not experience any thrills or mystery.
Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood Books for the ARC.

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Thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance reader copy! This is my first time reading an Anita Waller book, and I am not sure I am her intended audience. The Girls Next Door is marketed as a thriller, but it is more about friendship. The friendship between the four main characters is the strength of the book, but the author does a lot more telling rather than showing. Also, and while this might be a small point, one character repeatedly praises JK Rowling, which made me wonder what the author’s motives are in doing so. The author would benefit from a shift in marketing strategy and tightened editing to ensure her writing strengths shine through.

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Thank you Boldwood and Netgalley for letting me read this book and give an honest review.

This book was more general fiction with a murder on the side than a thriller. The story centered around the lives of the four girls that grew up tight together. They and their families formed a very strong bond of friendship, sisterhood and family - which i loved. They'd do anything for each other. Over time all the women blend together into one - even the mothers and grandmother. Everyone seemed the same at times and it was difficult to distinguish the characters.
The writing was a bit blunt at times and put me off reading at times. The intrigue, though, was what kept me continuing eventhough I had to sleep or other obligations which i ignored.
Overall a nice little palate cleanser to switch off the world outside and just read.

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I always enjoy a book written by this author. The Girls Next Door is no exception . Sadly part of the plot line was very near to home for me at this moment in time. Therefore I had to take a break from reading it. However I eventually continued as I was curious as to the who, what and why in the intriguing plotline The girls , Chantelle, Mel , Jess and Erin are more like sisters . The deaths which occur in the book affect each one of them .
As always Anita Waller always has something left to offer in the way of turning the tables .

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The highlight of this book was definitely its portrayal of family, and the characters’ relationships with each other. Though not a major part of the story, I found the child characters to be better written than I usually find. The dialogue was well-written, and it was a very emotional reading experience at some points. Though there was a lot going on in this book, it remained a fun read throughout and the ending came as a surprise for me.

Though this book is marketed as a mystery, I would say that it’s much closer to general fiction up until the last 30 percent or so, and even then it never really fully becomes a mystery in the traditional sense. I think it struggles in general with sticking to a genre. As general fiction, though, it’s still a good read, and I recommend it if you like the idea of a family story with a crime fiction twist. Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for this ARC. This is my honest review.

4/5 A tale of four women weathering life’s storms while trying to push ahead.

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Thank you NetGalley! I did enjoy the storyline for this one. Such a great friendship the women had and I liked reading about it and how they supported each other. Although I wouldn’t fill classify this as a thriller, it was definitely a slower read

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This book didn't quite deliver the mystery and thriller elements I anticipated; instead, it leaned heavily towards women's fiction. While I enjoyed the strong bond between the female characters and the unexpected twist at the end, I found the pacing to be sluggish, and the characters lacked individuality. They all seemed to blend together, thinking and speaking in similar ways, making it challenging to differentiate between them most of the time. Suzanne, who was supposed to be a central figure, remained somewhat of a mystery herself, with limited insight into her character beyond her lies, health struggles, and sporadic work at the bookstore.

Though I didn't dislike the book, I believe it was misclassified in terms of genre. If it had been marketed as women's fiction or general fiction, I might have approached it with different expectations and rated it more favorably.

I extend my thanks to Netgalley, Boldwood Books, and Anita Waller for providing me with a review copy of this book.
My opinions expressed here are genuine and entirely my own.

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Upon reading the blurb, I had high hopes that it would be a gripping read. However, the plot ended up focussing more on the friendship between the four women, which I enjoyed, but it didn’t quite have the suspense that I was looking for. I liked the short chapters and how the writing flowed so easily. The revelation at the end was also good. Overall, I would recommend for a quick and easy read, bearing in mind that it doesn’t quite hit the mark for a thriller.

Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood Books for the opportunity to review this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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